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Item #: SCP-2363

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Area-63 has been established to contain SCP-2363, and is surrounded by a 4 meter tall barbed wire fence. The perimeter is to be patrolled and monitored by onsite armed personnel. Any damage to the fence is to be reported immediately.

SCP-2363-A is not to be allowed within 5 meters of the perimeter fence; deadly force may be used to maintain this distance. SCP-2363-A should be treated as hostile.

If any instances of SCP-2363-B are observed within the perimeter of SCP-2363, they are to be removed immediately.

Any civilian personnel found attempting to breach the perimeter fence are to be detained for questioning. No female personnel are to be assigned to Area-63.

Description: SCP-2363 refers to an area of roughly one square kilometer in south-central Wyoming. A small, dilapidated farmhouse stands at the approximate center of SCP-2363. Personnel who have spent extended periods of time1 within SCP-2363 report extreme fatigue.

SCP-2363-A is a humanoid entity that lives in the farmhouse and claims to be the owner of SCP-2363. SCP-2363-A is anatomically an elderly human male, with an apparent growth defect resulting in the absence of lips, leaving its teeth and gums exposed. SCP-2363-A’s eyes are severely cataracted, rendering it blind, although this appears to have a negligible effect on SCP-2363’s ability to perceive its environment. If SCP-2363-A is removed from SCP-2363 and is unable to return, it will immediately and continuously attempt to kill itself until it succeeds, resorting to biting out its own veins or repeatedly bashing its skull against a wall if necessary. SCP-2363-A has on several occasions attempted to kill Foundation personnel with its hands and teeth, but as of yet has not been successful.

SCP-2363-B designates the eleven women (ages 26-34) originally found within SCP-2363 when it was discovered in 1967. Each instance of SCP-2363-B was matched to a recent missing persons report from Wyoming, Colorado, or Utah. SCP-2363-B instances were extremely sedate, and wandered SCP-2363 without direction. They also did not require food or water while within SCP-2363. Ten months after the discovery of SCP-2363, each of the ten surviving instances of SCP-2363-B was removed from the area, and quickly recovered from their sedation. All SCP-2363-B instances were unable to recall their time within SCP-2363, or how they arrived there. Removed instances have been found to be unable to conceive, despite the absence of any apparent problems with their reproductive systems. Each instance was administered Class-D amnestics and was delivered to the authorities in several nearby towns. These instances should be monitored for further anomalous phenomena.

If SCP-2363-A dies for any reason, one instance of SCP-2363-B will rapidly grow heavily pregnant and give birth to a tumorous mass, which will quickly grow into an adult SCP-2363-A2. This birthing process appears to be very painful to SCP-2363-B, but is not usually fatal3.

Interview Log 2363-25

Interviewed: SCP-2363-A

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Roberts

Foreword: Interview conducted within SCP-2363, after 6 unsuccessful attempts. The reasons behind SCP-2363-A’s sudden cooperation are currently not understood.

<Begin Log>

Roberts: Hello, 2363-A.

SCP-2363-A: Tom’ll do just fine, boy. Would y'all like anything? Tea?

Roberts: No, thank you, we just need to ask you a few questions.

SCP-2363-A: Sure boy, what d’you want to know?

Roberts: Well to start, what can you tell us about this land?

SCP-2363-A: What’s there to tell? Tom just lives here, ain’t much else to say.

Roberts: How did you get here?

SCP-2363-A: Why, Tom was born here.

Roberts: And when was that?

SCP-2363-A laughs to itself.

SCP-2363-A: Oh quite a while now, long ‘fore you all got here.

Roberts: Our organization?

SCP-2363-A: Sure, sure. But longer than that. Tom was talkin’ more about your kind.

Roberts: You mean humans?

SCP-2363-A: Oh them too, yes. But even longer than that. Tom’s been on this land just ‘bout longer than anyone can remember. He was here before the hairy folk died out, and before the Black Horde themselves marched across these plains. Tom’s been here before there even were plains.

Roberts: Can you tell me why you’ve been so hostile to our personnel in the past?

SCP-2363-A: Well now, Tom don’t take too kindly to trespassers comin’ onto his land an’ takin’ his wombs and buildin’ fences all over the place.

Roberts: Well we’ve determined that this area and those women warrant containment and monitoring.

SCP-2363-A: Tom begs to differ. Tom wasn’t hurtin’ nobody, and he’d sincerely appreciate it if you gave him back what’s his.

Roberts: I’m afraid we can’t do that at this time.

SCP-2363-A: Well. That’s a shame.

SCP-2363-A remains quiet for several seconds, and then lunges at Researcher Roberts and attempts to bite into his neck. SCP-2363-A is forcibly removed by security personnel. Interview is concluded.

<End Log>

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