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Item #: SCP-2354

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2354 are to be located and rendered inaccessible. This effort is to be headed by Mobile Task Force Pi-7 ("Button Pushers"), with assistance from other task forces involved with building-based anomalies if deemed necessary.

In order to detect and render SCP-2354 instances inaccessible, Procedure 2354-05 is to be administered to elevators in buildings believed to be affected by the anomaly. This procedure involves:

  • Visual examination of the floor selection buttons. The buttons used to access SCP-2354 usually do not correspond to an actual floor on the building. These buttons can be removed with little repercussion.
  • Sequential operation of all floor selection buttons. SCP-2354 instances can uncommonly be accessed with floor selection buttons that correspond to actual floors. In this case, the floor selection buttons require rewiring to render SCP-2354 inaccessible.
  • Operation of elevator by individuals affected by achromachia1. Very rarely, usage of floor selection buttons that function normally can instead lead to the building's SCP-2354 instance if the user is affected by achromachia. Study of this phenomenon is currently in progress.

All Foundation facilities should remain non-compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to prevent SCP-2354 instances from manifesting within them.

Foundation legal researchers are currently looking into the feasibility of repealing the ADA to neutralize SCP-2354. This should not be attempted until SCP-2354's relationship with the bill is fully understood.

Description: SCP-2354 is the collective designation for extradimensional floors that manifest in multi-story buildings in the United States. Instances of SCP-2354 affect buildings owned by businesses in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 19902 (42 U.S. Code § 12101). These include businesses with public accommodations and businesses that employ disabled people. Upon meeting all the criteria necessary for ADA compliance, an SCP-2354 instance manifests in a building.

SCP-2354 resembles other floors in affected buildings in terms of appearance and purpose, but contains a distinct dissimilarity. Every button inside SCP-2354 is recessed 300 meters. These recesses are not spatially anomalous, and form long, hollow protrusions from the objects they appear on. The recessed buttons also retain functionality, albeit with a noticeable delay. The layout of the floor incorporates features that account for obstructions made by these protrusions, such as underpasses and crossover bridges. Notable artifacts found within SCP-2354 are listed in Addendum 02.

Instances of SCP-2354 do not appear to physically exist in affected buildings and are only accessible via elevator. Floor selection buttons manifest in the elevators of buildings affected by SCP-2354. These buttons, upon being pressed, will transport all of the elevator's occupants to the affected building's SCP-2354 instance. The mechanism by which elevators travel to SCP-2354 is currently unknown, as the elevator remains stationary between floors while the SCP-2354 instance is occupied.

SCP-2354 instances display signs of prior usage. Forms, records, and internal memoranda can be found in most instances of SCP-2354. These documents generally pertain to mundane vocational matters consistent with the business's operations. However, abnormalities can be found in documents describing the floor's employees, in that they do not describe human beings with normal anatomies. A compilation of these descriptions can be found in Document 2354-03.

Addendum 01: It is believed that SCP-2354 instances began manifesting as a result of EE-0742, an extranormal event that occurred in the U.S. Capitol's Senate Chamber on May 9, 1988. During this event, Senator ██████ ████ (D-██) delivered a speech proposing a bill that would protect disabled individuals from discrimination. Interspersed throughout the speech were references to the senator's brother, who suffered from "extreme achromachia." The senator repeatedly emphasized the need to protect "phalangeally challenged individuals" like his brother and dedicated three hours of speech to detailing how the bill would accommodate them.

Foundation agents embedded in the HELP3 removed the sections pertaining to this disability, believing they described a condition of anomalous cause. Subsequent investigation of Senator ████ revealed that his brother does suffer from achromachia, but not to the degree described in the speech. The senator was later detained and all participants in the bill's proposal were amnesticized. The modified bill was later signed into law as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Addendum 02: Notable artifacts found within SCP-2354 instances.

SCP-2354 Instance Location Description
SCP-2354-7 JPMorgan Chase Tower. Houston, Texas. A ████-brand desktop computer. It bears a similar appearance to other desktops of the same brand, but the power button and the DVD drive's eject button are recessed 300 meters. Desktop turns on and functions normally, but is observed to have higher CPU temperatures. Further inspection of the computer reveals that the protrusions penetrate the CPU's heatsink and hinders its efficiency.
SCP-2354-49 Times Square Tower. New York City, New York. The main arm of a stapler, elongated so that it must be pivoted 300 meters downwards to function. A 300 meter deep tunnel with a ladder is present nearby, allowing users to access the stapler's lower operation arm. Stapler appears to function normally.
SCP-2354-104 Burgundy Tower Office Building. Euless, Texas. A WD-40 brand spray lubricant lying horizontally on an office desk. A tube extends 300 meters from the bottom of the can, penetrating multiple walls inside SCP-2354-104. The can does not appear to be movable, but dispenses lubricant normally.
SCP-2354-152 ███ ███████ Datacenter. Reading, Pennsylvania SCP-2354-152 resembles other server rooms in the affected building. Metallic tubes pass through and protrude from every server rack in the floor. Several crawlspaces, underpasses, and other features permit access to server racks obstructed by the tubes. Despite the difficulty in locating them, every button in the room appears to be fully accessible and operational.
SCP-2354-233 Ala Moana Center. Honolulu, Hawaii. A small wooden box resembling a "useless machine" toy; a novelty device with the sole purpose of switching itself off, usually through a lever or hand that pushes the off button. The device possesses a rectangular pit 300 meters in depth, with a button at the bottom. Upon pressing the button, the wooden cover next to the pit opens and a 300-meter-long plastic object resembling a paw emerges from the device. The object then slowly rotates itself and lowers into the pit, before re-emerging and slowly returning to its initial position. This process takes an hour to complete and repeats when the button is pressed again. Repeated testing has produced consistent results, indicating that the device functions normally.

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