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Item #: SCP-2281

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2281 has been disengaged from the rest of the Interstate Highway System through a Foundation-instigated landslide. U.S. Route 50 has been rerouted roughly 10 kilometers north of SCP-2281.

The property has been surrounded by a warehouse complex under the front company "Security Construction Programs" which is designated Containment Sector-77. Due to the stability of SCP-2281, once per year MTF-ψ-7 "Home Improvement" stages a high-level training on this property, and personnel within Containment Sector-77 should consult their Level 3 supervisor as to their instructions during that time. SCP-2281 currently has no research projects associated with it.

Description: SCP-2281 is a 1.2 km stretch of road which was formerly a part of U.S. Route 50. SCP-2281 is located near Delta, Utah and contains a steep turn with little warning. Irregular auditory anomalies occur in vehicles which travel along SCP-2281 at a speed higher than the previously posted speed limit of 60 miles per hour (approximately 97 kilometers per hour).

Auditory anomalies manifest in the rear seat on the driver's side of vehicles. Initially this manifests as a request for vehicle operators to slow their vehicles to comply with the posted speed limit. SCP-2281's effect, however, triggers irregularly. Manifestations tend to occur more frequently in situations that involve circumstances which impair driver performance. Heightened levels of occurrence have been shown to correlate to nighttime driving, driving in difficult weather conditions, and driving while intoxicated.

Prior to discovery, SCP-2281 was noted by the Utah Department of Transportation to have statistically higher accident rates than similar roads, with records indicating an elevated accident rate as early as 1928. A Foundation agent passing through the area on December 8th, 1984 experienced SCP-2281's effect, and began enacting containment. Containment Sector-77 has been considered to be fully operational since September 18th, 1985, and SCP-2281 has been classified as Safe since that time.

Addendum 2281-A: On 01/22/2003, Foundation personnel were able to communicate with SCP-2281. Further interviews were infrequent and yielded little additional information, and testing was subsequently re-terminated.

Interviewed: SCP-2281

Interviewer: Agent Boyd

Foreword: Log recorded while Agent Boyd was driving a Foundation vehicle on SCP-2281

<Begin Log>

SCP-2281: Slow down!

Agent Boyd: Who are you?

SCP-2281: I'm the guy telling you to slow down. This is my road.

Agent Boyd: Can you state your identity?

SCP-2281: I'm the boss. Hey! I said slow down!

Agent Boyd: Well, what do you call yourself?

SCP-2281: Well, I used to be a forest boss back when there were trees here, but now I'm the highway boss.

Agent Boyd: From where do those names originate?

SCP-2281: Where do any names come from? I've always had it. The little guys used to live in the forest, so I was the forest boss. Then they got rid of the forest and put this road down. So that makes me the highway boss. I used to be the boss of the people in the forest, now I'm the boss of the people in the cars. And I told you to slow down!

Agent Boyd: Why do you talk to the drivers who go down this road?

SCP-2281: I used to give advice to the forest guys. But then they got rid of the forest. Took a while but eventually Denton told me what to do to be a good highway boss here. There's a sharp curve coming up, ease off the gas pedal lady.

Agent Boyd: Who is Denton?

SCP-2281: Trooper Denton? He told me how dangerous this road was, and he's not wrong. You wouldn't believe how many car crashes I've had to watch. But he said that it would be a civic duty to try and help people out instead of hanging around being creepy. I felt like an idiot cause he was so right. Anyway that's what I'm up to these days. What about you? Are you from out of state? Just passing through?

Agent Boyd: Why do you stay on this road?

SCP-2281: Don't got time for that one. We're coming up on the edge now. Why don't you go talk to Denton? From the look of things you'll get over to him pretty quick, right?

Agent Boyd: Thank you for your cooperation.

SCP-2281: Sure thing, miss. Be safe.

Addendum 2281-B: Subsequent investigation revealed a Highway Patrolman named Calvin Denton had formerly worked along this route, but he had been killed in a traffic collision while off-duty in 1999.

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