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Item #: SCP-2370

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2370 is to be contained in a Standard Type-B Humanoid Cell and a body temperature sensor configured to alert security should SCP-2370 attempt to use its anomalous ability to breach containment. If SCP-2370's body temperature rises above 39.5ºC, SCP-2370 should immediately be sedated and treated for symptoms of hyperthermia. Following testing, it is assumed that at some point in the future, SCP-2370 will disappear in order to courier the requested item to its past self: this should be treated as normal, as SCP-2370 will return to containment some time later.

Description: SCP-2370 is an Asian male of Indonesian-Chinese descent, 27 years of age and 174 cm in height. Its face has been disfigured heavily by a bladed object; SCP-2370 has been unwilling to divulge the circumstances under which this occured. Radio and X-ray imaging indicate that SCP-2370's back has been implanted with several devices resembling sensors, connected to SCP-2370's spinal cord. The heat dissipating from said device (designated SCP-2370-A) is believed to be the cause of SCP-2370's body temperature being elevated to 38.9ºC, as opposed to the typical 37ºC.

SCP-2370 has demonstrated the ability to initiate causal loops where it can effectively obtain items and information from the future, which are couriered by its future self. In order to create such a loop, SCP-2370 enters a state where its body temperature steadily increases, before suddenly returning to baseline – immediately following this, its future self will appear to give SCP-2370 the items it requested.

As a result of this, SCP-2370 will often disappear from containment to facilitate closing of the loop. SCP-2370 appears entirely unable to control the length over which the loop takes place, suggesting that it does not possess any precognitive abilities. The length of the loop in question appears to be proportional to the increase in body temperature, meaning that the scope of SCP-2370's abilities is effectively limited by the risk of hyperthermia.

When returning to the past, SCP-2370 is completely unable to perform any actions that would be secondary to returning the requested items, such as informing its past self about events from the future when a material item is requested. Following the completion of this task, it will immediately return to its prior physical and temporal location. See Document SCP-2370-A (Experiment Log) for further details.

Discovery Log: SCP-2370 came to Foundation attention following serial reports of it "cloning" itself. On ██/██/████ it accosted Foundation staff members Myrna Callaghan and Alexander Sukarno using a rifle, before being taken into custody by Foundation guards. It was later found that SCP-2370 had used its anomalous abilities to obtain a rifle and a keycard from a guard – discovered when SCP-2370 willingly surrendered both items during its detainment. In response, a general warning was issued to personnel requiring the use of supplied lanyards to hold keycards.

A search of its personal possessions turned up a USB drive containing approximately 13 gigabytes of notes about its anomalous abilities, among them a 34-page paper detailing a theoretical basis for the function of SCP-2370-A. This document may be accessed at Document SCP-2370-EX (Collated Notes).

Addendum SCP-2370-01: SCP-2370 was involved in several incidents in which it attempted to breach containment, but abruptly ceased the attempt for unknown reasons. The incidents are listed below:

  • The use of a previously unnoticed flaw in the electronic locks of the door to its cell to exit the chamber – despite breach alarms sounding, the chamber doors for Chamber 39, 43 and 48 failed to automatically seal as per standard breach protocol. This issue has been addressed by maintenance teams.
  • The succcessful escape of the containment chamber by detaching a weakened air vent grate and exiting the chamber, before defacing a backup generator with a mixture of standard rations and water. Inspection revealed that accelerated wear and tear induced by exposure to a temporal anomaly1 would have resulted in the failure of the generator within a month of the time of inspection, leading the replacement of the generator.
  • An escape attempt using a containment breach as cover for its activities. During the event, SCP-2370 appeared to demonstrate knowledge of the anomalous properties of several SCP objects hosted at the same site and appeared to actively assist in recontainment of said objects. Post-breach review showed several negligent behaviours conducted by multiple staff members, all who have been reprimanded for such behaviour.

Addendum SCP-2370-02: During weekly medical examinations, SCP-2370 showed symptoms of radiation poisoning, specifically by 137Cs. Despite radiogardase treatment, its physical condition continued to deteriorate – it was later identified that the source of the cesium was a leak in SCP-2370-A. Notably, SCP-2370 appears to have predicted this event in Document SCP-2370-EX despite the aforementioned lack of precognitive abilities. After approval from the O5 Council and the Ethics Committee, SCP-2370-A was recovered and SCP-2370 redesignated as SCP-2370-N, with E-Class privileges.

Addendum SCP-2370-03: Following the confirmation of several theories proposed in Document SCP-2370-EX, a proposal to attempt to replicate SCP-2370-A using the notes was passed and designated Project Vonnegut. In order to test the function of the device, designated SCP-2370-Ω, it was implanted into Containment Specialist Alexander Sukarno, due to the requirement for a staff member with knowledge of the theory and function of temporal anomalies. Con. Spec. Sukarno was then instructed to make a minor change to the timeline using SCP-2370-Ω, with SCP-2400 used to determine whether or not the device worked, due to its causal isolation properties.

However, during the experiment, the device appeared to malfunction – Sukarno is presumed dead and the device destroyed. During a search of the archives located in SCP-2400, the following document was found in the archive, despite not being initially placed into the archive. Investigation into the source of this document is ongoing.

After-Breach Analysis Report 15/07/2013-24

Exacerbating Factors Identified:

  • Security Officer Rivers had lost his keycard and spent a quarter of an hour attempting to locate it, leaving only one guard manning the security feeds. This resulted in his shift partner, Officer Elliot, failing to notice the signs of SCP-███ eroding the material of its containment chamber. The use of provided lanyards could have prevented this incident.
  • While the effects of SCP-████ would normally have been suppressed by the backup XACTS array, the failure of backup generator 23-8A resulted in the array also being destroyed in the breach. Maintenance crews failed to take into account the time dilation effects of the SCP object, leading to its "premature" failure.
  • Researcher Callaghan attempted to recontain SCP-███-█ and SCP-████ alone, with assistance failing to arrive prior to SCP-███-█'s temporal distortion abilities activating, leading to her spontaneous decomposition. Standard breach protocol indicates that personnel should not attempt to recontain any SCP object(s) without assistance from other staff, preferably containment engineers.
  • The failure of Euclid Wing Containment Chamber 48's self-sealing functions led to the breach of SCP-███, which proceeded to directly kill 46 staff members. This was significantly greater than the projected figure of 12, which assumed the multi-level containment chamber would automatically seal all entryways. It was later identified that a serial fault in the wiring across several electronic entryways led to this failure. It is assumed that all maintenance personnel regularly revise their knowledge of containment apparatus recalls.
  • Due to the release of SCP-███ and its break into Experimentation Room 19, Project Vonnegut's initial test failed due to the interaction between both temporal anomalies – the resultant temporal distortion field led to the deaths of an additional 16 personnel.

As no such breach was recorded, it has been theorised that the effective erasure of this event from the timeline may have been the result of Project Vonnegut's initial test; however, the low chance of Containment Specialist Sukarno's survival makes this theory highly unlikely.

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