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Item #: SCP-2314

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-2314 specimens are to be kept in a dormant state in Level 4 Biological Hazard Cryogenic units at Biological Research Site-129. All specimens and infested hosts are to be handled exclusively by personnel wearing Level B hazmat suits, and all personnel involved in the handling of SCP-2314 are to be scanned by MRI for possible infestation both before and after testing procedures.

SCP-2314-1 is to be contained in an M-Type Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell (M-HACC). SCP-2314-1 is to be regularly interviewed to determine if usable intelligence has been received and/or if new instances of SCP-2314 have been detected by it. At least one member of the Foundation Intelligence Agency is to be present during interviewing.

Description: SCP-2314 is a genetically modified species of roundworm most closely related to Caenorhabditis elegans. Specimens of SCP-2314 rarely grow larger than 0.7mm and, unlike C. elegans, lack all reproductive systems. Outside of a host, SCP-2314 has a natural lifespan of approximately 36 hours. After being introduced to the host by ingestion, SCP-2314 burrows through its host's soft tissues and seeks out the optic chiasm. SCP-2314 attaches itself using a series of small appendages and burrows into the optic orbital area to encapsulate itself with the surrounding tissue. This process takes between 3-7 days, during which SCP-2314 actively suppresses the host's T-helper Type 1 (Th1) cells in order to pacify the immune system. Afflicted subjects manifest no significant symptoms during this phase. Vivisection of extracted specimens has revealed the presence of human genetic material in SCP-2314, notably glial cells and neurons, replacing the organism's simple brain.

Out of 24 DNA samples extracted from SCP-2314 specimens removed from compromised individuals, 2 have been linked to SCP-2314-1. At this point in time it is unclear whether or not SCP-2314 specimens linked to SCP-2314-1 exist outside of Foundation control. This cannot be ruled out however and in accordance with inter-organizational intelligence protocols, other organizations at risk have been briefed.

Foundation-wide emergency MRIs have revealed at least 37 personnel compromised, including Field Agents, Senior Research Staff, Mobile Task Force personnel, and a limited number of Site Directors. Personnel found compromised by SCP-2314 have been subjected to a specialized surgical procedure to remove SCP-2314 specimens, and administered Class Delta amnestics to ensure full operational capacity following surgery. Patients do not experience any residual consequences from this surgery.

SCP-2314-1 is one Marlena Toropova, born 06/03/1982, Shatoy, Chechnya. SCP-2314-1 claims to have been a member of a GRU Division "P" Remote Viewing Division stationed at OKB-16.1

SCP-2314-1 illegally entered the United States of America on ██/██/19██ and became an American citizen on ██/██/19██ after a pardon issued by President George H.W. Bush. Information obtained from SCP-2314-1 points to a discontinued surveillance project by GRU Division "P" under codename "Project Eyestalk"2, utilizing and manipulating identical twins in order to establish an undetectable communication channel for use in international and inter-organizational intelligence operations. SCP-2314-1 has delivered satisfactory evidence confirming at the very least the existence of SCP-2314 and the communication between it and a remote viewer.

SCP-2314-1 indicates receiving transmissions from SCP-2314 instances incorporating the DNA of its identical twin (one Olga Toropova, deceased), showing it scenes observed by compromised individuals. Images are described by the subject to overlap natural visual input. SCP-2314-1 indicates it was required to report on these scenes in writing during its time at OKB-16, and has kept a large number of notebooks during the years after its departure from that site. These notebooks have been taken into custody and are currently being examined to determine the extent of possible intelligence leaks to GRU Division "P". The exact magnitude of this is currently unknown. Aside from SCP-2314-1, no living3 receivers have been recovered at this point, though it is impossible to rule out that others like SCP-2314-1 remain outside of Foundation control.

Interview 2314-1: At 9:02 on ██/██/20██, SCP-2314-1 presented itself at the front desk for Seven Sisters Productions4, asking to speak to Agent ██████████, the current SFCL (Senior Front Company Liaison) for Seven Sisters Productions. SCP-2314-1 was immediately taken into custody when it began reciting Agent ██████████'s service record. The following preliminary interview took place several hours later.

