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Highlighted in green: SCP-2312's area of effect

Item #: SCP-2312

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Tau-20 ("Turkish Recon") is tasked with identifying SCP-2312 instances. Areas with identified SCP-2312 instances are to be cordoned off under the pretence of a Cyprus Turkish Peace Force Command training area. In cooperation with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' (TRNC)1 government, appropriate counter-Extranormal Events measures are to be enacted against all 2312-Eris Events.

Update (05/05/2004): TRNC's de facto sovereignty is to be upheld, as defined by the current borders claimed by it.

Description: SCP-2312 refers to a series of carvings found on the surface of the Kyrenia Mountains referencing an individual named "King Pan" (designated SCP-2312-A); instances typically manifest once per month. SCP-2312 instances are written in Koine Greek, and styled as decrees from SCP-2312-A. Although its identity and existence cannot be ascertained, SCP-2312-A is inferred to be a monarch claiming rulership over a "Kingdom of All Cypruses".

When an SCP-2312 instance manifests, a corresponding Extranormal Event will occur (designated 2312-Eris Event). All 2312-Eris Events are localised within TRNC-controlled territory. Removal of SCP-2312 does not prevent occurrence of 2312-Eris Events. Below are several examples of SCP-2312 instances and corresponding 2312-Eris Events; compilation is restricted to Level ≥3/2312 clearance.

Translated excerpt 2312-Eris Event Cover Story
"…All Cypruses shalt unite under I and render my crooked brother's singular Cyprus a petty kingdom…"2 N/A N/A
"…let all Cypruses have meat…" Fishes spontaneously rain over TRNC cities. Fabrication of a Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone.
"…scriptures of my benefactor – who gave me infinity – shalt spread to all Cypruses…" Advertisements of "Heavenly Antlers Properties" are mailed to every TRNC household. Publicity stunt by author ██████ ████████.
"…birds in flight – the pleasure of my deceiving brother – shalt be cast down…" All birds within TRNC-controlled territory lost control over their wing muscles. Estimated █,███ birds died via major trauma. Fabrication of an avian neuromuscular disease.

Occurring since ██/██/1992, 2312-Eris Events were initially classified as individual Extranormal Events. They were classified under SCP-2312 on ██/██/1998, upon discovering a causality between SCP-2312 manifestations and 2312-Eris Events.

Addendum 2312-1: Excerpt from "Heavenly Antlers Properties" Ad

Got the short end of the family inheritance? Want to invest in lands beyond the third dimension? Greener pastures are infinite! We at Heavenly Antlers Properties provide a wide range of services to guarantee trans-dimensional acquisition and ownership of land.

Addendum 2312-2: After negotiations with Cypriot, Greek, Turkish and TRNC governments, the following test is conducted.

Phase A Phase B
Procedure Sovereignty over █████3 transferred to TRNC from 20/04/2003 to 20/04/2004. After 20/04/2004, █████ is returned to Turkish sovereignty.
Results 2312-Eris Events manifested on █████. 2312-Eris Events ceased on █████.
Analysis SCP-2312's area of effect apparently shifts to accommodate territorial or sovereignty changes involving TRNC. Request maintenance of status quo.
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