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Item #: SCP-2293

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is focused on seizing and destroying instances of SCP-2293 and all evidence thereof. Manifestation of SCP-2293-affected media to a large viewing audience are to be given standard cover stories, and at the head researcher's discretion, amnestics are to be distributed.

Foundation AI (ATLS-12 and GRGN-03) are to monitor all possible communications at 12-hour intervals for appearances or descriptions of SCP-2293 instances. If a geographical area is found to be undergoing a SCP-2293 event, MTF-E-72 (“Bachman's Boys”) is to quarantine the area under the cooperation of the location's government under any applicable cover story. MTF-E-72 is to enact Protocol-GLEAN in order to discern the number of SCP-2293-affected media in the area. The destruction of afflicted areas is authorized if the number of affected works meets a density of 1300 occurrences per square kilometer or greater. All civilians displaced by this destruction are to be compensated through a joint account operated by the Foundation and the involved government.

Efforts toward studying SCP-2293 should be focused upon making predictive forecasts of SCP-2293 locations.

Description: SCP-2293 is a phenomenon in which media within a given area (up to 20km2) that contains any form of dialogue or speech may be subject to alterations. The area's baseline Hume rating decreases in direct proportion to the quantity of media affected by SCP-2293. SCP-2293 appears irregularly, and no method for prediction of future manifestations has been devised.

SCP-2293 causes all affected media to include a portion in which the 1999 car accident of American writer Stephen King is referenced. In each affected work, the line appears as follows: “Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider.” The line occurs once at a random point within the media, although a preference is shown for moments that ruin an established mood. Media by Stephen King, those written under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, or directly based on his output are unaffected by SCP-2293 across all manifestations.

The introduction of this line, along with descriptions of characters turning to face an unseen audience when applicable, causes the work to increase in size. This includes seconds being added to the tracks of albums affected by SCP-2293 but may also cause pages to be added to afflicted books, if necessary. In mediums where a work has taken up the entirety of a finite space (such as data on a CD), the medium is simply made to hold more data than possible with no other changes made to its nature.

SCP-2293 is also able to change media as it is broadcast, whether live or not. This includes live broadcasts but also “reruns” of previously taped media. The changes SCP-2293 makes to the media are present to all viewers in the affected area. It is unclear how these changes are made to live television.

On average, SCP-2293 events last four days, although some have lasted up to three weeks. No area has been subject to the SCP-2293 phenomenon more than once. Upon the ending of the SCP-2293 phenomenon, all affected media remain changed.

Addendum 2293-1: On 11/16/16, a raid on the headquarters of GoI-5869, "Gamers Against Weed",1 uncovered information indicating that GoI-5869 was responsible for the creation of SCP-2293. The headquarters were found to be abandoned in haste less than six hours prior to the Foundation's arrival.

Included in the document are a collection of the incriminating chat logs found on a laptop left at the scene. Only conversations pertaining to SCP-2293 have been included.

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