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Item #: SCP-2372

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2372 is to be kept in a cryonic containment unit at Site-168. The temperature of the containment unit is to be maintained within a range between 2 ºC to 4 ºC. SCP-2372-A's requests for its detachment from SCP-2372 are to be denied. SCP-2372-A is to be told that it will be slated for experiments to detach it from SCP-2372 in exchange for its cooperation in translating for SCP-2372.

Description: SCP-2372 is the preserved corpse of Chen ███-██, impervious to decomposition. Grains of powdered jade and silk threads are found embedded into SCP-2372's subcutis, evenly distributed throughout its body. Scarring and stitching found on SCP-2372 are indicative of amateur surgical procedures.

SCP-2372 can produce a groan-like sound from its mouth despite the inability for its vocal folds to vibrate, which functions as its method of communication; see Paragraph 4 of Description. In addition, it generates a fog from its umbilicus. Analysis of water droplets in the fog has identified trace amounts of pre-ejaculatory fluid.

SCP-2372-A is an incorporeal humanoid entity which manifests from the fog generated from SCP-2372, which resembles Chen's upper torso. It is sapient and identifies itself as Chen ███-██. Through vibration of its constituent water particles, SCP-2372-A is capable of speech and demonstrates equal proficiency in Cantonese as Chen ███-██.

SCP-2372-A is the only known individual which can comprehend sounds made by SCP-2372, regularly conversing with it. From SCP-2372-A's perspective, it and SCP-2372 have an apparently antagonistic relationship. While SCP-2372's perspective on its relationship with SCP-2372-A cannot be enquired independently, it is found to occasionally secrete pre-ejaculatory fluid from its urethra while interacting with SCP-2372-A.

SCP-2372 was recovered from the Victoria Public Mortuary in Hong Kong on ██/██/1987, when SCP-2372-A manifested during SCP-2372's autopsy. After retrieving the corpse, the incident was dismissed as a hallucination on the coroner's part. An urn filled with ashes of cremated animals was presented to the kin of Chen ███-██.

Addendum 2372-1: Selected Interviews with SCP-2372 and/or SCP-2372-A

Addendum 2372-2669: Statement from O5-7

With effect from ██/██/████, authorised Project Heimdall personnel are granted access to data pertaining to SCP-2372's remote mind-body linking phenomenon for practical application.

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