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Please note: As of 23/10/2013, this article is deprecated.

Item #: SCP-2338

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-2338 instances are contained in the low security dorm of Site 19's E-Block. Instances of SCP-2338 are to be kept to a regular daily schedule mimicking that of non-anomalous children, with education in accordance with standard Foundation curriculum for child humanoid anomalies. Requests for toys, games and accessories are to be provided at the discretion of the dorm supervisor. Dorm supervisor is to organise for checkups on each instance with the site paediatrician not less than once every two months.

Description: SCP-2338 is a group of anomalous children between the ages of 8 and 15, recovered from Carson City, Nevada in 2010. All 23 instances of SCP-2338 wear homemade animal costumes that appear to be bonded to their bodies via an unknown procedure. Attempts to remove these costumes, surgically or otherwise, have met with failure in all instances, and are prohibited at this time. A number of children possess low-level anomalous abilities corresponding to the animal they are dressed as.

All instances of SCP-2338 lack noses, ears and mouths. Despite this, subjects show an unhindered capacity to smell, hear and taste. Instances are capable of gaining nutrition by touching suitable food to the mouths of their costumes, and appear to breathe in a similar fashion. As all instances are unable to speak, they have been taught ASL to ease communication.

Containment Log 2338

MTF: ξ-12 ("Peculiar Yellow")
Date: Nov. 6, 2010
Location: Carson City, Nevada

Debrief: ξ-12 activated following a series of missing persons reports mentioning children "fading into the darkness" near the end of October in Eagle Valley. Investigation lead ξ-12 to suspect the involvement of a local sect of GoI-27F5 ("Our Stolen Future"), who have been involved in child kidnapping cases previously. A raid of the sect's headquarters at ██ Cardinal Way is authorised at 2330 hours on Nov. 5. Raid revealed twelve members of the sect and 23 children living within the basement. All members lacked mouths and seemed to be unable to communicate details of the sect's operaton. A note, addressed to "Brian", was found in the kitchen.

Brian -
They're on to you. The police, the FBI, whoever. I tried to snap them for you, but I still can't get this new camera working. There's no time to collect the models, just run. We were going to have to put them down anyway.

Notes: The identity of Brian is not known, and could not be matched with any of the incarcerated members of GoI-27F5. It is believed at this time that the sender and receiver of this note are still at large. MTF-ξ-12 have been assigned the duty of seeking out these individuals (PoI-27F5-1 and 27F5-2) as well as any additional members of the sect.

Interview Log 2338-2

Date: 8/11/2010
Interviewed: SCP-2338-11
Interviewer: Junior Researcher Alistair Smeaton, Department of Humanoid Anomalies
Foreword: SCP-2338-11 was selected for interview due to its age and for ease of communication; SCP-2338-11 has been legally deaf since birth, and has existing ability in ASL, allowing it to communicate effectively despite lacking a mouth.

Dr. Smeaton: Hello, Jenny. I'm Al. How are you today?

SCP-2338-11: I'm lots better than yesterday. Are you my new doctor? Are you going to do more tests on me?

Dr. Smeaton: No, Jenny. I'm just here to talk about what happened to you. Do you want to talk about that?

SCP-2338-11 hesitates.

SCP-2338-11: Am I allowed to say no?

Dr. Smeaton: Of course you are, Jenny. How about we play a game and you can talk about whatever you want?

SCP-2338-11 selects Jenga from Dr. Smeaton's game box.

SCP-2338-11: I love this!

SCP-2338-11 and Dr. Smeaton begin to set up the tower. SCP-2338-11 attempts to use her additional costume limbs to place a piece atop the tower, knocking it over.

SCP-2338-11: Oh. I'm sorry. Do we have to stop now?

Dr. Smeaton: Why would we have to stop?

SCP-2338-11: My brother says if you knock it over while you're setting it up you're automatically the loser and you have to stop.

Dr. Smeaton: Well, that's not the rules in my office. You can knock it over as many times as you want and we'll still be able to play. Does that sound good?

SCP-2338-1: Um. How long am I going to be here? I've never been away from home this long before.

Dr. Smeaton: Unfortunately, we don't know how long it will be until you can go home. Hopefully soon.

SCP-2338-11: Okay. Um. Maybe if you beat me, I can tell you about what happened.

Dr. Smeaton: That sounds like a fun challenge.

They play Jenga for the next ten minutes. Dr. Smeaton loses on his fifth turn.

Dr. Smeaton: Well, drat. I really am hopeless at this.

SCP-2338-11: Heh heh.

SCP-2338-11 hesitates.

SCP-2338-11: Am I not allowed to tell you now?

