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File photo of SCP-2343 prior to containment. Photograph dates to 1967, though subject's appearance in the photograph is consistent with subject's appearance today.

Item #: SCP-2343

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2343 is to be housed in a modified humanoid containment cell at Site-88. SCP-2343's containment cell is to utilize 7 active Scranton Reality Anchors with overlapping areas of effect, along with 4 Non-Physical Displacement Neutralizers. These devices are to utilize triply redundant power backups.

14 inactive Scranton Reality Anchors and 8 Non-Physical Displacement Neutralizers are to be kept in good repair at Site-88 at all times for use exclusively with SCP-2343. If any of the active reality anchors or displacement neutralizers should fail, inactive backups kept onsite shall be utilized until the primary devices are either repaired or replaced.

A copy of these containment procedures shall be kept on file at Site-88, Site-19, and Site-17 and are to be stored within their own Scranton Reality Anchor fields. Once per day, those documents are to be compared with this document for any discrepancies. A discrepancy between any of these documents should be reported to SCP-2343's project director and Site-88's Director.

Description: SCP-2343 is a humanoid entity roughly 2.1 meters tall and weighing 72 kg. SCP-2343 is capable of voluntary reality restructuring and is considered a Class IV reality altering entity. Though SCP-2343 is not actively hostile it has made several escape attempts in the past decade.

SCP-2343 appears as an individual in his late 50s or early 60s. Despite this apparent age, SCP-2343 has displayed a physical fitness roughly analogous to an individual in his early 20s. SCP-2343 has not shown any signs of aging since confinement in 2005.

In 2005, police were called to a domestic disturbance in Germantown, Tennessee1. Once on site, the police gave conflicting reports relating to the subject of the complaint. An individual identifying as Peter Panepi made several claims as to his abilities while at the same time suffering from the signs of a physical assault.

While the responding officers eventually took the subject into custody due to public intoxication, embedded Foundation assets relayed the claims of the subject. A routine interview with the subject was scheduled by Foundation assets on August 4th, 2005.

Pre-Recovery Interview

Date and Time: August 4th, 2005 at 13:04

Interviewer: Agent Goodman

Subject: POI-5602 (Later classified as SCP-2343)

Location: Holding Room B of the Germantown Police Department.


Agent Goodman: Hello. You're Peter, right?

POI-5602: Yeah. Look I'm sorry about the mix up.

Agent Goodman: Which mix up?

POI-5602: My wife. I changed my mind, I don't wanna file charges. That was the bourbon talkin'.

Agent Goodman: I'll make sure the officers are aware of that. I'm actually your assigned psychologist. I'm here to discuss some of the other claims you made while intoxicated.

POI-5602: Right. You smoke?

POI-5602 offers Agent Goodman a cigarette.

Agent Goodman: No, I'm trying to quit.

POI-5602: I ought to.

POI-5602 uses a lighter to light his cigarette, and smokes it throughout the remainder of the interview.

POI-5602: Anyway, I get a little mouthy when I'm drunk. I think they said I threatened to take the life of the world or some bullshit.

Agent Goodman: Yes. You also made some claims about your wife as well?

POI-5602: She doesn't hit me.

Subject points to bruises on face.

POI-5602: I got drunk and got into a fight with a friend.

Agent Goodman: Alright. That's enough for now.

POI-5602: My wife's probably worried sick. You know when they're letting me out?

Agent Goodman: I don't think it'll be very long.

POI-5602: Thanks.

Subject was searched prior to and following the interview. Neither cigarettes nor a lighter were found in either of these searches. A reality anchor was requisitioned and deployed from a nearby Foundation garrison to prevent further minor actualization incidents. However, once it became apparent to SCP-2343 that it was not being released, further moderate actualization incidents occurred. Escape by the entity was achieved on August 7th.

The Foundation, however, in preparing for the possibility of escape, had created several reality anchored zones in and around Memphis, Tennessee, including the subject's place of work and home. Several failed capture attempts indicated a minimum of 3 overlapping reality anchors were required to suppress SCP-2343's natural abilities. Capture, transportation and storage of SCP-2343 at Site-88 was completed on September 9th, 2005.

Capture of SCP-2343's immediate family, including the object's wife2 was not achieved during this time. Acquiring SCP-2343's cooperation in the capture of its wife3 is a top priority.

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