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Item#: 2270
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SCP-2270. Image taken from civilian-captured video.

Special Containment Procedures: Written or electronic information pertaining to SCP-2270 or the incantations relating to SCP-2270 (specifically instances of SCP-2270-A) is to be strictly controlled, and all original documents kept in a high security storage locker at Site-81. Under no circumstances are unauthorized personnel to access or view the aforementioned documents.

Foundation intelligence assets are to monitor internet and media sources for signs of information related to SCP-2270. Individuals found to be in possession of SCP-2270 material are to be apprehended, questioned, and then released following amnestic treatment unless follow-up investigation is warranted.

Description: SCP-2270 is the group designation for specific information, incantations and rituals pertaining to the Mesopotamian god of war and the Sun, Nergal1. This information can take many forms, but it is believed that the original source of these incantations is a series of eight texts by a Romanian Renaissance author and philosopher, Sorin Vasilica2. These texts, collectively titled Recurs către Ereshkigal3 and designated SCP-2270-A, exist in few original copies.


An incomplete collection of SCP-2270-A at Site-81.

SCP-2270-A is written in sporadic, occasionally nonsense prose, which will occasionally devolve into extremely intricate and complicated explanations of rituals and incantations required to persuade Nergal to attack a large, overwhelming enemy force. The eight volumes each describe a different section of the "appeal", summaries of which are listed below;

  1. Volume I - "A Cry In the Blistering Wind" - Volume describes the reasons why a mortal would dare to seek counsel with Nergal, when the entity's very presence would be enough to scorch the entire Earth. Rituals contained include those designed to appeal to Nergal's divine righteousness.
  2. Volume II - "A Call for Blood Spilled" - Volume describes how Nergal cannot be communicated with by mortals4, but those seeking blood call out to him nonetheless. Rituals contained include those designed to appeal to Nergal's fury.
  3. Volume III - "A Beckoning" - Volume describes how, in order to seek the attention of the divine, the pursuant must first seek out Nergal's primary consort, Ereshkigal, who alone sits at Nergal's right hand. Rituals contained include those designed to appeal to Nergal's attention through Ereshkigal.
  4. Volume IV - "Appeal to Ereshkigal" - Volume describes how one would speak to the half-divine she-torturer Ereshkigal, and what would need to be said to convince her to speak to Nergal on the pursuant's behalf. It is implied heavily that Ereshkigal communicates with and controls the will of Nergal through fornication. Rituals contained include those designed to appeal to Nergal's lust.
  5. Volume V - "Indication of Divine Guilt" - Volume describes what must be said and done to identify a target of Nergal's fury, and how to relay that information through Ereshkigal5 by crafting the words needed in her language. Rituals contained include those designed to appeal to Nergal's piercing gaze.
  6. Volume VI6 - "Acceptance of Eternal Consequence" - Volume describes the consequences of summoning Nergal. Specifically, those who bind themselves to the deity are, upon death, enslaved to its furnace in the sun to stoke the fires of its hatred eternally. No rituals are believed to be described within this volume.
  7. Volume VII - "A Sacrifice of Life / A Final Appeal" - Volume describes how, after successfully appealing to Ereshkigal and accepting the consequences, the pursuant must make a final appeal to Nergal by way of a blood sacrifice. Ereshkigal then takes the blood spilled from this sacrifice and presents it to Nergal, who then consumes it to trigger his bloodlust. Rituals contained include those designed to appeal to Nergal's wrath.
  8. Volume VIII - "Victatorius" - Volume describes the prayer that must be given to Nergal while the deity delivers its judgement against the "Guilt", in order to assure Nergal of the pursuant's resolve. The prayer, which itself is written over four hundred pages and takes up 97% of the volume, must be read start to finish without pause. It is explained that, should the pursuant be unable to do this, Nergal will instead destroy the pursuant instead of the Guilt. Ritual contained is a single prayer.

SCP-2270-B is the entity described within SCP-2270-A, currently believed to be the deity Nergal. Based on current records, it is believed that SCP-2270-B has only manifested once: during Incident 2270-Alpha7. SCP-2270-B manifested as a massive, vividly colored arm, extending towards the Earth from the Sun. SCP-2270-B has been observed as being capable of a single, focused ballistic strike with an estimated force of 275 petajoules8.

Addendum 2270.1: Incident 2270-Alpha

On March 16th, 1994, a massive explosion was detected near the town of Fort Peck, Montana. Cover stories of an accidental explosion at an army weapons depot were quickly disseminated amongst the public while Foundation agents worked to discover the source. The only recording of the incident was an accidental one, and due to the atmospheric effects of SCP-2270-B's manifestation, the recording was badly damaged.

In the aftermath of Incident 2270-Alpha, it was discovered that a local man, Jerry Hubert of Augusta, Montana, had recently been inquiring about information relating to SCP-2270 in internet chatrooms dedicated to the occult9. After an initial investigation was unable to locate Mr. Hubert, a raid on his Augusta home discovered a series of emails to a contact from the Rutherford Group, a supplier for the American division of Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd. In the messages, Mr. Hubert requests information pertaining to SCP-2270, and later purchases the entirety of a nearly complete set of SCP-2270-A for $75,000. Further investigation was unable to determine the identity of the contact, nor the location from which the SCP-2270-A set was sent.

Below are excerpts from the aforementioned emails, detailing Mr. Hubert's negotiation with the supplier and their follow-up conversation;

To: ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G#ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G
From: moc.tent|98buhj#moc.tent|98buhj
Subject: question

hello. i am writing to you to inquire about the books you described as having for sale on █████████████. I am interested in finding out how much I can purchase them for. my name is jerry please email me at moc.tent|98buhj#moc.tent|98buhj. thank you

To: ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G#ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G
From: moc.tent|98buhj#moc.tent|98buhj
Subject: price?

i have wired the 25 thousand dollars to you. i will wire the rest when i receive the package. thank you.

To: ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G#ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G
From: moc.tent|98buhj#moc.tent|98buhj
Subject: recieved

i have recieved the packages. these look really good. this will do the trick, huh? because i am about sick and tired of this asshole dave. did i tell you his dog pissed on my lawn again last night. because it did. im gonna get this guy good.

To: ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G#ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G
From: moc.tent|98buhj#moc.tent|98buhj
Subject: help

there are a lot of steps in these things. do i need to read all of it for it to work?

To: ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G#ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G
From: moc.tent|98buhj#moc.tent|98buhj
Subject: blood?

what does it mean when it says blood sacrifice. also dave parked in front of my house again today even though i told him not to last week. hes definielly going to get his soon

To: ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G#ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G
From: moc.tent|98buhj#moc.tent|98buhj
Subject: help again

i just read the part about eternal consequences. thats not for real right?

To: ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G#ten.f3kajf8|jfd018F2j8G
From: moc.tent|98buhj#moc.tent|98buhj
Subject: ready 2 go!

hey man its jerry. ive got everything set up just like it says in the book. im gonna do what you said and wait til he goes out to hunt there by the river so nobody else is around. cant wait for this to work! hope he takes his yard shitting dog with him. thanks again

After further investigation, Foundation agents discovered that Mr. Hubert passed away on March 16th, 1994, after he drove his vehicle down an embankment, colliding with a tree and killing him instantly. It is believed he was driving home after conducting the SCP-2270 ritual. An empty 12-pack of Coors Light beer was found in the backseat of his vehicle, along with the SCP-2270-A manuscripts that Mr. Hubert had acquired. The individual identified in the emails, believed to be Dave Terrell of Augusta, Montana, was never found.

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