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Item #: SCP-2371

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All information and physical locations associated with the SCP-2371 phenomenon are to be secured under Level 5 Security Protocols. Testing Chamber 14 of the Site-43 Spatial Anomalies Wing must be checked for manifestation of SCP-2371-1 instances daily. The SCP-2371 Project Lead must be prepared to author communiques to SCP-2371-3 or delegate this responsibility to personnel they deem qualified at their discretion. Communiques with SCP-2371-3 must be written with the intention of maintaining amiable interactions with the entity and placed within Testing Chamber 14 of the Spatial Anomaly Wing of Site-43 within 48 hours of manifestation of SCP-2371-1 instances. Inclusion of blueprints of selected non-anomalous technologies may be included with communiques at the Site Director's discretion. Copies of these communiques must be archived.

Testing of SCP-2371-2 instances must be carried out under Level 5 Security protocols unless the SCP-2371-2 instance is approved for more widespread use/testing. Implementation/use of SCP-2371-2 instances may be permitted following review by the Overseer Council, Ethics Committee, and Resource Acquisition Department for viability.

Description: SCP-2371 is a phenomenon affecting Testing Chamber 14 of the Spatial Anomaly Wing of Site-43. SCP-2371-1 refers to documents written on standard sheets of A4/20-pound paper, sealed within manila envelopes. These documents spontaneously manifest at inconsistent intervals within the testing chamber. Documents are of an apparent romantic nature; for further information, please see Addendum. SCP-2371-1 instances frequently (within approximately 86% of manifestations) contain designs for paratechnology or Gen++ technology of variable utility to Foundation operations.1 (For a full list of such technology and the effectiveness of designs presented, see attached documentation. An incomplete list is included within the Addendum.)

SCP-2371-3 is the theorized author of SCP-2371-1 instances. SCP-2371-3 has demonstrated an advanced knowledge of particle physics, mechanics, human anatomy, written English, and several esoteric fields relevant to the Foundation mission. SCP-2371-3 has demonstrated intimate knowledge of the Foundation and its activities. However, SCP-2371-3 has also demonstrated a false perception of the Foundation as a singular entity, and has apparent affection for mundane technology; SCP-2371-1 instances have indicated that SCP-2371-3 finds technologies such as internal combustion engines and spring-driven clockwork devices to be revolutionary or otherwise remarkable. Communiques addressed to this entity and left within Testing Chamber 14 demanifest at inconsistent intervals, with subsequent SCP-2371-1 instances frequently treating the content of these as replies to previous SCP-2371-1 instances.

Addendum: Selected SCP-2371-1 instances:

All entries follow the following format:

SCP-2371-1 Instance Number:

> [Transcribed text of SCP-2371-1 instance]

Notes: [Notes regarding the SCP-2371-1 instance.]


My Dearest Foundation,

I yearn to be with you. Long have I watched from afar your valiant efforts to contain that which Humanity is unprepared to understand, and long have I wanted to be among those you contained! However, I am a coward. I fear the cold concrete of a containment cell and the commitment of repeated scientific examinations. Alas, my containment was not meant to be! And so, I will continue to watch from a distance, as you, my beautiful Queen, stand in the dark so pitiful humans may live in the light!

With great affection, your Secret Admirer

PS: Oh, I almost forgot, I've included a small gift to demonstrate my affection for you!

Notes: SCP-2371-2 instance produced from included instructions was a polymer with approximately twice the tensile strength of kevlar at the same approximate density. However, the cost of synthesizing this polymer was considered too high to be immediately feasible; research and limited use continue.


My Beloved Foundation,

I have seen how you have taken my gifts, and put them to good use, but I must know, am I only a source of curiosities and tools for your use, or may you also find affection for me? It hurts me so to keep us separated like this, but I fear that unity may be even harder. Please, let me know, what am I to you? If my letters and gifts are a nuisance, please, leave this letter unanswered, but, if, as I suspect, you may care for me too, please leave a note affirming this where I make my deliveries.

With great worry but great love, Your Biggest Fan

Notes: This is the first SCP-2371-1 instance to not include attachments detailing paratechnology. Following this, the SCP-2371 Project Lead was assigned to preparing communiques directed at SCP-2371-3.


My Darling Foundy (Is it ok for me to call you "Foundy?" I wouldn't want you to think me rude.)

I love how the moonlight shines upon your site's facades, how your humaniform appendages shiver in a cool breeze, how your Mobile Task Forces descend upon the weird and macabre! Oh how I wish I could be among the many screaming souls within your cells or the fallen and forgotten patterns within your servers! Yet, I have grown an affection for our relationship as it exists now and would not want to upset the delicate balance we have struck. I am still in awe at the diagrams you presented me last Thursday; how quaint that humans would use such a system as the turbojet engine to propel their aircraft, and how brilliant of you to use their technology in your efforts to blend in among them! Your creativity and ingenuity knows no bounds, and I am glad to see that you are putting [REDACTED] to so novel a use! Please, I have to introduce you to [REDACTED]; you'll find a place for it in one of your many, gorgeous, magnificent Sites, I'm sure!

With great love to my darling buttercup, Outis

Notes: SCP-2371-2-███ has been implemented as a facet of all on-site backup power generation systems; -EX designation and release to the general public is under consideration. Research into how SCP-2371-3 observes Foundation activities is ongoing.

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