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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Underwater activities must be prevented within 2 kilometers around SCP-2346's expected location.
SCP-2346's coordinates must be updated monthly, following this procedure:

  • A diving team must be sent to SCP-2346's last known coordinates and follow its expected path.
  • Upon visual contact with SCP-2346, the diving team will mark its exact coordinates.
  • Under no circumstances should communications cease between the diving team and the surface crew.
  • The surface crew must permanently assess the diving team's communications consistency.
  • A recovery team must stand ready to extract the divers if they become unresponsive or incoherent.

For evident safety reasons diving teams must include at least two personnels.

Close proximity to SCP-2346 must never exceed 8 minutes.

Description: SCP-2346 is the shipwreck of a trawler first sighted at 51.█████ -10.█████, roughly 25 kilometers South West of Dursey Island, Ireland1. SCP-2346 has no identification markings other than a nameplate reading "Die Bescheidene". There are no records of a ship by this name in any national fleet register.

Even though notable corrosion patches can be observed on the hull and external structures, SCP-2346 remains exceptionally well-conserved. Most of the equipment looks pristine and every compartment is accessible.

SCP-2346 is mobile. GPS readings, performed as per containment procedure, indicate a movement averaging 52 meters a month, with unpredictable course variations. As observed by personnel2, SCP-2346's mobility appears to increase under certain circumstances. Unmanned localization techniques, such as sonar imaging, were proven unable to detect SCP-2346.

SCP-2346 will strongly disrupt an individual's ability to focus and communicate, if the subject stays within visual range from SCP-2346 for a prolonged period of time:

  • Subject will lose track of its initial tasks.
  • Subject's environmental awareness will degrade, eventually leading to a gross disregard of safety concerns.
  • Subject will cease their communications or become increasingly irrational and erratic.
  • Over prolonged exposure to SCP-2346, subject will often try to operate or maintain various equipment aboard.

Any personnel exposed to SCP-2346 for more than 8 minutes must be removed from SCP-2346's vicinity and undergo medical examination. Recovering individuals will retain a high level of confusion and regularly express concerns about various tasks to be performed aboard SCP-2346. Over time, subjects will gradually lose their memory of SCP-2346 and will return to normal behaviour.

Though 2346.EDR-01 and 02 led to a few theories linking SCP-2346's mobility to its supposed ability to retain individuals aboard, those were never confirmed by conclusive evidences.

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Experimental Dive Reports (excerpts):

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