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Item #: SCP-2383-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2383-J is to be kept in a room measuring 5m x 5m x5m, on a pedestal two point five (2.5) metres high. A warning stripe is to be painted at a radius of two (2) metres from the SCP, and no personnel should enter this area outside of testing. The containment room is to be secured via digital lock, the combination possessed by the lead Researcher. A laboratory containing basic equipment should be established opposite containment, and unlocked at all times. Movement of SCP-2383-J is to be performed by robotic means.

Any usable products of SCP-2383-J testing are to be stored with appropriate containment procedures, and are designated SCP-2383-X, where X denotes the numerical order of the item's acquisition. Any overly dangerous items are to be destroyed, unless storage is approved by the Site Director. SCP-2383-1 to -5 are currently contained off site. SCP-2383-6 and -7 have been destroyed.

Any subjects under influence of SCP-2383-J can be tranquilized without incident at any point, to bring testing or containment breaches to a close.

Description: Remote surveillance has shown SCP-2383-J to be an empty █████ brand beaker. However, interviews with test subjects have resulted in varying descriptions, from a test tube containing a boiling green liquid to an Erlenmeyer flask containing smoke.

The range of effect for SCP-2383-J is spherical, with a radius of one point five (1.5) metres. Upon a Subject entering the effective range, SCP-2383-J will appear in their right hand. The movement is instantaneous, and does not require action from said Subject. Upon contact of SCP-2383-J and the Subject's skin, Subject will immediately demand other personnel in the room move backwards. These demands are repeated for approximately 15 seconds at high volume, before the Subject proceeds to the next stage.

After warning other personnel, SCP-2383-J will begin to fill with liquid. During this stage, the Subject will simultaneously move in a direct line, at high speed, to the nearest laboratory (defined as a room with any scientific equipment listed in Document 2383-J: Requirements). The speed has been recorded as being as high as ██km/h, suggesting SCP-2383-J is able to increase the Subject's physical attributes in some way. This speed also appears to be related to the distance to the nearest laboratory, increasing at an exponential scale to a theoretical maximum of 1██km/h.

Upon reaching a laboratory, the Subject will place SCP-2383-J on a suitable surface, and engage in activity (hereafter referred to as Experiment). The Experiment will initially appear nonsensical, and utilize apparently random items from the surrounding environment other than living biological matter. SCP-2383-J will not revert to its inactive state until the Subject completes their Experiment. Despite the random nature of the Experiment, all Experiments involve the addition of the liquid stored inside SCP-2383-J at some stage. Completion of the Experiment allows the subject to exit the range of SCP-2383-J, unless hampered by the Experiment result.

The visible color of SCP-2383-J affects the final product of any experiment performed, and appears to be based on the nature of nearby items. Colors observed in testing so far include red, blue, green, purple and white. Below is a short table detailing the expected results of experiments, however the actual items used in the experiment cause the end result to vary.

Red: Red is currently considered to be the most dangerous state of SCP-2383-J. The most common product of SCP-2383-J displaying this color is an explosion. Any tests where the subject causes SCP-2383-J to create a red liquid are to immediately enact protocol 2383-Rho.

Blue: Results of a test where SCP-2383-J creates a blue liquid are currently unknown, as the results mostly vaporize or cease to exist instantly. Tests where a blue liquid is formed are to utilize protocol 2383-Beta if the experiment result can be collected. The only notable product with continued existence is SCP-2383-1.

Green: Tests where SCP-2383-J has displayed a green color have resulted in the creation of a form of life. The organisms created by all tests to date have died almost instantly, with the exceptions of SCP-2383-2 and -3. Violent life-forms are to be terminated and the remains disposed of by incineration after testing.

Purple: Purple tests have always resulted in the formation of some kind of weapon. Most items produced this way have relatively harmless outward appearance, but 90% are extremely deadly. Of note are SCP-2383-4 and SCP-2383-5. Both exhibit superconductive properties in non-metallic materials, and as [REDACTED]. Retrieval of test results are to be done after sedation of test subject, by armed Agents.

White: Only one test subject to date has caused SCP-2383-J to create a white liquid. The result of this test [REDACTED] and classified as SCP-2383-████. How the subject was able to cause [DATA EXPUNGED] currently unknown, as the current particle standard model denies the existence [REDACTED].

Test Log SCP-2383-J-T

Report SCP-2383-Alpha: On ██/██/████, D-3412 entered the room directly below the previous storage area for SCP-2383-J. At this time, the spherical nature of the SCP's effect range was unknown, and class D personnel were being utilized to refit the chamber underneath. Upon moving inside the established 1.5m meter radius at roughly ██:██, SCP-2383-J materialised in the hands of D-3412. D-3412 is recorded as demanding "Stand back, [REDACTED]".

As Site-██ was undergoing refit at the time, D-3412 moved directly towards the laboratory adjacent to the chamber at high speed.

Cleanup crews were dispatched at ██:██, SCP-2383-J relocated to current containment and containment protocols updated accordingly.

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