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Item #: SCP-2374

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-2374-A is to be stored in a separate 3x3x3 cubic metre subterranean containment unit. Individual containment units are to be modified to temporarily drain excess liquid to an adjacent reservoir before being cycled back into the containment unit. Containment units must be capable of withstanding positive fluid pressures of up to 50kPa. A pair of closed-circuit cameras sealed so as to protect components from water damage is to be installed within each containment unit for ongoing observation.

Description: SCP-2374-A is the collective designation for 15 top-load washing machines. Instances of SCP-2374 are high-efficiency models (sans agitator) and show light to moderate wear-and-tear expected from several years of use. Instances are capable of operation in the absence of any conventional water supply when connected to an adequate electrical power source or connection to an external electrical power source.

Using any instance of SCP-2374-A to wash clothes will typically result in several articles of clothing disappearing or being replaced by articles of clothing different to those originally placed in the machine. Instances of SCP-2374-A occasionally produce a variety of artefacts other than clothing.

Attempting to use the "360 Spin Wash" function when the object is unpowered, or if the object has not been connected to an external water and power supply and subjected to normal use for any period of time ranging from 8 to 15 days, an instance SCP-2374-A will open its lid automatically and begin to produce large volumes of salt water from an unknown source. This event may coincide with the egress of one or more entities from the object, collectively designated SCP-2374-B.

Instances of SCP-2374-B are apparently aquatic organisms composed of clothing, bedsheets, upholstery, wooden furniture, common building materials, cast-iron pots and pans, and antique silverware. Instances are of variable size and form, but commonly contain structures resembling complete digestive systems made up of PVC piping and hosiery. Instances frequently disgorge plastic refuse bags containing organic vomitus, in addition to other secretions from specific structures. The exact makeup of said vomitus and secretions is currently under study.

Within 10-15 minutes of producing a certain volume of salt water (maximum volume varies per instance), the instance of SCP-2374-A will generate a partial vacuum sufficient to rapidly and forcibly suction the majority of produced salt water back into the drum, along with any objects of sufficiently small size.

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