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Up-to-date photo of SCP-2348.

Item #: SCP-2348

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation satellites and surface monitoring outposts in the surrounding region will continually monitor SCP-2348. Changes in the anomaly's structure and signs of movement must be reported immediately.

Description: SCP-2348 is a 0.6km wide cumulus cloud located over the Pacific Ocean (surface coordinates 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W, hereafter Point 2348), 50km above the surface. The cloud is shaped like a human hand with its fingers splayed, possessing a high level of detail.

Since its discovery, the cloud has not changed structure or moved from its present position. No attempts at causing alterations have succeeded.

Below are other phenomena associated with SCP-2348:

  • Subjects that observe the anomaly for >5 minutes lose awareness of the existence of other clouds, objects, and phenomena present in the sky. These effects end when observation stops.
  • Observers in a 60km radius of Point 2348 report a lack of stellar bodies in the night sky. SCP-2348 is often referred to as the only visible star.
  • 30% 60% 85% of clouds that pass directly under SCP-2348 are found to be indistinguishable from SCP-2348, displaying the same anomalous properties. The clouds continue to be indistinguishable until naturally dissipating.
  • 9% of camera equipment operated in a 60km radius of Point 2348 record live views of various clouds. After a minute these clouds invariably vanish. Testing has confirmed that the viewed clouds never existed.
  • Precipitation in the 60km radius often contains ice crystals forming structures identical to that of the anomaly, though with the index finger pointing. Crystals exposed to water generate cloud-like aerosols; ingestion leads to one becoming indistinguishable from SCP-2348 and subsequent skywards cellular replication.
  • Several subjects identified SCP-2348 as the sole source of sunlight, moonlight, and starlight. Information on the sky was corrected accordingly.
  • 0.1% of aerial objects that pass directly under SCP-2348 are found to be indistinguishable from SCP-2348. Persons aboard manned objects affected this way are additionally found to be part of the sky.

Of note is that the number of clouds present in a 2800km radius around the anomaly has been decreasing since the anomaly's discovery. This is attributed to further confirmation of the lack of non-SCP-2348 clouds.

While objects have entered SCP-2348, all witnesses report SCP-2348 only ejecting additional sky.


SCP-2348 is now shaped like a human hand pointing directly downwards. Outposts in a 2800km radius of Point 2348 must enter indefinite lockdown immediately, maintaining complete isolation from the outside world. Civilian populations in this radius must be ignored until containment teams can confirm the existence of non-SCP-2348 aerosols.

Information on atmospheric structures consisting of liquid droplets, frozen crystals, and other particulates must be destroyed. Personnel must not consume any liquids primarily comprised of H2O molecules that have originated from these structures; substitute fluids must be ingested instead. Expect no further messages until orders to end the lockdown are sent.

Entities claiming to be the sky must be neutralized on sight.

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