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Item #: SCP-2355

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Recovered instances of SCP-2355 are to be stored in Containment Area 8, site ██. Security personnel who are expecting offspring, or those with offspring born within the last year, are not to be detailed to SCP-2355.

All family members and friends who have come into contact with SCP-2355-1 prior to retrieval are to be given class-B amnestics. Parents are to be provided with a replacement infant of appropriate age and appearance.

At present, all known instances of SCP-2355 are in Foundation custody. Agents should continue to monitor police and civilian channels for further outbreaks. Special attention should be paid to reports of breaking and entering, particularly those involving unidentified persons, where no accompanying violence or escape attempt has been reported.

To deflect serious journalistic attention from genuine instances of SCP-2355, ongoing false reports of 'time traveling children' have been disseminated through media channels known to lack credibility.

Description: SCP-2355 refers to any instance of a Babywell 'Sleepynite' crib manufactured between 06-14-████ and 06-16-████. Production records indicate that 1050 such cribs were manufactured over this period and made available for sale to the general public. Sleeper agents are now in the employ of Babywell.

When a human infant under the age of 12 months sleeps in SCP-2355 overnight, they will grow into, or be replaced by, a genetically identical version of themselves aged to 18 years (SCP-2355-1). This anomaly will only occur if the infant is not subject to visual observation at any point between sleeping and waking. Audio surveillance devices ('baby monitors') will not pick up any unusual activity. For this reason, it has been difficult to ascertain the exact nature of the change, or at which point of the night it occurs.

Initial interviews with instances of SCP-2355-1 have shown they possess memories of lives, family members, friends, and acquaintances as if they had been born the relevant length of time prior to their actual birth (a subject born on ██-██-2016, for example, will recall their tenth birthday as having occurred on ██-██-2008). Memories of family members are accurate to the subject's family at the time of their birth, in terms of appearance, personality, and age relative to that of SCP-2355-1. Infants born prior to SCP-2355-1 will sometimes be remembered as childhood friends, though so far this effect has only been seen with infants who have been in close physical proximity with SCP-2355-1 between birth and the anomaly manifesting. Other remembered acquaintances, as far as can be observed, do not correspond to known individuals except by coincidence, and appear to be wholly invented for the purposes of the implanted memories. All specific events remembered by SCP-2355-1 appear to be invented, and will not correspond with any real-life events except by coincidence.

Further interviews with SCP-2355-1 have determined a single, shared, memory of an individual known as 'Uncle Jack.' The individual has not been centrally involved in any of SCP-2355-1's memories, but has been mentioned as a background figure at various events taking place between the ages of █ and █. Descriptions of this individual have been consistent in terms of mannerisms and general appearance and have, in all cases, failed to match any known relative of the SCP-2355-1 instance being interviewed. The only significant variable in description has been the age of 'Uncle Jack.'

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