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4/2304 LEVEL 4/2304
Item #: SCP-2304

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation AIs are to analyze all images posted to high-traffic online social media groups centered around the discovery of SCP-2304 instances. Any images found to contain cognitohazardous properties are to be systematically removed from their respective image hosting services and saved to a Foundation server.

Description: SCP-2304 is the collective designation for a group of at least 14 images all carrying some degree of cognitohazardous properties1. SCP-2304 instances take the form of common internet memes2, and are artificially over-processed and edited for comedic effect. All SCP-2304 instances carry the ability to cause spontaneous muscle cell growth upon viewing, often resulting in death the constriction of air passages and consequent medical issues. (UPDATED 2020-09-12)

Discovery Log:

SCP-2304 first came to the Foundation's attention in 2019, after a series of suspicious deaths from constricted airways caused by extreme cell growth in the throat. It was initially classified as an unknown vector, but following the ΩK "End of Death" scenario on 2020-09-12, several surviving victims were located and interviewed to discover the source of the anomaly. A victim of an SCP-2304 instance revealed to Foundation personnel that they had acquired the SCP-2304 instance from an internet relay chatroom, #██████████, under the handle "OxyGenesis". Agent Smith was chosen to attempt to infiltrate this community, under the handle "PebbleTooth".

Attached Files:

Interview 2304.1:

From the metadata located in the images of the channel members, Foundation personnel were able to locate the GPS coordinates where the images were taken. MTF Mu-4 "Debuggers" operatives were dispatched to the locations to detain the members of #██████████.

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