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Item #: SCP-2325

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All ten nine eight seven instances of SCP-2325-1 should remain inside a class 2 sensitive electronics case in a standard storage locker at Site 13 when not being utilized for testing. SCP-2325-2 should be stored in a hat box, lined with class 2 electromagnetic shielding, in a separate locker no further than 3 meters away. Under no circumstances, including testing, should instances of SCP-2325-1 be moved more than 500 meters away from SCP-2325-2.

Level-3 clearance is required for testing. Testing is permitted only in rooms no larger than 10 by 10 meters. Multiple instances of SCP-2325-1 may not be tested together without the authorization of Dr. Sanders or the Site Director. All testing must be carried out with D-class subjects.

Description: Instances of SCP-2325-1 superficially appear to be standard security headsets, outside of a small label with consecutive serial number and the marking 'Prometheus Labs' in relief on the back of the main unit. There is no power connector or port to access the internal workings of the unit.

One of the ten units recovered was dismantled, revealing further anomalies:

  • In addition to circuits standard to a security headset, an additional device containing a crystal of unknown composition runs on a separate circuit.
  • There is no apparent power source. Examination via oscilloscope has confirmed that the crystal circuit is not this source.
  • The headset wires are composed of two fiber optic lines, whose construction with current technology is currently impossible.

SCP-2325-2 is a peaked cap, with similar 'Prometheus Labs' labeling, nonanomalous except for a small microchip connected to a sliver of crystal similar in composition to the one found in SCP-2325-1.

Attempts to reverse engineer the anomalous portions of the hat and headset unit have failed, mostly due to inability to find a suitable analog for the crystalline component.

SCP-2325-1 and -2 exhibit their anomalous properties when SCP-2325-2 and at least one instance of SCP-2325-1 are being worn, and a potentially lethal projectile is fired at the wearer of SCP-2325-2. When this occurs, the wearer of SCP-2325-1 will involuntarily launch themselves between the projectile and the wearer of SCP-2325-2.

Wearers of SCP-2325-1 will move far faster than they should be able to, and through obstacles. Despite extensive testing, no upper limit for speed has been found, and no obstacle has stopped a wearer of SCP-2325-1 from placing themselves between the projectile and the wearer of SCP-2325-2. Wearers of SCP-2325-1 appear to travel at speeds in excess of .7c, and are able to pass through up to a meter of reinforced concrete.

Despite these anomalous properties, the durability of wearers of SCP-2325-1 does not increase significantly outside of being able to stop any projectile and travel through any material. Traveling any distance greater than 400 meters or traveling through any significant material is invariably lethal, but there is always enough organic material left to block the projectile. At distances measured in astronomical units, SCP-2325 system will not function as intended and instead obliterate SCP-2325-1 wearers without intercepting the bullet. SCP-2325 system will also not function cross-dimensionally. See Document-2325-5 - Testing Logs, Series E - SCP Cross-Testing.

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