Dr. Smeaton: You can tell me if you want to.

SCP-2338-11: I think I want to. It was scary, but it might help you fix us, right?

Dr. Smeaton: It will help us understand you. That might mean fixing you, but you know I can't promise anything.

SCP-2338-11: That's ok. Um. They had lots of cameras.

Dr. Smeaton: Who did? The people who kidnapped you?

SCP-2338-11: Um, yes, but they didn't kidnap me. They were just helping me with my costume.

Dr. Smeaton: What issues were you having with it?

SCP-2338-11 gestures to itself.

SCP-2338-11: It was stuck. I was out with my friends trick or treating, and then everything got dark and when I woke up it was stuck. They just wanted to help me get it off. They took lots of pictures, which I didn't like. They got angry when I wanted to go home. They said my mommy wouldn't want me when I was a spider.

SCP-2338-11 begins to sob, motions as if wiping nose on sleeve.

SCP-2338-11: Then they, um, they put me downstairs with the other kids. And they were all like me! I wasn't expecting that. And I knew Ermis from school, so-

Dr. Smeaton: What was that sign? Who?

SCP-2338-11 fingerspells.

SCP-2338-11: E-R-M-I-S. He's a frog now. Anyway, um, that's mostly it. The men with the yellow helmets came in and I tried to talk to them but they didn't understand sign and now I'm here.

Dr. Smeaton: Did you ever hear anyone being referred to as Brian?

SCP-2338-11: Yeah, Brian's the one who found me after everything went dark and my costume got stuck. He took the most pictures. I never saw him after they put me downstairs.

Dr. Smeaton: What did they say the pictures were for?

SCP-2338-11: Um. I'd like to stop talking about that now. Can we play another game?

Notes: While the interview ran for another half an hour, no important information was gleaned from it. In a subsequent interview, SCP-2338-11 was asked to draw a picture of Brian. Picture can be found within the file for PoI-27F5-1.

Incident 2013101904
On 19/10/2013, Site 19 E-Block suffered a major security breach, resulting in 30 casualties and 4 severe injuries. As we are currently incapable of interrogating the persons involved, their motivations are unknown. Investigation into the possible involvement of major GoIs is underway.

Interview Log 2338-32
Date: 20/10/2013
Interviewed: Ryoko Sato
Interviewer: Dr. Ziemowit Blazejewski, Director of Humanoid Containment, Site 19.
Foreword: Ms. Sato is the assigned supervisor and tutor for SCP-2338 instances. Interview occurs in room 7, A&E department, Site 19, following Incident 2013101904.

Ms. Sato: Hey, Zee. Y-you're here to talk about the kids, right?

Dr. Blazejewski: Right.

Ms. Sato: What do you need to know?

Dr. Blazejewski: Anything that seems relevant, Ryoko. We just need your side of the story, for the records.

Ms. Sato: Ok, yes, I can do that. They, um… Should I talk about the morning, or just skip to-

Dr. Blazejewski: The morning sounds like a good starting point. How were the kids?

Ms. Sato: They were… antsy. That's normal when their checkups are coming up, though. Lots of them get uncomfortable or anxious around the other doctors, some of them are just excited to get out of the dorm. I do what I can, but they're still cooped up in there, you know?

Ms Sato begins to cough.

Dr. Blazejewski: Do you need me to get you anything, Ryoko? Water?

Ms. Sato: No, no, I'm fine. Just… hard to speak. How's your sign?

Dr. Blazejewski: I'll keep up.

Ms. Sato switches to a combination of ASL and JSL.

Ms. Sato: I decided, given the mood of the classroom, I'd put aside the intended class for the day, long division, and do something that would let them talk more. We went through an introduction to the Stonewall riots, I let them talk about whether or not violent protest was morally justifiable. Jenny, uh, SCP-2338-11, made a great point about how violence only begets more violence, but Hiawatha, 2338-20, talked about the need for demonstrative violence to disrupt corrupt systems. I felt like, um, things were going well, they were fuelling their energies into… Like they were fuelling their energy into thinking about the class, which is good. Sorry, I'm rambling. This is hard to talk about. Oh God. Are the kids…

Dr. Blazejewski: I'm not able to discuss the children right now, Ryoko. We need to get your statement first.

Ms. Sato: Oh God. Oh God. [Unintelligible due to shaking hands]

Ms. Sato takes a deep breath and flaps her hands. Dr. Blazejewski places his hand on her knee.

Ms. Sato: It was about half eleven, I was just about to move on to tectonic plates, continental drift. I'd heard the children talking about how cool volcanoes were last week, thought I'd treat them. I'd brought in a box full of materials for making model volcanoes, had it hidden behind my desk.

