Test Log for SCP-2383-J
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After incident SCP-2383-Theta, any tests performed on SCP-2383-J are to use Class D personnel, unless authorized by both Level 4 researchers. SCP-2383-J is to be removed from the test chamber by robotic means after testing is concluded.

All test results are to be recorded in the following format:

Head Researcher:
Test Item(s): For purposes of testing, this includes both personnel and items present for SCP-2383-J experiments
SCP-2383-J Color:
Test Results:

Incident SCP-2383-Theta
Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: N/A
Test Item(s): Agent M█████, vending machine F45 (canned beverages)
SCP-2383-J Color: Unobserved
Test Results: Agent M█████ accidentally exposed during transport of SCP-2383. Subject proceeds to break vending machine, and remove two rival brands of cola, as shown by a post-event stock-take. Explosion causes several small-scale containment breaches at Site ██. Containment regained, Agent M█████ treated for 3rd degree burns, then returned to duty.

It seems foodstuffs can also be "experimented" with. This warrants further investigation to what 2383 is able to use. - Dr. Aeish

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Aeish
Test Item(s): D-1426, Small set of non-volatile chemicals.
SCP-2383-J Color: Red
Test Results: D-1426 causes a small explosion, even though available chemicals are non-volatile. Subject is treated for chemical burns, then returned to duty.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Aeish
Test Item(s): D-0268, One (1) kilogram of clay
SCP-2383-J Color: Blue
Test Results: D-0268 creates a small sculpture, which promptly vanishes. Surveillance cameras show on review that D-0268 appears to create a hypercube in its true form. However, cameras do not contain sufficient detail to confirm this.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Aeish
Test Item(s): D-0268, One (1) kilogram of clay, Two (2) high-speed remote cameras placed near workbench
SCP-2383-J Color: Green
Test Results: D-0268 proceeds to mold clay onto the cameras, which proceed to become animate and attack D-0268. Test products are destroyed, remains filed as SCP-2383-7. Cleanup crews dispatched.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Aeish
Test Item(s): D-1087, Five (5) steel bars 5cm x 50cm x 5cm, One (1) welding torch
SCP-2383-J Color: Blue
Test Results: D-1087 creates a sculpture of the true form of what is currently theorized to be a 6-dimensional icosahedron. Product stored as SCP-2383-1.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Aeish
Test Item(s): One (1) dog.
SCP-2383-J Color: N/A
Test Results: Dog moved to inside SCP-2383-J area of effect. No response elicited.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Bright
Test Item(s): Dr. Bright, Access to a standard Foundation research laboratory
SCP-2383-J Color: White
Test Results: [REDACTED]

The next person to comment "Science for the Science god" is getting demoted. - Dr. Aeish

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Aeish
Test Item(s): D-1075, Materials for replication and growth of DNA and tissue
SCP-2383-J Color: Green
Test Results: D-1075 creates a small animal which produces ethanol from air. Creature is stored as SCP-2383-2, pending further testing.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Aeish
Test Item(s): D-1075, Materials for replication and growth of DNA and tissue
SCP-2383-J Color: Green
Test Results: D-1075 successfully creates a small fleshy growth. On orders of further inspection issued by Dr. Aeish, D-1075 prods the growth. This reveals it to be full of teeth, and the experiment product is now stored as SCP-2383-3, pending weaponization research.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Kensington
Test Item(s): One (1) 20 ounce bottle of carbonated soda; One (1) pack of fruit-flavored Mentos.
SCP-2383-J Colour: Red
Test Results: [REDACTED]. Several labs were damaged and numerous other experiments were contaminated with the product.

Note to self: Decrease amount of soda and Mentos to more controllable levels. That said, I wonder how far it will fly in a bottle-rocket… -Dr. Kensington

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Kensington
Test Item(s): One (1) bottle containing sixteen (16) ounces of carbonated soda; One-half (1/2) pack of fruit-flavored Mentos; One (1) metal-sided miniature rocket.
SCP-2383-J Colour: Red
Test Results: [REDACTED]. Details placed in log below.

