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SCP-2315 receiving a call

Item #: SCP-2315

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2315 is kept in a standard containment locker at Site-17. Personnel are advised never to answer SCP-2315 except as required for testing. All calls received by SCP-2315 must be logged and reported to MTF Upsilon-3 ("The Phone Company") immediately for an attempt to trace the call. All personnel who report a call must also report their age, location of their mother, and status of relations with her.

Note from Principal Researcher Perry: Given the events of prior calls, pinpointing the source of the call is considered the top priority when SCP-2315 undergoes testing. Do not test SCP-2315 without informing MTF Upsilon-3.

Description: SCP-2315 is a factory standard iPhone 6 with no noticeable marks on the exterior or interior of the object. The phone does not have a lock code nor password.

SCP-2315 operates normally until placed in a room with a single subject below the age of 30 whose biological mother is still alive. When these requirements are met, the phone will ring displaying a caller identification of "Mother." When answered, a voice (designated SCP-2315-1) can be heard on the phone. Subjects describe SCP-2315-1 as the voice of their mother and can converse freely with it. Triangulation methods have reduced the target range of the source of the phone call to somewhere within 1 km of the subject's biological mother, but all attempts at pinpointing the call from there have failed to date.

Subjects who meet the above criteria at later dates will continue to receive calls from SCP-2315-1 at a rate of one per day. Subjects report feeling increasingly uneasy with each successive call.

The general pattern of phone calls are as follows:

  • The first call is uneventful, although subjects report SCP-2315-1 as disapproving, but still supportive.
  • During the second call, SCP-2315-1 talks about topics that distress the subject. Subjects report that it becomes increasingly more hostile throughout the call.
  • SCP-2315-1 is both extremely hostile towards the subject and proclaiming its love and support for the subject during the third call. Common events include yelling, screaming, and requests for dangerous activities from the subject until the subject either hangs up or expires. The third call has been recorded as capable of continuing for hours without rest.

Addendum: Experiment Log █: D-135 was instructed to enter an empty containment cell holding SCP-2315 on a table and await further instruction. Microphones throughout the cell were used to record the call.

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