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Item #: SCP-2352

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Euclid)

Original Containment Procedures: SCP-2352 videos are to be copied onto Site-15 online media servers, with backups stored in those of sites 8, 17, 19, 24, and 56. The original uploads are to be suppressed from public viewing in accordance to standard DIAMOND1 protocols. Webcrawler SB985R ("Simon to Simon") is to scan for any references to "Simon M█████████" or "SimonM34" on YouTube or other social media sites. If there is successful confirmation of a match, agents embedded within said sites are to be notified as soon as possible, with Class-I amnestics to be dispatched when needed.

SCP-2352-1's corpse is stored in Site-15's Medium-Security Biological Storage. Due to the events of SCP-2352-Broadcast-66, in the event that a SCP-2352-Broadcast event occurs, any Foundation personnel present are to immediately vacate SCP-2352-1's containment area until its cessation. No less than four (4) security cameras are to be in place and active in said containment area at all times.

Efforts to permanently contain SCP-2352-2 are ongoing.

Special Containment Procedures: As of 07/18/15, SCP-2352 broadcasts have ceased, and the channel SimonM34 has been deleted. SCP-2352-1 was transferred to its original burial site 06/17/17; surveillance of SCP-2352-1's surviving relatives is to continue until 09/07/20. SB985R is to be modified to scan for keywords pertaining to SCP-2352-2's characteristics indefinitely.

Description: SCP-2352 is the collective designation for videos uploaded onto the YouTube channel SimonM34. There are currently 128 instances of SCP-2352 on record (see Document 2352-U, Notable Instances of SCP-2352-Broadcast-#). With few exceptions, all broadcasts involve SCP-2352-1's diatribes on a range of topics, from the minutiae of its life to its limited knowledge of global events. SCP-2352 broadcasts themselves exhibit no anomalous properties; the only hazard that they pose is that of information breaches should they not be suppressed timely.

SCP-2352-1 is the corpse of Simon M█████████. SCP-2352-1 is a Caucasian male with brown eyes and black hair, age 17 at time of death. Due to the circumstances of its death, subject has second and third-degree burns across 65% of its body, with the highest concentration around its hands and facial region. SCP-2352-1 shows no anomalous properties when not under the effect of SCP-2352-2.

SCP-2352-2 is a humanoid, extradimensional entity composed of what is presumed to be a biological crystalline construct. SCP-2352-2 lacks any facial features, and possesses an androgynous body-type; no vocalizations from the entity have been recorded2. For reasons currently unknown, SCP-2352-2 is only visible when recorded via video or surveillance camera; all Foundation attempts to perceive it by other means have resulted in failure. Efforts to contain it have been similarly unsuccessful, though due to the entity's frequent close proximity to SCP-2352-1 redundancy has been put into question.

An SCP-2352-Broadcast event occurs when SCP-2352-2 makes contact with SCP-2352-1. An event is initiated by SCP-2352-2 placing its hand against the forehead of SCP-2352-1, causing spontaneous reanimation in the subject3. SCP-2352-1 will then speak of a random topic in a manner consistent with broadcasts prior to its death. SCP-2352-1 will give no acknowledgement to other occupants of the room that subject is in, with the exception of SCP-2352-2. An SCP-2352-Broadcast event ceases with SCP-2352-1's body becoming inert, and subject returning to its original position.

After a varying period of time4, a corresponding SCP-2352 instance will be uploaded onto the SimonM34 channel. These broadcasts are implied to have been recorded and uploaded by SCP-2352-2, although the methods of how it is able to do so are unknown.

SCP-2352 was first discovered when during a routine scan, Webcrawler J159DI ("That Weird Part of YouTube Again") flagged an upload of the analysis channel "█████ ████", which covered the contents of SimonM34 up to broadcast 65. The video had garnered 4500 views and 135 comments before DIAMOND protocols were enacted; ████ ████████ was subsequently questioned, with Class-B Amnestics administered after it was concluded they were ignorant of SCP-2352's true nature.