Ms. Sato smiles briefly and squeezes Dr. Blazejewski's hand. She swallows heavily, grimacing, then continues.

Ms. Sato: There was loud noise, in the hall outside. Three gunshots. Bang, bang, bang. The kids started panicking. They'd have been screaming if they had mouths. I felt like I should be screaming, too. I got them quiet - teacher voice works wonders in any situation - then I got them lined up and we headed toward their bunks. I think I told them it was a drill. I don't know if they believed me, especially since they'd seen me hit the panic button to start the alarm. I tried to move fast, but I didn't want to panic them. I could have moved faster if-

Dr. Blazejewski: We know you did everything you could, Ryoko. Please don't punish yourself for this. It's not your fault in any way.

Ms. Sato: I know that, rationally. I just can't stop thinking about the things I could have done, Zee.

Dr. Blazejewski: We lost seven staff today, most of them directly under me. Trust me, Ryoko, I know exactly how you're feeling. Our line of work, most people here go through something like this in their time here.

Dr. Blazejewski hands Ms. Sato a tissue.

Dr. Blazejewski: We can stop here if you need, Ryoko.

Ms. Sato: No, it's ok. Where was I? I was bringing them toward their bunks. When we were in the common room, I took a headcount. Only 22 kids. We were missing Jenny. Jenny, she's distractable. Gets so buried in what she's doing. Plus, yknow, she's deaf. Wouldn't have heard the gunshots. I told the kids to, um, go to their rooms and not come out until I came back for them. Then I ran to the classroom. Jenny had realised everyone was gone, I guess. Wasn't there. So I went to the playroom. She was looking for us in the hallway, near the entrance. There were two men standing behind her. One had a gun. I couldn't call out to her. I couldn't do anything…

Ms. Sato covers her mouth with her left hand, holding back sobs. She continues to fingerspell with her right hand.

Ms. Sato: T-H-E-Y S-H-O-T H-E-R.

Dr. Blazajewski fetches Ms. Sato a glass of water. Ms. Sato slowly sips it and calms down enough to continue.

Ms. Sato: After they… after Jenny, they started heading down the hallway toward me. They hadn't seen me, so I had a second or two to hide. I tried to hide behind my desk, forgot I had all the volcano-making stuff there. They saw me the second they came in. I tried to run, but they caught me. Demanded to know where the kids were. Said I wasn't an "aberration", they wouldn't kill me if I cooperated.

Dr. Blazejewski: So, did you..?

Ms. Sato: Fuck no. They were there to kill the kids. I knew the longer I delayed things the more chance security would get there in time to help. The security they hadn't already killed. When they realised I wasn't going to play nice, they shot me in the stomach and went searching. I could see they were headed in the general direction of the dorms, so I tried to get up, but the pain… It was unbearable. So I crawled. Dragged myself along on my side. Didn't have a plan, just… I don't know, I guess I still had it in my head I could stop them. Maybe if security arrived I could yell, get them there faster. Maybe I…

Ms. Sato rubs her face.

Ms. Sato: I don't know. They got there before me. I heard four gunshots, then a pause. Three more. More and more. I was crying, I think, but I was still pulling myself along. When I got to the common room, they were still there, going through each bunk. Shooting at the kids inside. I tried to shout for them to run. I guess Tommy heard me. 2338-1. He and Hiawatha made a break for it. Gunmen heard me too, though, I guess. Shot them too. Then they saw me. That must have been when they shot me in the neck.

Ms. Sato raises her hand to her neck cast.

Dr. Blazejewski: Do you remember anything afterward? Before security arrived?

Ms. Sato: Not much, Zee. I wasn't able to see anything, I was blacking out, but I heard one of the men screaming, the other falling to the ground. The gunshots stopped. I started to feel like I was drowning, the air was thick and soupy. And then I was rising. Up, up, up… I felt warm, safe, protected. I felt like if I'd died right there it would have been ok.

Ms. Sato shrugs

Ms. Sato: And that's it. That's all I remember. Can you tell me about the kids now, Zee? Are they… are any of them-

Dr. Blazejewski: There's one survivor.

Ms. Sato: One?!

Dr. Blazejewski: Ryoko, I'm so sorry. It's clear you went above and beyond-

Ms. Sato: Who?

Dr. Blazejewski: What?

Ms. Sato: Which child?

Dr. Blazejewski: 2338-14.

Ms. Sato nods

Ms. Sato: Sun-hee. Sun-hee is alive.

Ms. Sato: OK.


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