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Item #: SCP-2390

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Cultural trends regarding subjects overseen by known SCP-2390-1 instances are to be monitored for sudden shifts towards disuse or unpopularity. Market fluctuations involving a sharp decrease in sales for previously popular products are to be investigated for SCP-2390-1 activity. Whenever possible, MTF Kappa-4 ("Trustbusters") is to be deployed to take members into custody. All captured SCP-2390-1 members are to be contained under heavy sedation until simultaneous amnestic therapy of all active members is possible. In the event that a member of SCP-2390-1 has become a public authority figure, members of Kappa-4 are authorized to contest the position in an attempt to remove SCP-2390-1 from it.

At no time are Foundation personnel to attempt to persuade members of SCP-2390-1 that their cause is false until amnestic therapy is possible.

Description: SCP-2390 designates a sudden mental affliction which causes affected persons to believe that they are members of a secret organization (hereby known as SCP-2390-1-XX) dedicated to the regulation of society in regards to a specific product, activity, or trend.1 SCP-2390 occurs at least once within a five year period and tends to affect an average of 15 people at a time. All affected persons will live within 50 km of each other, but often have no significant connection to each other or the focus of the resultant SCP-2390-1 prior to infection. All members of SCP-2390-1 are aware of the identity and location of every other conscious member at all times. Individuals belonging to the group are not a vector for infection2, and are capable of full rehabilitation through extensive amnestic therapy.

Once reaching a number of members between 13 and 21, SCP-2390-1 instances do not tend to grow further, but will attempt to infect another individual if the number of active members drops below the minimum number. This is accomplished by several members of SCP-2390-1 leaving objects and documents related to their focus, most often market figures and research data, within the vicinity of the infectee's living quarters.3 Infection will take place within several days regardless of the amount of time spent away from home and the infectee's awareness of the materials' presence.

The goal of SCP-2390-1 is invariably to restrict knowledge of or access to its focus. Interrogated members often state their motivation to be a perceived global threat to order precipitated by the object of their focus. When questioned, members have only proven capable of nonsense arguments, often citing qualities of the focus which they believe "the world is not ready for," without proof or any understanding of what the phrase entails. There is currently no evidence that the focus of any active SCP-2390-1 instance is capable of inciting global unrest of a social, political, or economic nature. When confronted with this repeatedly, members of SCP-2390-1 will become increasingly agitated, insisting that the true nature of its focus is dangerous, finally resulting in a sudden exclamation on the part of the SCP-2390-1 member, accompanied by a weak compulsion being experienced by subjects within a 10 meter radius to research the focus of the group, sufficiently strong to halt questioning. ██% of subjects affected will become members of SCP-2390-1 within one week. Requests to upgrade members of SCP-2390-1 to SCP-derivative Anomaly status based on this evidence are currently pending approval.

Members of SCP-2390-1 will either attempt to insert themselves into occupations that will put them in direct control of their focus, or change public opinion regarding it. SCP-2390-1 is shown to demonstrate extremely advanced strategic thinking in the placement of its members. Given time, members allowed to reach positions of influence are capable of causing significant shifts in cultural perception and economic flow.

Defunct SCP-2390-1 instances and related focuses

  • SCP-2390-1-HS: Hair scrunchies
  • SCP-2390-1-CB: Paintings of "The Crying Boy," by Bruno Amadio
  • SCP-2390-1-DW: Retiring in Florida

Active SCP-2390-1 removal operations

  • SCP-2390-1-CH: Chip pans
  • SCP-2390-1-OC: Predominantly orange clothing
  • SCP-2390-1-KN: ██████ brand knitting needles
  • SCP-2390-1-AA: SCP-2390-1 groups4

For a full list of Active and Defunct SCP-2390-1 instances, please refer to Document-2390-12

Addendum: Log 2390-1
The following is an excerpt of a recording of a meeting between three members of SCP-2390-1-TT (focus: tea towels). This recording was obtained via a hidden microphone planted on Mr. ██████ ████, the only member of SCP-2390-1 currently identified by the Foundation. The two other participants will be referred to as TT-1 and TT-2.

Addendum: Interview-2390-5
The following is the transcript of an interview between Dr. ███████ and a member of SCP-2390-1-AA, (███ █████, codename: Malachius), held four days after the group's voluntary entrance to containment. Despite the group's choice to enter containment, all members had denied any knowledge of SCP-2390-1-AA, and claimed that the existence of SCP-2390-1 groups was a groundless conspiracy.

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