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Item #: SCP-2386

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2386 are to be kept on Site 32 in a sealed enclosure. Any increases and changes in the hive's shape and pattern are to be reported to the Head Researcher. Instances of SCP-2386 found in the wild are to be dealt with by MTF Lambda-7 (Swarm Queens). Male personnel are not allowed on site except for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-2386 is a species of diminutive humanoid entities. All instances vaguely resemble simplistic humanoid dolls made of fabric, commonly ranging between 7cm and 9cm in height. Instances of SCP-2386 also have identical recurring patterns on their torsos, most prominently pink in colouration and a face which appears to be stitched on. Autopsies on dead instances reveal similarities to both Dermatobia hominis (Human Botfly) and Bombyx mori (Silkworm). The wings are similar to those of a butterfly or moth and are capable of flight. Studies have shown SCP-2386's exoskeleton is composed of a durable material which is almost identical to cotton fibre.

Wild instances of SCP-2386 are found to live in hives resembling similarly patterned seat cushions, the largest known instance being in the shape of a sofa. Hives of SCP-2386 are commonly found near suburban environments, sometimes even within occupied housing. SCP-2386 will emerge periodically from these structures to feed, usually on other smaller insects, and seek out hosts for reproductive purposes. Despite their benign appearance, SCP-2386 are hostile if approached by males of any species. SCP-2386 will engage their target by extending scissor-like claws from their hands and swarming the target. Conversely, females in the presence of SCP-2386 will be respected and occasionally cared for, presenting them with small gifts and 'playing' with them.

During the Spring/Summer seasons, SCP-2386 will enter their mating season and cease hostilities against males and treat them in a similar manner to females. Males approached by SCP-2386 during this period will be treated better than females. After acclimatising to SCP-2386, a single instance will cut an incision into the male subject and attach between 30 to 65 eggs under the skin. Within 24 hours, the affected area will be covered in a material resembling patterned cloth. Tests reveal this material is biological and genetically identical to material recovered from SCP-2386 hives. As the weeks during gestation and birth progress, this growth will spread outwards from the initial sting. Eventually, the growth will be spilt open from within, with adult forms of SCP-2386 emerging fully formed.

The following interview is with D-2386-181, male subject used in testing, currently 3 weeks into SCP-2386's gestation period:

INTERVIEWER: Dr. ██████ Shaw

Dr. Shaw: Good Morning, D-2386-181.

D-2386-181: Yeah, hi, doc…

Dr. Shaw: You say you've been having recurring dreams?

D-2386-181: Ever since I got this thing! (Indicates affected area on Right Arm.) It wasn't that bad at first…

Dr. Shaw: Please explain.

D-2386-181: Okay so, I'm in my bunk, right? And like it's exactly the same as it is when I'm awake. Same lights, same walls, whatever, and. And there's giant versions of those things you got in there.

Dr. Shaw: Giant?

D-2386-181: They're like as big as you or me, not, you know, bug-sized? So, they're surrounding my bunk and I can't move.

Dr. Shaw: You mean, sleep paralysis?

D-2386-181: I dunno, maybe? But I can't move and they're like, stood over me staring with that sewn on smile of theirs. And I can hear these voices, not like coming from them, but they're there and there telling me what a good job I'm doing and stuff like that.

Dr. Shaw: I see.

D-2386-181: Actually, last night, they did something different. Another one came in.

Dr. Shaw: Another?

D-2386-181: It… It had something with it. It looked like a baby one!

Dr. Shaw: I beg your pardon?

D-2386-181: It was all wrapped up in this white cloth. They said something about wanting to show me what I was working towards… They pulled back the cloth over its head and it was a fucking bug's head! Woke me right the fuck up.

Dr. Shaw: Thank you, D-2386-181, that will be all for today.

D-2386-181: Hey, doc? Could you send someone to look at this? I… I think something's moving under there…

Following D-2386-181's interview, surgery was carried out on the infected area; results showed that premature instances of SCP-2386 matched the description given. Instances labelled SCP-2386-1 and catalogued for later study.

After surgery, D-2386-181 insisted on visiting SCP-2386's enclosure again. D-2386-181 became violent upon being denied access. After being subdued and returned to quarters, D-2386-181 displayed depression-like symptoms and made references to SCP-2386-1 as being lost.

Addendum: As of ██/██/19██, the remains of an SCP-2386 hive dating back to 12██ were discovered in an abandoned barn in ███████. Unlike current SCP-2386 hives, the hive recovered resembled a solid wicker basket. While most SCP-2386 within the hive had deteriorated, several intact ones revealed these instances had an exoskeleton similar in shape and texture to wheat and a similar humanoid shape resembling Corn Dollies.

Similarly, as of ██/██/200█, MTF Lambda-7 encountered a hive of SCP-2386 unlike the contained specimens. These instances had an exoskeleton resembling ██████ dolls and appear to be constructed from a material resembling plastic. A portion of the hive has been taken for study as have several instances of this new breed.

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