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Item #: SCP-2328

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2328 is to be contained at its initial discovery site, and is not to be removed from the premises unless its neutralization is required. A four-person security team is to remain on the premises at all times and prevent any and all civilians from entering the containment site. All personnel are to wear biohazard protection suits at all times when on the premises of SCP-2328's containment site.

All refuse generated by SCP-2328 is to be kept on-site for as long as possible in order to maintain SCP-2328's cooperation. On a monthly basis, all on-site refuse three months or greater in age is to be relocated to the nearest Foundation disposal site, catalogued, and either archived or disposed of based on its properties and frequency of generation. SCP-2328 is to be kept under the impression that all of its generated refuse is retained in an off-site storage facility.

Description: SCP-2328 is a construct resembling a Caucasian male human, approximately 18 to 21 years of age and 1.8 meters in height. It appears to be dressed in a green plastic containment suit and a black gas mask, with no exposed skin save for the portions of its face visible through its mask's eyeholes. However, radiography reveals that SCP-2328's containment suit, gas mask, and facial skin are a single fused non-removable piece, and that the interior of SCP-2328's containment suit is filled exclusively with household refuse, such as newspapers, components of traditional kitchen and bathroom appliances, and decaying food. It contains no detectable human components, save for its visible facial skin. Despite its nonliving composition, SCP-2328 is animate, sapient, and capable of speech, and is indistinguishable from a human to an unwitting observer.

Household refuse, generally composed of the same types of materials contained within SCP-2328's suit, constantly manifests in random locations in the area surrounding SCP-2328. When SCP-2328 is outdoors or in a similarly unenclosed environment, all refuse it generates will manifest within 100 meters of SCP-2328 itself; when it is inside a man-made structure, such as a house or a shipping container, all refuse it generates can appear anywhere within that structure, regardless of distance. The refuse is generated at an average rate of 12 m3 per day, regardless of the size of SCP-2328's surroundings. SCP-2328's refuse generation appears to be an involuntary function that SCP-2328 possesses no control over; however, the refuse's contents and generation rate can be altered based on SCP-2328's emotional state. See Discovery for further details.

SCP-2328 habitually contains the refuse it produces in bags, which it produces continuously from the green filter on the left-hand side of its gas mask. However, SCP-2328 will become sullen, withdrawn, and generally highly uncooperative at the prospect of the refuse it generates and contains being disposed of or destroyed.

SCP-2328 suffers none of the negative psychological effects generally associated with prolonged exposure to unclean surroundings. It instead experiences the opposite effect, becoming progressively happier as its surroundings become increasingly dirty and packed with the refuse it generates, and becoming depressed when its surroundings are cleaned. SCP-2328 also displays severe emotional and intellectual immaturity, and has extreme difficulty making even simple independent decisions. SCP-2328's willingness to take orders from perceived authority figures seems to outweigh its displeasure at the prospect of refuse removal.

Discovery: SCP-2328's initial discovery site, a two-story house located in ██████, New Jersey, is the former home of a Mr. Robert Vershinski. Investigation into Vershinski revealed a birth year of 1943 and a 14-year service record in the United States Army (1961-1975). He was unemployed at the time of his death, with no known living relatives.

Local law enforcement was dispatched to Vershinski's home in 2008 after the refuse collected on the premises was deemed a public health hazard. The sole locatable inhabitant of the home, SCP-2328, who claimed to be Vershinski's son, was detained for police questioning, but was extracted by undercover Foundation personnel after its anomalous properties were ascertained. Interview 2328-1 was conducted six hours after SCP-2328's extraction.

SCP-2328 was initially contained in a standard Humanoid Containment Cell at Site-██. While contained at Site-██, SCP-2328's refuse generation rate increased over the course of █ days to a measured maximum of ███ m3 per day. Refuse generated during this period included aberrant and potentially dangerous objects, including discarded razor blades, various forms of biomedical waste, and [REDACTED]. In addition, said refuse appeared in unpredictable locations throughout Site-██, including containment chambers and staff offices. Following these incidents, SCP-2328's initial discovery site was repurposed into a containment area for ease of containment.

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