Further research into SCP-2352 prior to containment brought up an obituary for SCP-2352-1, listing cause of subject's death as a result of an electrical fire at its home in █████, DE, of which the subject was the only casualty. SCP-2352-1's remains were recovered prior to its burial; Class-C amnestics were given to mortuary staff and subject's surviving family afterwards.

Excerpts from Document 2352-U
Number Description
1 SCP-2352-1 is in its bedroom, making rambling observances of one of United States President [REDACTED]'s speeches. No anomalous activity. Length of 2:41.
2 SCP-2352-1 is seated in its kitchen, spending the first twelve seconds of the video pouring itself a glass of milk. The remainder of the broadcast is spent by subject airing its grievances against its ex-girlfriend (identified as Sue ███████). First appearance of SCP-2352-2 in the background, passing outside of an overlooking window; however, it is unknown if the entity was aware of it being filmed, or if subject was aware of its presence after filming. Length of 4:12.
8 SCP-2352-1 is in its bedroom, commenting about what it believes to be shortcomings on the concept of copyright. At 0:26, SCP-2352-2 is partially visible in the hallway through subject's partially open doorway, turning its head towards subject as they speak. The entity remains in that position until 4:32, after which it moves to the left out of frame. Length of 4:54.
29 SCP-2352-1 is slowly walking through its neighborhood, making several disparaging remarks towards reality television stars. SCP-2352-2 can be seen in the background several times behind SCP-2352-1, although the exact number is difficult to ascertain due to the shaky nature of the footage. At 7:20, subject appears to finally notice the entity's presence, turning around with the camera pointing at a small clearing. SCP-2352-2 is nowhere to be found, and SCP-2352-1 lets out a string of disbelieving expletives before presumably shutting off the camera. Length of 7:58.
63 SCP-2352-1 is in its room, expressing frustration with its then-upcoming mid-terms. No appearance of SCP-2352-2 or any other anomalous activity. Length of 6:16.
Note: SCP-2352-1's death occurred in the gap between broadcasts 63 and 64.
64 First broadcast to be filmed exclusively by SCP-2352-2. Broadcast is composed of SCP-2352-1's cadaver, sitting in storage in [REDACTED] Mortarium prior to its burial. Footage starts out shaky, but gradually steadies until the 9:30 mark. Length of 10:00.
65 SCP-2352-1 is reanimated by SCP-2352-2 for the first time. Subject expresses confusion towards SCP-2352-2 for 30 seconds, before going in a tirade against the practice of picketing funerals. Length of 2:59.
Note: SCP-2352 was contained between Broadcasts 65 and 66.
66 First broadcast with SCP-2352-1 in Foundation custody. Subject reanimated whilst undergoing examination from Researcher Stevens, proclaiming its skepticism on the effects of vaccination. Stevens attempts to initiate an impromptu interview with SCP-2352-1, but to no avail. In both the broadcast and subsequent surveillance footage, SCP-2352-2 can be seen turning towards Stevens, recording them in the process. SCP-2352's object class was updated to Euclid, with containment procedures following suit; Researcher Stevens reassigned. Length of 5:00.
85 SCP-2352-1 begins a diatribe on its thoughts on euthanasia. However, at the 4:03 mark, it falters, turning its head towards SCP-2352-2, before letting out an aggravated sigh and putting its hands over its face. Broadcast abruptly ends shortly thereafter. Length of 4:30.
100 In a pre-recorded video, SCP-2352-1 is alive and free of the burns on its skin, congratulating itself and its fanbase on its 100th upload. Behind subject is a crudely-made green screen, which falls off-frame at the 2:57 mark. Length of 4:13.
122 SCP-2352-1 glares silently at SCP-2352-2 for one minute. Afterwards, subject begins shaking its head, letting out a series of "no"s. Due to natural degradation of its vocal cords via decomposition, these vocalizations come out hoarse. SCP-2352-1 states that it "is tired of this [EXPLETIVE]" and demands that 2352-2 "let [it] rest", before the broadcast ends. Length of 1:30.
129 See Neutralization Report SCP-2352-Broadcast-129
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