SCP-239's Spell Book
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Written by Danteson                                                                                                                            
The spell book has been revoked by the Foundation. It's not like she'll use it much anymore. - Dr. Wright.

Chapter One: The Foundation and You!

Now, your job as a witch is to do whatever the nice folks at The Foundation tell you to do. Even if they ask you to do something, and you don't want to do it, you must, or else you may not get your witching license when you grow up! You don't want that to happen, do you?

Another important rule is that you must never ask any questions about any of the other witches or wizards you may see. They might have different powers than you, but don't worry, that's perfectly normal. If The Foundation tells you that they are safe, then you are allowed to be friends with them. Yay!

Chapter Two: How to Cast Your First Spell

Casting spells is easy! Just say the magic words out loud, and imagine the spell happening in front of your very eyes! Always make sure you say the words firmly, correctly, and most importantly, confidently. You will be turning your hair purple before you even know it!

One very important rule that all witches must follow, is that you must never, ever, ever, try and cast a spell that is not listed for you in this book. This is a very serious crime in the witching community, and it could even be punished by burning at the stake! Oh no!

Chapter Three: Safe Spelling!

(Writing in this book is cheating, you cheater!)


Tap an object with your finger, say Chromus, and it will turn any color you want!


Point and say Aquafier, and your finger will shoot out water like a squirt gun! How fun!


If you drag your finger along something and say Duco, then you will make a magic mark, like a magic marker! Don't draw on the walls with this however.


Hold a cup in your hands and say Estus, and your drink will be nice and hot, just for you. You can make your own hot chocolate any time.


Just hold out your hand and say Nutrimens (be careful, this is a hard word!), and your favorite kind of food will pop up in your hands.


Don't like taking baths? Just use Tergo. It will get you squeaky clean in moments.


Are you having trouble sleeping? Just whisper Quiesco to your pillow, and you will sleep like a baby.


Only to be used with the permission of a Foundation member! By pointing at the picture of a person and speaking this spell, you cause the pictured person or creature to die. Oh no!


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