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Item #: SCP-2313

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2313-1 instances are to be contained in secured individual cells. Unless approved by the SCP-2313 project director for testing purposes, direct physical contact with SCP-2313-1 instances is prohibited.

Transport involving an SCP-2313-1 instance requires prior approval from the SCP-2313 project director. SCP-2313-1 instances must wear a hazardous materials suit of level B or better during transport.

Description: SCP-2313 is a sensory disorder that prevents stimuli from the visual and auditory systems from being properly processed by the brain. Sufferers of SCP-2313, referred to as SCP-2313-1, display the symptoms of blindness and deafness. Excluding auditory and visual stimuli, SCP-2313-1 instances appear to process all sensory perception normally. Attempts to circumvent these disorders via any means, including use of SCP-2077 has so far been met with failure.

SCP-2313 differs from normal sensory processing disorders in that it may be spread to other individuals through an anomalous process. Any individual that comes into direct physical contact with an instance of SCP-2313-1 will become an additional instance of SCP-2313-1.

In addition to the symptoms associated with SCP-2313, instances receive twice monthly payments addressed to their primary residence from an unknown source. If an instance's primary residence changes, future envelopes will be addressed to the new residence. Each envelope contains 67 US Dollars and a note reading "SENSORY CONFISCATION/REASSIGNMENT COMPENSATION" along with a 7 digit number unique to each SCP-2313-1 instance.

Within 6 weeks of the death of any SCP-2313-1 instance, members of an instance's immediate family will receive a payment from a similar source. The amount of these payments has varied, with the highest value seen to be 3,467 US Dollars and the lowest value seen to be 45 US Dollars.

All attempts to trace the source of these payments have failed, though the sequential nature of the numbers associated with the payments indicate at least 12 SCP-2313-1 instances are unaccounted for.

Incident Report 2313-125

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