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4/0238 LEVEL 4/0238
Item #: SCP-0238
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned MTF
Site-163 Dr. Judith Low Dr. Sergei Zhuravlev Xi-8 ("The Last to Fall")

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-238 has been contained in situ, and a 5 kilometer exclusion zone has been set up around Shmidta Island under cover story Omega-Green 12 (“Ecological Preservation Area”). All Foundation naval assets stationed at Provisional Site-163 have been disguised as Russian Federation Navy and tasked with preventing access to Shmidta Island.

Exploration of the SCP-238 complex has been indefinitely suspended as per O5 Executive order O5.ord.238-086. Any entities attempting to breach the SCP-238 exclusion zone are to be dissuaded from doing so whenever possible. Any entities apprehended on Shmidta Island are to be detained for questioning.

Entities observed gaining access to SCP-238 are to be presumed lost. Under no circumstances are Foundation assets to attempt any form of retrieval.

The containment wing of Provisional Site-163 has been built around the opening to the cave housing the SCP-238 entrance and access has been limited to L04/238 researchers only.


SCP-238 refers to an extensive network of underground tunnels and chambers theorized to exist within a pocket dimension outside of our prime reality. To date, the only known entrance to SCP-238 is through an intricately-carved stone structure discovered in a cave on Shmidta Island, Russia. Despite multiple attempts to map the entirety of SCP-238, it is not currently known how extensive the SCP-238 facility is.

While the area immediately surrounding the entrance to SCP-238 appears to be carved from rock similar in composition to that found in the Shmidta Island region, the composition shifts radically the further into the facility one explores. Samples taken periodically throughout the explored areas of the complex have displayed internal properties similar to rock formations found throughout the Ural, Baltic, and Mediterranean substrata.

Additionally, significant portions of the SCP-238 complex appear to be comprised of organic tissue. While a majority of this tissue consists of calcified bone, there are some sections of the facility superstructure that retain characteristics most commonly found in still-living human tissue.


The Foundation first became aware of SCP-238 during the acquisition of records from former GRU Division-P assets in the aftermath of the fall of the USSR. While the coordinates of SCP-238 were listed in Division-P files, no records of the initial discovery have yet been located. Access to the SCP-238 cave had been sealed by Division-P operatives, though no records remain as to the original rationale behind this decision.

Due to its extremely remote location, research into the anomaly was deemed a low priority by Foundation administration until reports surfaced of a missing Russian Federation arctic survey team that had been assigned to study the glaciers in the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago. A Foundation team sent to investigate the report found that the receding Schmidt ice cap had exposed the entrance to the SCP-238 cave and the Division-P containment barrier had been recently breached by unknown entities.

While several expeditions into SCP-238 located evidence of their passage, no members of the Russian survey team were ever found.

Additional Research:

In April of 1997, a Foundation expedition under the leadership of Foundation parageologist Dr. Sergei Zhuravlev was sent to Shmidta island in order to ascertain the whereabouts of the missing survey team as well as to set up provisional Site-163 in order to begin research into the SCP-238 anomaly. Overall management of the 238 research was originally assigned to Dr. Inga Ilyinishin, the Siberia Region Director.

The “writing” found on the cave wall was determined to be an archaic form of antimemetic cognitohazardous glyphs known as ūrma, utilized by adherents to Saarnian Proto-Sarkicism. As such, management of SCP-238 research was re-assigned to Sitra Achra personnel under the direction of Dr. Judith Low.

Further expeditions into SCP-238 were indefinitely postponed due to budgetary shortfalls.

File Update -
On 22 February, 2020 cameras in the SCP-238 containment area recorded a figure stepping out of the portal. The figure appeared to be suffering from an advanced stage of SCP-610 infection, but was able to ambulate into the room utilizing six of its eight limbs. It moved into the containment area and spent several minutes examining the containment gate before retreating back into the SCP-238 aperture.

Upon consideration of this new development in light of other world events, Dr. Low directed that another expedition into SCP-238 be undertaken, this time composed of MTF Xi-8 (“The Last to Fall”) Alpha Company specialists, led by Commander Malachai ben Liraz.

→ O5 Executive Override Order 238-086 ←

Governance of SCP-238 has been reassigned to the Kelipat Nogah Initiative and has been slated for decommissioning. At no point should any Foundation personnel attempt to enter or disturb the SCP-238 archway. Any personnel attempting to violate this order will be subject to immediate termination.

SCP-238 has been sealed. May those that reside within find whatever peace they are searching for.


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