4/2277 LEVEL 4/2277



Item #: SCP-2277

Object Class: Keter


Affected individual re-enacting "Death of Queens: She Suffers What She Must" from the "A" story induced by SCP-2277. Individual's identity and location are classified.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation front companies have been established to work in cooperation with Cisco Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, HP, and Dell, as well as other major networking vendors for the purpose of containing all future instances of SCP-2277. IP addresses linked to SCP-2277 are to be monitored1 and if practicable, re-assigned to a Foundation network at Sites-11, 442, and/or 19. Confirmed instances of SCP-2277 are to be blocked and/or removed from media-sharing sites as soon as possible.

Individuals affected by SCP-2277 are to be given amnestics if practicable. Otherwise, all attempts are to be made to reinforce the mythic and/or pseudo-historical nature of any persons, places, or nation-states known simply as "Andronica"/"Andronika"/"Andronike"2. A number of "conspiracy theory" websites are to be maintained by undercover Foundation personnel, providing multiple conflicting versions of the "Andronica" tale at all times. These individuals are to be recruited from civilian populations and not allowed contact with any Foundation personnel involved in SCP-2277.

Description: SCP-2277 is an unknown user or autonomous program of unknown origin which regularly engages in spamming or harassing phone calls to individuals using pre-recorded voices and unusual bursts of noise. In more recent years, SCP-2277 has begun to spam voice-over-IP services such as ████████, Ventrilo, Mumble, ███ ████, and Skype. SCP-2277 records these harassing calls and uploads audio with accompanying video to various sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, under the guise of popular "Ventrilo Harassments" or "Soundboard Prank Calls". These videos are labeled as SCP-2277-A.

The videos often feature victims becoming enraged at the persistent verbal abuse and spam, and involves the interspersing humorous images and video clips to designate certain speakers. The uploader is frequently represented by an 8-bit animated image of Carl Sagan as he appeared in the 1980 series "Cosmos". Any further relation to Dr. Sagan and/or "Cosmos" is unknown or else nonexistent. SCP-2277-A's anomalous effects are apparently triggered by the bursts of noise interspersed in its harassment videos. Attempts to decode the noise have variably revealed them to be fragments of apparently mundane conversation between unknown persons, or otherwise background noise from an unidentified public area, with individuals speaking a variety of languages.

Individuals exposed to SCP-2277-A gradually develop a persistent delusion involving a fictitious individual, faction, or nation going variably by the names "Andronika"/"Andronike"/"Andronica"3. Depending on the individual, lack of universal knowledge of "Andronika" will lead to increased scrutiny of recent historical record and the perpetuation of certain conspiracy theories involving the destruction of "Andronika" and the suppression of any and all information relating to it/them. Persistent details on "Andronika" include:

  • A strong matriarchal society and/or strong emphasis on a female leadership
  • Heavy emphasis on ancient Greek/Roman history and philosophy, primarily military history, with a direct emphasis and references frequently made to the writings and persons of Thucydides, Gaius Julius Caesar, Polybius, Xenophon, [REDACTED], and rarely, Theodore Ayrault Dodge.
  • A strong emphasis on sex among military units as a means of cohesion and morale, examples citing the Sacred Band of Thebes4
  • A belief in a need for a system of eugenics variably involving a system of forced sterilization (or in certain instances, genocide) based along an unknown stratification uniformly known as "hiero-geneto-social" or "GS" for short. The basis of this system of classification is never elaborated upon.
  • A belief that the end of the world is imminent if these eugenics programs are not instituted.
  • A belief that a secretive para-governmental society is intentionally sabotaging attempts at trans-national reconciliation, or the formation of a singular global authority, known variously as "The Technics", "Eaters", "Khanates", and "Pleistoanarchs" ((Note: See Addendum))

Three classes of SCP-2277-A identification have been established among affected individuals.

A small number (██%) of individuals affected by SCP-2277-A, regardless of which classification they are bound to, begin to display symptoms roughly analogous to those described as afflicting the person "Andronika" depicted in series "A" of SCP-2277-A classifications.

Efforts to stop the effects of SCP-2277-A have been largely unsuccessful, as the use of amnestics has had an only temporary effect in suppressing memory of "Andronika". Repeated administration of amnestics was found to be necessary to remove memory of SCP-2277-A for a period of ██ - 25 years. However, due to risk of auto-immune and/or neurological disorder as a result, frequent use of amnestics has been banned and new containment procedures initiated to minimize the potential impact of pre-existing affected individuals.

Addendum: As Foundation containment procedures were implemented, certain individuals affected by SCP-2277 began to become aware of efforts made by Foundation front companies to mitigate SCP-2277's spread. A DDoS (distributed denial of service) was launched upon █ mis-information websites maintained by Foundation fronts. A fresh source of SCP-2277-A was found being distributed as a pornographic video. Audio is consistent with prior instances of SCP-2277-A.

Interviews with affected individuals of SCP-2277 have indicated an apparent awareness by SCP-2277 of Foundation efforts to contain it. Stories involving "Andronika" have been updated to incriminate an ersatz-Foundation known as the "Society for the Consolidation of Power" as being involved in each iteration of Andronika's downfall. Information posted by affected individuals on forums and websites have increasingly contained details regarding this "Society" and its activities, as well as its secretive "Council of Thirteen" engaging in secretive activity to infiltrate world governments for the express purpose of suppressing knowledge of "Andronika" and perpetuating a supposed "GS"-based system. Many of the details regarding the Society's hierarchical structure have been found to be similar to that used by the SCP Foundation.

As of ██/██/2014, no sensitive information has been "leaked", although the websites in question have been taken down and the affected individuals involved have been detained by Foundation personnel until such time as a makeshift solution can be found to mitigate the potential risk of exposure of Foundation personnel or assets working on SCP-2277. Despite the absence of any information relating to the Foundation's containment of anomalous items/[REDACTED], SCP-2277 has been upgraded to Keter and all measures should be taken to prevent further "leak" of information relating to the fictitious "Society for the Consolidation of Power".

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