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Item #: SCP-2290

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An area covering approximately 1 km² around SCP-2290's primary area of effect is to be isolated from unnecessary traffic. If an individual witnesses any anomalous behavior or physical conflicts between SCP-2290-1 instances, they are to be restricted from exiting SCP-2290's area of effect until the 0500 reset event.

Individuals who enter SCP-2290's area of effect on a regular basis and leave before the 0500 reset are not to accumulate knowledge of SCP-2290's existence. Class B amnestics are approved for use in eliminating such knowledge.

Phone calls originating from SCP-2290's residence to emergency services are to be redirected to secure Foundation phone lines. Under no conditions are active Foundation staff to be allowed inside SCP-2290's area of effect between 0300 and 0500 local time. All surveillance of SCP-2290-1 instances during this time period is to be accomplished utilizing local individuals or automated drones.

Description: SCP-2290 is an effect which is centered around a home in Stockbridge, Massachusetts that houses a family of three (identified as SCP-2290-1 instances). At 0500 local time, the SCP-2290-1 instances will be immediately relocated to this home regardless of their current location. Additionally, injury to any of the instances will be immediately healed (up to and including death).

Any individual which is inside an area approximately 1 km² around the SCP-2290's primary residence will, at 0500, lose any memory of the SCP-2290-1 instances beyond baseline knowledge. Baseline knowledge of SCP-2290-1 instances include the following information:

  • It is a family of three living in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
  • These individuals are Jonathan Jenkins (SCP-2290-1-A), Sophie Jenkins (SCP-2290-1-B), and Josie Jenkins (SCP-2290-1-C).
  • These individuals have lived at their current address for 3 years.
  • SCP-2290-1-A is aged 43 and is employed as a bricklayer at a construction company.
  • SCP-2290-1-B is aged 36 and is a stay-at-home mother.
  • SCP-2290-1-C is aged 9 and is a student at a local elementary school.

Despite the anomaly's 15 year containment SCP-2290-1 instances invariably appear to have an age consistent with these details. This is believed to be related to the reset event.

SCP-2290 anomalous properties were first documented during an incident involving Child Protective Services which resulted in the removal of SCP-2290-1-C from the residence. The following morning SCP-2290-1-C was no longer at the protective home in which she had been placed. Child Protective Services removed the child an additional 3 times before a UIU agent implanted in CPS brought the situation to the Foundation's attention.

A failure of current containment procedures occurred on November 15th, 2005. Police were contacted by a neighbor with regards to an abusive event originating from SCP-2290-1-A. Police entered the home and SCP-2290-1-C was removed from the premises. The following interview with Foundation staff took place prior to the subsequent reset event.

Date and Time: November 5th, 2005 at 19:04

Interviewer: Agent Melissa Malcolm

Subject: SCP-2290-1-C

Location: A previously established Foundation adjunct site outside of SCP-2290's area of effect.


Agent Malcolm: Hello, little one. I'm Agent Malcolm.

SCP-2290-1-C does not respond. Agent Malcolm produces a stuffed elephant doll and sets it on the table in front of SCP-2290-1-C.

Agent Malcolm: He can't hurt you here. I promise.

SCP-2290-1-C takes the doll and holds it for the remainder of the interview.

SCP-2290-1-C: Yes he can.

Agent Malcolm: Why do you say that?

SCP-2290-1-C pauses for several seconds.

SCP-2290-1-C: He doesn't want me to talk to you.

Agent Malcolm: I promise you, I'm just here to help.

SCP-2290-1-C: Are you going to make me forget?

Agent Malcolm: What do you mean?

SCP-2290-1-C: I think I wrote myself a note. It said I'll forget what he did when tomorrow comes.

Agent Malcolm: Josie, what else did the note say?

SCP-2290-1-C: It said I get to play with mommy all day before he comes home.

Agent Malcolm: We're working very hard to get you and your mother out of there Josie.

SCP-2290-1-C: The note said you'd forget too.

Agent Malcolm: I promise that I won't Josie.

SCP-2290-1-C: I don't mind. I wanna forget. I'm just glad that we can both wake up happy.

Agent Malcolm concluded the interview at this point. SCP-2290-1-C was given a sedative and slept until the 0500 reset point.

The doll given to SCP-2290-1-C by Agent Malcolm disappeared with the instance the following morning. Current surveillance has concluded that the doll is in the possession of the SCP-2290-1-C instance and persists over resets.

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