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Item #: SCP-2351

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2351 is to be contained within a shared enclosure at Bio-Research Area 32. Instances are to have their flight feathers annually clipped to ensure inability to fly. Apart from this, SCP-2351 instances require no containment procedures. For instructions regarding routine care, see Document-2351-D.

Description: SCP-2351 is the collective designation of three specimens of adult, female Branta canadensis, commonly referred to as Canada goose. SCP-2351 specimens (designated SCP-2351-1, -2, and -3 in order of capture) display no behavioral abnormalities, and appear physically indistinguishable from non-anomalous Canada geese save for their effect on human observers.

Any human being who visually perceives an instance of SCP-2351 will experience a compulsion to imitate the vocalizations of a Canada goose, maintaining such behavior for as long as they maintain visual contact. Pictures and visual recordings of SCP-2351 do not carry this effect. The mechanism behind SCP-2351’s anomalous nature has yet to be determined.

Subjects, including those made aware of SCP-2351’s anomalous properties, will perceive their behavior as voluntary, claiming their actions were performed out of personal amusement. Affected subjects demonstrate an increase in morale following exposure to SCP-2351.

SCP-2351-1 and SCP-2351-2 were captured in New York, NY between the dates of July 3 and July 8, 2015. SCP-2351-3 was captured in Albany, NY on July 12, 2015. A detailed timeline may be found in Document-2351-H: Capture and Containment of SCP-2351.


During the capture of SCP-2351-3, a message was found attached by a rubber band to its right leg:

Hepatitis B: 780,000
Hepatitis A: 350,000
Typhoid Fever: 200,000
Measles: 145,000
[Crude drawing of what appears to be a large lizard]: 129
[Outline of a humanoid figure with disproportionately large head]: 14
[Detailed pencil drawing of three Canada geese]: 0

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