Audio/Video log ██.██████

"Alright, let's get this done." *Sounds of liquid being poured into the rocket.*
"The soda is in. Adding the Mentos to a napkin to hold until proper release time." *Several clicks can be heard*
"Adding 2383 to a gel capsule and adding to rocket." *Plink Plink*
"Alright. Let's set this up and get it ready to launch."
"5…4…3…2-" *A sudden explosion interrupts the countdown.*
"████ ██████!" *Shouts as the rocket flies up.*
"GET OUT OF THE-" *Crash* "…way." *Screams can be heard as the rocket flies around the testing hangar.*
"…ohgodit'scomingthiswayrunrunrunrunRUNRUNRUNRUN!" *Crash* "Oh god it hit the wall…It's going to burst!" *Boom*
"It's shooting flaming mentos! Oh god damn…the soda's on fire. How the hell did it ignite the damn soda?"
"…that could have been worse…"

It would appear the liquid from SCP-2383-J is not as inert as we thought. Further testing involving the addition of the liquid approved. - Dr. Aeish

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Aeish
Test Item(s): D-0452, two tables with various plastic building items.
SCP-2383-J Color: Purple
Test Results: Subject placed equidistant between both tables. Upon exposure, subject quickly rushes to the table on his left, collects multiple parts, apparently at random, then proceeds to experiment using the right-hand table. Resulting item is completely plastic, yet acts in a similar way to a stun-gun or Tazer, with a small reserve of SCP-2383-J utilised as a power source. Subject sedated and item stored as SCP-2383-4.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. M██████
Test Item(s): Dr. Aeish, table with a randomised selection of mechanical items
SCP-2383-J Color: Purple (liquid turned blue approximately 9 minutes into the test)
Test Results: Upon exposure, subject proceeded to build an item which was initially (wrongly) identified as a shotgun. Sedation completed immediately after addition of SCP-2383-J liquid, and item retrieved. Further inspection shows the item to be a folding crossbow, with automatic winding mechanism. No traces of SCP-2383-J detected, item catalogued as SCP-2383-5, and is currently stored in the research area of Dr. Aeish.
SCP-2383-5 produces its own supply of ammunition from a small box located under the main body, SCP-2383-J liquid currently theorised to be held inside.

I've attached the testing log. This thing is weird as hell. - Dr. Aeish

Testing of SCP-2383-5
SCP-2383-5 tested at on-site firing range, against a ballistics gel dummy. Weapons technician Sgt. Deans overseeing. Any bolt number not recorded was a standard metal bolt.
Bolt number - effect.

007 - Bolt moves through ballistics gel. No damage to gel, bolt found several inches into sandbags at rear of range.
015 - Dummy teleports to 1543-J, 1543-J activates and launches the dummy into the Sun.
018 - Bolt turns into water mid-flight. Dummy reported as being "Slightly damp" by Sgt. Deans.
027 - Bolt appears to be made of sponge, with a jam tip. Reported as "tasty", jam identified as strawberry.
028 - Dummy covered in custard.
039 - Bolt pots the black pool ball in the staff break room. Agents using the table at the time expressed surprise, no injuries caused to either.
048 - Two bolts fired, however flight was stable despite proximity.
052 - Subject begins to glow brightly, and stands in place for about five seconds. Crossbow temporarily metamorphizes into a golden bow and arrow. Subject draws, cocks, and fires hundreds of arrows in quick succession despite neither carrying ammunition nor having any formal training in archery. After about 10 more seconds, subject draws a large golden arrow, and fires it at the target's "feet", whereupon it is engulfed in a pillar of light lasting 2 more seconds. At this point, all subjects in a █ meter radius experience visual hallucinations consisting of the numbers "9999" appearing at the target's location. Target then disintegrates into fine dust, and weapon returns to original form. Recovery team later finds $█.██ in coins in place of the target.
054 - Bolt fails to fire. Instead, a hatch opens up, and a spring-loaded flag labeled "Bang!" unfurls.
058 - Dummy is immediately teleported into the chamber of SCP-682.
068 - Dummy is turned into well-aged cheddar cheese.
079 - Bolt teleports to the opposite wall, flies backwards through the dummy's abdomen, and re-loads itself into the crossbow's firing mechanism.
087 - Bolt becomes a smoke grenade, filling the room with an opaque, nonpoisonous gas. Moments later, Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 (Richard-Gyration) forcefully enters the firing range and open fires on the dummy. Agent claims his team received orders from O5-█ to terminate the training dummy with excessive force, though these orders were later found to be forged though unknown means.
Further results to be added when collated. - Dr. Aeish
092 - Bolt impales a small kitten. CCTV does not record a kitten entering the firing range at any point.
099 - Bolt divides into three bolts, each identical to the original, upon reaching the halfway point between SCP-2838-5 and the target. Center bolt follows the trajectory of the original bolt, while the other bolts are angled left and right, respectively. Center bolt strikes dummy on target; outer bolts miss dummy by approximately 2 feet in either direction. Aviary-19 reports a brief, intense yet inexplicable feeling of frustration among instances of SCP-3095-1, which lasts precisely the duration of time in which the bolt is airborne.
101 - Dummy is covered in irregularly-spaced, circular black spots between 5 and 15 centimeters in diameter. Investigation of spots reveals no foreign substances, merely additional amounts of black pigment.
107 - Bolt █████████████ and █████████ ████ █████████ to the █████████ of ██████ with ███████ ███████ eyes, and █████ █████████ from their left ear. Anti-memetic procedures successfully deployed at ███████. Dr. ███████ treated at ████████ █████ for ██ days. Treatment with ██████████ partially successful; Dr. ████████ still reports ████████ ████████ upon encountering the scent of cheddar cheese.