Interviewer: Chief Security Officer S.T.H Camden, Agent ██████████
Interviewed: SCP-2314-1
Witnessing: Security Officer B.F. Greaves, Security Officer Q.W. Van Dijk

<Begin Log>

C.S.O. Camden: Okay, let's begin. Who are you? We have no idea where you came from, but you just waltzed straight into Seven Sisters Productions spouting classified information.

SCP-2314-1: My name is Marlena Toropova and I have seen this place many times. I need to speak to someone in charge.

C.S.O. Camden: Well, you'll have to make do with me for now. Greaves, get me everything you can on miss Toropova here. (S.O. Greaves leaves the interrogation room) Now then, you say you saw this place before. How is that? Have you had us under surveillance? Who do you work for?

SCP-2314-1: I-I do not work for anyone, Mr. Camden. I will tell you exactly what my business here is…but not before I meet with Agent ██████████.

C.S.O. Camden: Regardless of how you know who he is, ██████████ will not be joining us. Like I said, you'll have to make do.

SCP-2314-1: Fine, you are forcing me to do this, Mr. Camden. You nearly failed your last physical because of your habit of-

C.S.O. Camden: (becomes visibly agitated) Look, who's been narking? Was it Jones? Little F-

SCP-2314-1: (interrupts) Get Agent ██████████. I am not a threat, I swear…

C.S.O. Camden: The hell you are. Sit there and don't move. (Camden leaves the room)

Interview was paused for approximately 36 minutes as C.S.O. Camden conferred.

(C.S.O. Camden reenters the interrogation room with Agent ██████████)

C.S.O. Camden: (C.S.O. Camden turns to Agent ██████████) This is miss Marlena Toropova. She's all yours.

(C.S.O. Camden exits room and joins S.O. van Dijk to monitor the interview)

Agent ██████████: Good morning, miss Toropova. You've managed to spook our security staff quite adequately, I have to say. You can call me ██████████, though it seems like you- well, you already know that. I'm going to keep this as brief as possible. We have a vehicle waiting to transfer you to a more secure location after this interview.

SCP-2314-1: Yes. To Site-88.

Agent ██████████: (pauses) Right. Of course. Now, on what agenda have you come here?

SCP-2314-1: I am here to tell you about what you would call a…scip? Is that how you say it? I have seen the word, but never heard it pronounced.

Agent ██████████: It's a colloquialism, but yes, that's how you pronounce it. Now, what would this be about exactly then? And I do have to remind you that it's no good lying to us. We will get the truth from you anyway, but it'll be much more pleasant if you cooperate.

SCP-2314-1: I know, I have seen your methods. I was a part of a GRU-P Remote Viewing Division, a project. They…they did terrible things to us, to me. You are compromised, Agent ██████████.

Agent ██████████: Remote viewing? Really? And how am I compromised, miss Toropova?

SCP-2314-1: With my own eyes I can see through yours, Agent ██████████. I can tell you your wife is a pretty blonde, but the years of being your rock at home have taken their toll. She's weary and you fight a lot lately. You have three children, one boy, two girls. Twins actually. You-

Agent ██████████: (shaken) Fine. Jesus. Enough of that. And how did you come by this intelligence?

SCP-2314-1: I have already told you. But I will tell you our story. I will tell you our story, and then you can ask your questions. Please, just hear me out.

Agent ██████████: (sighs and leans back) How nice of you. Go ahead, you have my attention.

SCP-2314-1: Thank you. (pauses) It was a long time ago. My sister and I came home from school and there was a man waiting for us. My mother was nervous. I did not know the man, and I do not think my mother did either. All she said was that the man was here to take us to a special place, that we were special and gifted, and that we should obey. The man did not say anything. He took us outside, pulling us along when we tried to resist. I could hear my mother crying behind me. Outside was a military vehicle and he made us get in. We were not alone in there. There were at least 10 more children, all twins like my sister and me.

Agent ██████████: Did you know where you were being taken?

SCP-2314-1: One of the special work camps, out in the Siberian wastes. The guards told us when we asked. They called it OKB-16. When we arrived, it wasn't that bad. There was little to do outside, but we were greeted by a group of women who promised to take good care of us. And they did, we never lacked toys or food and drink. They kept promising us our parents would visit, but they never did.

Agent ██████████: So how long did you and your sister stay at this OKB-16?

