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Item #: SCP-2269

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2269 is housed in a humanoid containment suite at Site-17 that has been modified with hermetic seals and filters designed to prevent the escape of any instances of SCP-2269-2.

Routine interaction and communication with SCP-2269-1 is to be performed using the intercom system whenever possible. Personnel entering SCP-2269's suite are to observe BSL-4 protection at all times and undergo decontamination when entering or exiting the area, and all personnel interacting with SCP-2269-1 are to maintain the cover story that its current housing is an advanced medical care facility for the elderly.

Description: SCP-2269-1 is an elderly Irish-American female and former resident of [REDACTED], Florida, 87 years of age at time of initial containment. SCP-2269-1 suffers from a mild case of Alzheimer's disease as well as several other age-related illnesses (see Document 2269-09: Additional Medical Concerns) but is otherwise physiologically normal for a baseline human subject.

SCP-2269-2 is a colony of spiders that appears to inhabit SCP-2269-1, consisting of possibly over 20,000 individuals from over 580 identified species ranging from Salticidae specimens less than 1 mm in size to Nephilidae specimens up to 5cm in size. Instances of SCP-2269-2 have been observed freely moving through SCP-2269-1's clothing and entering and exiting its orifices without generating discomfort or pain in any way. Furthermore, while instances of SCP-2269-2 have been observed capturing and killing parasitic insects attempting to infest SCP-2269-1, the colony does not appear to require any direct sustenance. As such, it is currently speculated that the bulk of SCP-2269-2 normally occupies an extradimensional space.

SCP-2269-2's primary purpose appears to be the maintenance of SCP-2269-1's health. Whenever SCP-2269-1 is injured, a large number of SCP-2269-2 instances will work together to attempt to repair the damage inflicted. Prior to initial containment, SCP-2269 had come to the Foundation's attention following an incident in which SCP-2269-1 was severely injured in an auto-pedestrian accident. A field agent embedded in local emergency response contacted the Foundation and a containment team was dispatched. When the containment team arrived, the following observations were made:

  • Several dozen large Nephilidae specimens were observed working together to bandage SCP-2269-1's cuts, using spun spider silk to bind the wounds.
  • Numerous specimens of Salticidae were observed working together to remove foreign contaminants such as broken glass and dirt.

Upon recovery and transport to provisional containment, additional observations were made by the receiving medical team:

  • A large number of microscopic Symphytognathidae were present in SCP-2269-1's skull, attempting to repair ruptured blood vessels, remove clotted blood, and maintain blood flow through SCP-2269-1's brain.
  • Several Araneidae were present in SCP-2269-1's chest cavity, stimulating the lungs and heart through unknown means. Twice during the initial containment process, medical personnel reported momentary cardiac arrest which resulted in a burst of activity from the Araneidae specimens followed by resuscitation shortly thereafter.

Despite the severity of its injuries, SCP-2269-1 eventually made a full recovery and has remained relatively healthy since initial containment. SCP-2269-1 is either unable or unwilling to speak or otherwise communicate with Foundation personnel regarding its current condition, but expresses agitation when instances of SCP-2269-2 are removed by Foundation personnel for testing purposes. SCP-2269-1 has, in writing, requested materials with which it can knit and weave but otherwise has not made any requests of containment personnel.

Addendum 2269-1: Interview Transcript, ████-█-██

The following transcript is of an interview performed by Agent ████ █████ while posing as a local police officer conducting post-incident interviews of [REDACTED]'s neighbors.

Agent █████: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about [REDACTED]?

Mr. ████████: Not at all. