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Item #: SCP-2388

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The drive containing SCP-2388 should be kept in a Safe-class containment locker at Site-73. Affected computers should not be connected to external networks until the SCP-2388 program has been removed. Instances of SCP-2388-1, as well as any researchers interacting with them, should be provided with adequate ear protection.

When SCP-2388-1 subjects reach Stage 2, they should be restrained for their own safety. SCP-2388-1 in Stage 3 should be examined daily for damage accrued due to stress on autonomic functions.

Description: SCP-2388 is an executable file named CRUISE.EXE. The original copy of this file resides on a lime green 2GB USB flash drive, with the file name handwritten on the outside in black marker. Attempts to view SCP-2388's code shows the letter A repeated 29,290 times, and adding or removing files from the flash drive has consistently resulted in error messages. If the drive is attached to a computer and the file is opened by a living human, the computer will install a copy of SCP-2388 onto the desktop in 15-30 seconds. This appears to function even on operating systems not usually capable of reading .exe files. Once the program is installed, both the computer and the individual who opened the file (hereafter referred to as SCP-2388-1) will be affected by related anomalous effects.

Affected computers will continuously run SCP-2388 in the background, using 29.29 KB of active memory. Letters typed on the affected computer will begin to become unintentionally capitalized. Testing suggests that this occurs on the motherboard of the computer, as changing the attached keyboard has had no effect. Initially, this affects less than 1% of letters typed, but increases gradually over the course of 64 hours of runtime, until all typed letters are affected. Letters capitalized as a result of SCP-2388 can be deleted, but will remain capitalized if retyped.1 Foundation programmers have thus far been unable to remove copies of SCP-2388 during the initial 64 hours after installation without completely reformatting the affected computer. After 64 hours have passed, the program can be deleted, returning standard functionality to the computer; however, this will not revert the anomalous changes to SCP-2388-1.

SCP-2388-1 subjects are affected in three stages, each lasting approximately 64 hours. During Stage 1, subjects do not initially register any changes; however, after approximately six hours, subjects begin to notice a difference between the intended volume of their speech and the actual volume. This difference continues to increase over the course of Stage 1 until the subject's standard speech reaches 98-114 dB, with commensurate increases in shouted and whispered speech. This risks damage to the subject's vocal cords, but significantly less than would be expected for sustained sound production at such a volume. Hearing, however is affected normally, and SCP-2388-1 subjects risk hearing damage from their own voice within a month of exposure without proper protection.

During Stage 2, SCP-2388-1's physical movements will begin to be exaggerated. This is initially described as a minor inconvenience by SCP-2388-1, and "cartoonish" by observers. However, the exaggeration of movement increases in severity over the course of Stage 2, and SCP-2388-1 subjects risk muscle strains or tears from simple movements. Once Stage 2 is complete, normal flexion of the joints has an approximately 35% chance of causing tendon rupture.

During Stage 3, autonomic functions of the body become exaggerated in a manner similar to physical movements. Minor heart palpitations can be noted after 6 hours. By the end of Stage 3, SCP-2388-1 subjects' heartbeats average 106 bpm. SCP-2388-1 subjects reports significant pain from minor contact with the body due to over-stimulation of the nervous system. While SCP-2388-1 subjects can survive under these conditions with proper care, natural fear and pain responses often elevate the heart rate above 200 bpm for significant periods, resulting in cardiac arrest and expiry of SCP-2388-1.

Addendum 2388-1: The original copy of SCP-2388 was discovered during a raid on a warehouse suspected to house members of the anartist collective "Are We Cool Yet?". No members of the group were captured, but the flash drive containing SCP-2388 was found plugged into the remains of a laptop, which had been destroyed via repeated strikes with a blunt object. The following note was found on an envelope nearby, written in black marker with the same handwriting as the label on the flash drive.


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