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Item #: SCP-2392

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The camping zone situated within SCP-2392 is to be maintained by Foundation personnel under the guise of government maintenance workers. SCP-2392 is to be fenced off under the guise of major roadworks during testing. No further containment measures are required due to SCP-2392's anomalous properties.

No further attempts to excavate SCP-2392-A are to be made.

Description: SCP-2392 is a small, irregularly-shaped region of land approximately 20 square metres in size. SCP-2392 encompasses the entirety of a camping zone parallel to the ██████ Highway of Central Australia; this camping zone is obscured from view of the road by thick shrubbery.

Sapient individuals within this area report feelings of unease or dread which becomes increasingly prominent the longer such individuals are present; individuals will typically attempt to leave SCP-2392 and avoid it in the future, however such actions are typical reactions to similar situations. Non-sapient animals exhibit signs of similar anomalous deterrence.

Muffled sounds of distress can be heard from an indeterminate distance underground at the approximate geographic centre of SCP-2392; this has since been determined to originate from SCP-2392-A. (See Addendum.)

Several environmental factors within SCP-2392 suffer from an anomalous reduction in energy; due to this, the region within SCP-2392 is on average 1 degree Celsius lower than the surrounding environment, light sources within or viewed from within SCP-2392 suffer from a reduction of 9 to 13 lumens, audio suffers from a 4 decibel reduction and electronic devices present within SCP-2392 utilise 11% more power than usual. The significance of these values is currently unknown.

No native flora or fauna is present within SCP-2392. Plants situated within SCP-2392's area of effect are incapable of sustaining their own biological functions and will die within 3 to 4 days. Investigation into which biological functions are hindered is currently underway.


Interviewed: Assistant Researcher John

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Smith

Foreword: An attempt to uncover the source of the audible sounds heard originating from beneath SCP-2392 was attempted on ██/██/2016, at which Assistant Researcher John was present.

<Begin Log>

Assistant Researcher John: It got obvious really quickly that the place doesn't like being dug up. Excavators kept locking up or turning off for no reason whenever we tried using them, so we swapped to shovels instead an' it started raining. Nothing significant at first, but just enough to wash soil back into the holes we were digging and the deeper we got, the more rain came down.

Assistant Researcher John: Took us a good hour or two to make half a metre, and by then the weather was blatantly either part of the anomaly or a once in a lifetime chance to see more rain fall in the middle of a desert within a few minutes than the coastal regions get in a year. I think it was Aaron who… who uncovered her, around about then.

Senior Researcher Smith: You are referring to SCP-2392-A?

Assistant Researcher John: Yeah, but… yeah. She'd… She'd grabbed his shovel and was gripping it as hard as she could. We raced over to try lend a hand but… most of us got lost when it went from thunderstorm to blizzard, and one hell of a blizzard at that. It was only me an' another who made it to where Aaron was. The dirt was loose from the rain so it didn't take much to get dash A to the surface.

Senior Researcher Smith: You acted to photograph SCP-2392-A's face as clearly as possible, correct?

Assistant Researcher John: Yes, I thought it would help… identify her. I wasn't… wasn't expecting her to match…

[Assistant Researcher John pauses for ten seconds.]

Senior Researcher Smith: Thank you for your time. If you wish to receive amnestic tre-

Assistant Researcher John: "Please help us." When we dug her up, until she got buried again, she was reaching into the dirt and screaming "Please help us."

<End Log>

Closing Statement: An investigation to determine the identity of SCP-2392-A had been conducted utilisng the photograph taken by Assistant Researcher John. A positive match was made to an archived photograph of ████ ███████, an abduction victim last seen in the year 1870 - of particular note is that SCP-2392-A does not appear to have physically aged from the time of the photograph.

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