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X-ray image of PoI-2368-3 during treatment. Note the contorted large intestine, particularly on the upper right, where the splenic flexure has pierced the lining of the stomach.

Item #: SCP-2368

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2368 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell in an isolated wing of Site-06. SCP-2368 is to be informed that current containment represents a continuation of her incarceration in the British prison system.

SCP-2368's observation and containment teams are to minimise contact as much as possible, and teams are to be rotated regularly, with a maximum of 15 days assigned to SCP-2368. All staff working with SCP-2368 are to be given regular medical assessments (including MRI scans) and offered surgical treatment as necessary.

Description: SCP-2368 is a humanoid female identifying as Fiona Tulloch, a resident of Rousay, Orkney Islands. SCP-2368 is 38 years of age, approximately 158cm in height and 54kg in mass, and has pale skin and distinctive long red hair.

Humans (and certain domestic animals) in close proximity to SCP-2368 are subject to an anomalous effect resulting in the deformation and migration of their internal organs. The effect is gradual during the period of proximity, with the organs affected varying between subjects. The degree of proximity required is unknown, but the effect has not occurred within a period of less than one month.

MRI scans indicate that SCP-2368's internal organs are subject to significant deformities. Unlike those of subjects, SCP-2368's organ deformities have not been observed to change over time, and do not appear to have any adverse health effects.

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