SCP-2314-1: I…we were there for 5 years. My sister and I were together for 3 of those years. We were educated by the Mothers, as they called themselves, and almost every day we would get escorted to the main building, where the doctors would inject us with some medicine, or perform tests, or observe us, or make us do exercises, such as trying to guess what the other was thinking. They made it into games, we enjoyed that. They said it was so we could become heroes to our country. We learned the routine and it was simple.

(SCP-2314-1 pauses)

SCP-2314-1: We missed our mother and father, but we were told every day that we were doing great work, that mama and papa were proud of us. So we did as we were told, it just worked that way, every day. Sometime in I think it was '87, my sister and I were led to a section of the main building we had not been in before. It was like a hospital. We were both terrified, and we were separated by the doctors. I was taken to a warm room with a nice bed and a television. My sister disappeared to another room, behind a large door that had strange symbols on it. That is the last I saw of her. They told me my parents had asked to take her home and that they had been allowed to. I was very upset and angry at my parents for leaving me. I know better now. I saw the graves with their names on it. And I also know what happened to my sister.

Agent ██████████: Excuse me, but I am still not sure how this is relevant to your visit here.

SCP-2314-1: Dreams, Agent ██████████, dreams. At least, at first I thought they were. During the first night after my sister's disappearance, I could not sleep for all the images I was seeing, all on top of each other. They were very confusing, but I could not get them out, even when I closed my eyes. I did not sleep that night. When I told the mothers the next day, they seemed very happy, and soon I was visited by the doctors again. They seemed very happy too. After that, more twins were broken up. Sometimes both of them disappeared, sometimes one would stay, like me, and one would disappear. In the end, there were only 4 of us left. I only managed to get away because of the confusion when the Spetsnaz came.

Agent ██████████: The Spetsnaz?

SCP-2314-1: They arrived in the night, but I had seen them coming. My sist- I will get to this, Agent ██████████. Bear with me.

Agent ██████████: Fine. You got out. So, you had "visions"? How did that work?

SCP-2314-1: Well, at first…at first I couldn't tell because everything ran together, but as time went on, I was trained to ignore what I saw with my own eyes and focus on the other images. To separate the layers if that makes sense. Of the four of us left, only two were able to do this. The others, they disappeared when they went mad. All except for Ilya and me. And Ilya…He died when he was only 9.

Agent ██████████: Right. And what did you see in your visions?

SCP-2314-1: I saw old, fat men drinking and smoking, and…I saw other men and women die, Mr. ██████████. I saw them die through the eyes of their killers.

Agent ██████████: So, what are you saying, miss Toropova? They made you into a psychic?

SCP-2314-1: I am not, no. A psychic, their gift is one that would have been born with them, one that they could nourish throughout their lives, but this- this is not a gift. This was thrust on me, Mr. ██████████, the same way they took my sister Olga and made her into a tool, a way to spy on their targets. She is- She is inside many people, the eyes that I see through when I sleep and when I wake. She is within you, Agent ██████████.

Agent ██████████: Now wait just a min-

SCP-2314-1: N-No! Every minute I wait, my sister suffers. You need to get her out. Now!

Agent ██████████: Miss Toropova, I do not have your sis-

SCP-2314-1: (interrupts) You were compromised in '89, I think that's right, yes, on your trip to Prague. I saw you beat that man to death in Botič-Milíčov park. You cried. I know, because my sister showed me. Please, get her out and give her a final resting place. Let us both rest, please.

Agent ██████████: (visibly shaking) Uh, Camden, you, please, I need you to take over here. Prep the subject for transport, and I, I need to-


Addendum: Following Interview 2314-1, SCP-2314-1 was taken to Site-88 for further debriefing. Several personnel were tested for foreign DNA based on intelligence from SCP-2314-1, and a medical protocol was developed for use in all scheduled physical exams. All instances of SCP-2314 with DNA matched to SCP-2314-1 were scheduled to be removed from all hosts for burial, while instances with DNA not matched to SCP-2314-1 were either kept for research purposes or incinerated according to the HazB-Inf/142b protocol.

Over the subsequent 2 months, ██ Foundation personnel were operated on to remove instances of SCP-2314 from their optic chiasm. All operations were successful. Further infestations are actively being monitored by both the Foundation and other organizations identified as being at risk of having been compromised. Research into the extent and details of Project Eyestalk is ongoing. Efforts to replicate the effects of SCP-2314 are currently being discussed.

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