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Item #: SCP-2273

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2273 is to be contained in an M-SHACC1 with furniture that can accommodate SCP-2273's weight and size. Additionally, the containment cell and adjacent observation/interview room must act as a Faraday cage. Standard quality-of-life considerations apply. SCP-2273 requires approximately 8,000 calories per day in order to remain healthy; standard human rations in quantities large enough to facilitate this are acceptable. The Site-17 humanoid anomaly psychologist is to interview SCP-2273 weekly, to ensure continued mental health of the subject while obtaining knowledge of SCP-2273's original timeline. SCP-2273 is a ECT2 B sapient anomaly and is granted limited access to literature and musical media that may be revoked at any time.

Description: SCP-2273 is a humanoid entity believed to be of extra-universal origin that consists of two parts. SCP-2273-1 is believed to be a non-anomalous male human that shares a symbiotic relationship with an anomalous organism, SCP-2273-2. This organism completely covers SCP-2273-1, leaving no epidermis exposed. Notable physical characteristics of SCP-2273-2 are as follows:

  • A chitinous carapace that forms a secondary, exterior skeleton.
  • Compound-lensed eyes giving SCP-2273-2 approximately a 270° field of vision and approximately 90° of binocular vision.
  • Earth-tone coloration visually similar to military forest-pattern camouflage.
  • Advanced musculature that integrates with SCP-2273-1's musculoskeletal system and allows SCP-2273 to carry an estimated 1200 kilograms in addition to its own weight.
  • Proboscis similar in function to that of Musca domestica3 used by SCP-2273-2 to procure nutrients for itself and its host.
  • Colored scar tissue similar in nature to tattoos corresponding to military patches and badges.4
  • A fully functional organic radio transceiver capable of transmitting both encrypted and unencrypted audio messages over a wide bandwidth.5

Additionally, it is believed that SCP-2273-2 shares its circulatory and nervous systems with its host.

SCP-2273 is approximately 2.1 meters in height and 290 kilograms in weight. SCP-2273-2's exterior is heavily scarred on both forearms and shoulder blades. Upon recovery, these areas bore open wounds. SCP-2273 claims that weapon nacelles were previously mounted at these locations. All written tattoo patterns are in Russian and indicate that SCP-2273 was a Major in the 22nd Armored Infantry Division6. It is fluent in Russian and German.

SCP-2273 was recovered during investigation of a seismic event and radiation spikes detected outside Danner, Wisconsin on 13 October, 1989. SCP-2273 was found after tracing radio transmissions coming from its location. SCP-2273 was wounded, delirious, and suffering from malnutrition. It offered no resistance to the recovery team. It was moved to Site-17 shortly after its recovery.

Selected Interview Logs:

Upon arriving here, Fred immediately noticed that his was not a unique name in this place, and laughed at the coincidence.
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