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Access to this document is prohibited outside of Memetic Isolation Chamber-1, -2 and -3.
Access will initiate a twelve hour lock-down of this chamber.
These procedures will be read-only during the duration of the lock-down.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Item #: SCP-2345

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: One dose of Solution Omicron-12 is to be administered intravenously to all incoming Foundation personnel. Persons exhibiting SCP-2345 symptoms are not to be engaged in conversation, and are to be gagged or isolated as soon as possible, for a period of twelve hours. Personnel security clearance level 4 and above still symptomatic after twelve hours are to have Solution Omicron-12 administered as per entrance policy and isolated for 12 hours. Personnel SCL 3 and below still symptomatic after twelve hours must undergo amnestic treatment and are to be retired from active duty immediately. Exit counseling and establishment of military or government employment records and assets of retired personnel is recommended to minimize cognitive dissonance.

Description: SCP-2345 is an anomalous reaction in humans that causes complete rejection of evidence supporting occurrences and beings outside the affected human's sense of "normal." Identified vectors for SCP-2345 activation include visuals1 resembling a diminutive humanoid with discolored skin and a disproportionately large head and eyes, and a number of trigger phrases used by infected individuals to defend their position. SCP-2345 symptoms last one hour on initial exposure; subsequent exposures increase in duration until they become permanent; to date, there have been no cases of recovery after the twelve hour mark.

Excerpts of Dr. Piedmont's Report, Analysis Of Spontaneous Human Susceptibility to SCP-2345:

[…]In late 1948, the site containing safe SCP-████- Biological Containment Site-██- suffered a massive containment breach. This timing coincided with a series of suborbital intrusions described as "green fireballs" reported within sight of several American military installations. As the intrusions approached BCS-██, efforts to suppress the containment breach resulted in the accidental neutralization of SCP-████. Shortly afterwards, Foundation monitoring stations lost track of the intrusions.

Immediately following the death and disappearances, a violent spike in several terrestrial energy fields was detected, after which they stabilized at levels differing from previously measured baselines in degrees of up to 8%. Prior to this event, materials matching trigger conditions existing in popular culture did not trigger SCP-2345[…]

[…]SCP-2345 was first observed when a Foundation instructor began to explain the methods used to develop the prop seen on-screen to represent the "alien life-form" during a showing of SCP-████'s autopsy. Secondary exposures were not recorded- likely indicating that SCP-2345 had not yet developed in any others present. Examination of the instructor discovered swollen amygdalae; the swelling subsided within twelve hours, and the senior researcher was returned to active duty under observation[…]

[…]After a second incident involving junior researchers as well, the autopsy recording itself came under suspicion. Experimentation identified the recording to be anomalous, at which time the original recording was classified as SCP-2345 and contained. Initial testing had staff members interviewing affected D-Class personnel, and resulted in some retirements among the researchers before the sub-vocalizations were discovered.

Despite containment of the original recording, SCP-2345 cases continued to arise with increasing rapidity. Transfer and destruction of the recording was authorized and executed, with no effect. An appointed research team isolated the cause to popular media depicting civilian imaginings of SCP-████, and another week to confirm the theory[…]

[…]development of Solution Omicron-12 was based on a set of proteins found in the cerebra-spinal fluid of several Foundation agents and researchers found to be resistant to SCP-2345. While not an immunization, Solution Omicron-12 relieves SCP-2345 symptoms and provides approximately twelve days of protection from further exposure. The amounts in which it can be produced remain minimal[…]

[…]In closing, with the only clue to the rapid proliferation of SCP-2345 being the events immediately preceding and following the neutralization of SCP-████, and its apparent use as the trigger for SCP-2345, the disturbing implications are clear. The death of SCP-████ was the catalyst for a change in the human condition. We have been edited, and in a manner which threatens the very nature of the Foundation, not to mention the security of that which we contain. The integrity of the human condition on multiple levels is compromised- and we have no way of ensuring that it does not happen again.

Notes: This file has been locked for editing to anyone below Level 5 clearance. As a reminder: the image included in this file appears unrealistic only as a result of this anomaly and is, in fact, a genuine Foundation archive photo. Further attempts to edit this file without O5 approval will not be tolerated. -O5 Council

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