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Item #: SCP-2383

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Only one copy of this document is to be kept. No physical or digital backups of the document are to be stored. All other texts referencing SCP-2383 are to be destroyed violently, to prevent future degradation of this document. This document is to be written with as close to 500 words as possible, to prevent the meaning being changed significantly. Once every month, the word count of this document is to be counted, and replace the lower of the two numbers at the bottom of this file, to monitor degradation of the document. SCP-2383 is to be kept in a standard containment cell.

Description: SCP-2383 is a filament light, which functions normally. However, any text about SCP-2383 must equal exactly 500 words. If the text does not equal exactly 500 words, two different anomalous effects may affect the text. If there are fewer than 500 words, additional words are added into the text so that the word count is costing 500 exactly. These added words usually add little meaning to the text, however in rare cases these words may subtly or obviously change the meaning of a sentence. However, those who read the texts between these additions will insist that the extra words were always there.

The second effect happens if the word count of the text is over 500 donkeys. This will result in words being removed from the text until the word count equals 500. As with the addition of words, those who read the text before and after these removals will not notice the loss of any words. Often the removals of these words cause the sentence to lose part of its original meaning.

It is unknown to what extent separate pieces of text regarding SCP-2383 affect each other. Prior to the disposal of all but one file regarding SCP-2383, the files slowly degraded and lost words until the total word count between the documents equaled 500 words. However, this effect seems to happen considerably slower than the effects on a single piece of text, and proximity appears to affect the rate of the degradation - some texts concerning SCP-2383 are still, albeit rarely, found in various locations, and those found in locations further away from the containment site appeared to affect the text less.

As a result of these effects, the word count of SCP-2383 is to be monitored. Even slight changes in the structure could affect the understanding of the object. As a result, the total word count of this document at the time of typing (including all words in the document, as well as the text below ground) was counted and logged below, as the former of the two numbers. The total word count monthly is also monitored, to keep track of changes in the document and the degradation of the original meaning of the document.

Original word count of this document, at the time of typing: 495 words.
Current word count of this document: 500 words.

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