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Item #: SCP-2294

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP-2294 is to be kept in an acrylic glass container with holes drilled in for air at Site-19. SCP-2294 and its instances do not seem to require nor have ever requested any food or water. The container is to be monitored through the use of microphones at all times. These recordings are to be kept for future reference in Foundation archives. The room and container are also equipped with an intercom for interview purposes with SCP-2294.

Description: SCP-2294 is a severed, Caucasian right hand measuring around fifteen centimeters in length and eight centimeters in width. The hand partially extends beyond its wrist, and the end of the hand is covered in scar tissue and badly damaged in some areas.

The primary anomalous feature of SCP-2294 are the thumb and fingertips of the hand, which have been replaced with heads which strongly resemble the former US president Richard Milhous Nixon. Beyond the appearance of the heads, the fingertips also have the voice of the previous president. Auditory amplification is required in order to hear SCP-2294, due to their diminutive size. Although SCP-2294 is capable of movement through the use of its fingers in a manner similar of certain insects or spiders, it is usually found laying palm up with the fingers raised so that the instances are facing each other.

All of the instances appear to be sentient, and seem to be capable of intelligence and thinking on the level of most humans. Four of the five “heads” believe they are still President, and often engage in debates over what decisions should be made for the country. The topics of their debates are usually about current events happening in the political world of the US, both domestic and foreign. It is currently unknown how they obtain information about these current events. Despite the heads having a wide range of topics, they seem to be very limited in finding solutions. The debates have included:

  • The Cold War with the Soviet Union;
  • The 9/11 attacks and how to respond to them;
  • Legalization of Same-Sex marriage;
  • Gun Control;
  • Climate Change.

While the heads resemble that of Richard Nixon, they all have varying beliefs and outlooks, which is primarily conveyed through their political debates. The instances (SCP-2294-1-5) will briefly discuss non-political subjects in interviews, but will often find ways to relate the subject back to politics in some manner.

SCP-2294 Instance Type of Finger Personality
2294-1 Thumb Has a somewhat moderate personality. 2294-1 will always try to mediate arguments between the other fingers when intense arguing breaks out. When it comes to making political decisions of foreign policy, it prefers peace when possible, but has conceded to war under certain conditions and provocations, especially when there was a deliberate attack on the US or its people. It professes usually conservative ideals when it comes to domestic policy. It frequently gives lengthy speeches (2 hours and 14 minutes on the longest instance) to the other instances about what it believes is best for the country.
2294-2 Index More docile in nature than 2294-1. It is very hesitant to enter conflict with another country, and only concedes to war when a very clear attack has been made against the US. It is distressed about the environmental status of the world, and seems to be the only instance that is so. It also displays concern about increased equality in the US, socially and economically.
2294-3 Middle Extremist and nearly radical in its level of patriotism and desire for advancement of the US. Dissolute and combative in nature, it sees war as a viable answer to nearly every conflict, whether it be minor or major, and encourages using the power of the US as a tool to further expand the country at any opportunity. It is incredibly conservative in domestic policy, and it’s most prevalent concern is the growth of the US economically and militarily. It is frequently seen causing arguments between the other members of SCP-2294, and is a large reason as to why war is such a common topic in the debates.
2294-4 Ring Also very extreme in its views. Acting reserved and restrained when speaking, it is incredibly pacifistic, and has never conceded to war in any of the recordings the Foundation has of it, even when the US has been directly threatened or attacked. Nearly all of its decisions end up being related to creating or working towards world peace. It desires an economical system change in the US from capitalism to socialism, as it feels it would make individuals of the US more fulfilled and connected to each other.
2294-5 Little SCP-2294-5 is the most unusual of the instances. It is the only one aware of its status as a sentient appendage, and is even aware of its SCP-classification and containment, something the other instances have never verbally acknowledged. It is disinterested in politics, and rarely partakes in the other four instances’ debates. It displays signs of chronic depression, and is incredibly apathetic about its containment. Despite being the most self-aware instance of SCP-2294, it has not answered any questions regarding its origins, and avoids answering when asked, mostly by redirecting the question onto other subjects.

Whether or not true sentience is held by instances 1-4 is currently under question, due to their fixation with politics and inability to discuss anything else for a substantial length of time, as well as their lack of awareness about their containment.

Recovery Log - 2294:

SCP-2294 was recovered on █/██/████. A police investigation had gone underway in a wooded, rural area located in southern Kansas1, due to several complaints from hikers of a harsh odor emanating from a one-story house that had been reportedly abandoned. An investigation of the house showed nothing unusual on the first story, and there were no signs of the house being inhabited.

The police investigation team entered the basement, where five corpses in advanced stages of decomposition were found around a circular table. Four of the five corpses were restrained and shackled. SCP-2294 was found on the table, reportedly speaking, but was not loud enough to be heard.

Reports of a speaking, disembodied hand quickly reached the Foundation, and a recovery team was dispatched to the area. Amnestics were administered to those involved, and SCP-2294 was recovered. A note was also recovered from the police team database that had been found in the basement (located at the end of this document). A thorough investigation by Foundation personnel revealed no other anomalous objects or activity in the basement. DNA testing identified the four restrained individuals, but showed no relation in genetics or demographics. These four were confirmed to be kidnapping victims. The fifth remaining individual has yet to be identified.

Autopsies of the bodies revealed no anomalous properties of the corpses, and showed the four identified individuals had died from severe cerebral hemorrhaging, and the unidentified individual had been killed by a shotgun wound to the chest. The house where SCP-2294 was recovered is currently under surveillance by the Foundation. Reports of the house being entered by any person are to be relayed to Foundation personnel immediately for investigation.

In the over ████ hours of auditory recording the Foundation has of SCP-2294, it has never mentioned this incident, why it was found there, or how (if at all) it is related to what events may have happened there. SCP-2294 does not acknowledge questions about the topic when interviewed.

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