Testing halted by Dr. Rights.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr. Edison
Test Item(s): D-4321 (formerly a professor at ███████ █████████ University, expelled for illegal [DATA EXPUNGED]), x8 spherical bottles described by the subject as "science-y", filled with water mixed with various hues of food coloring.
SCP-2383-J Color: Red
Test Results: Subject begins to cackle madly. Bottles begin to fizz and bubble (despite being filled with water) as subject pours them into SCP-2383-J. Liquid in SCP-2383-J turns red. Procedure 2383-Rho enabled. Video footage reports the subject shouting "They said I was mad! Well I'll show them, I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!" before ingesting the liquid. Subject then explodes in a blue fireball, disintegrating D-4321 and destroying the entire building. Thankfully, all researchers survived and are accounted for as a result of Procedure 2383-Rho, and no SCPs breached containment. Upon further examination, Subject D-4321's shoes were found completely intact inside the resulting crater. New off-site testing facility requested.

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researchers: Dr Aeish and Dr Edison
Test Items: Dr King, two (2) bottles of herbicide, three (3) bullets, a Bunsen burner with an attachment rod, the metal table the components were standing on.
SCP-2383-J Color: Green
Test Results: Seeing the results of previous interactions between Dr King and various SCPs, the combined efforts of Dr Aeish and Dr Edison managed to convince Dr King to try an Experiment.
As soon as Dr King entered the radius, SCP-2383-J filled with a bright green liquid. As soon as the Subject entered the prepared lab, he took the attachment rod from the Bunsen and started to break the table it was on. Once a piece of the table dropped, he proceeded to reduce it into a rough powder and added it to SCP-2383-J. He then added the two (2) full bottles of herbicide and the gunpowder from the cartridges to the mix. A dense fog came out of SCP-2383-J. After being cleared, a single apple seed was left, floating on pure water. No anomalous effect found on the apple seed.

Didn't I tell you so? - Dr King

Date: ██/██/████
Head Researcher: Dr Aeish
Test Items: D-2948, a box of building bricks toys from the ████ brand, some dust
SCP-2383-J Color: Blue
Test Results: Subject builds some kind of ball with the bricks. He then pours the content of SCP-2383-J on it and proceeds to "polish" the angles of the bricks with his hands, until it becomes a perfectly round ball. Afterwards, he takes some dust off of the ground and sprinkled it on the still wet ball. D-2948 then took it next to a window and let some light shine on it. The ball began to shine more and more, until it shone so much that the temperature started rising and some furnitures began to melt. An MTF member passing by proceeded to shoot the shining ball until it was reduced to smoldering bits.

Notes: During the cleaning of the test results, the Subject asked if he could call this event his "Brightest experiment yet". A voice coming from the corridor answered: "I've already taken this expression!"

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