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Item #: SCP-2335

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2335 is to be stored in a medium-security locker in Media storage unit 19D. As a precaution to preserve the disk's functionality, SCP-2335 is not to be handled without gloves. SCP-2335 is not to be removed from its casing unless considered necessary for authorized testing.

Description: SCP-2335 is a standard, unmarked, commercially-available Memorex 16X DVD-R disk kept within a SuperMedia-S brand DVD case. Basic physical analysis reveals that the disk is of no abnormal composition, and is likely susceptible to corruption in the same manner as one would expect from a relatively inexpensive media disk.

SCP-2335 can be played by any DVD player, or device with DVD playing functionality, including computers, game consoles, and portable media players. When the disc is played, the viewer is taken to an unlabeled menu hub. The menu features two circular modules; selecting the first triggers footage playback, and selecting the second has no observable effect.

When the viewer selects the "Play" option, compiled footage begins, depicting a family vacation at a lakeside cabin. All footage is accompanied by a watermark in the top right corner that depicts the date and time, the beginning of the reunion footage being dated at Aug 27, 1999. When viewed uninterrupted, the footage plays for roughly 40 minutes, and consists entirely of a continuous video of a Caucasian male, seemingly in his late forties, canoeing. The footage begins at 16:54:51 and, if left undisturbed, ends abruptly at 17:35:19.

When the "skip" function on the DVD player is used, however, the content of the footage jumps, and a clip from a seemingly random date and time will play. The subjects of the footage do not appear to be related to the originally depicted family. The same two clips have yet to be repeated, and further investigation suggests that the clips are meant to make up a narrative.

Recorded dates in the footage range from the year 104 to ████ CE. Clips have never been observed to exceed thirty minutes in time, and can be as brief as twelve seconds. Footage always depicts humans and seems to be filmed with the same equipment. The cameraman, to be referred to as SCP-2335-1, is never addressed1, and the subjects of the footage seem to be unaware of its presence.

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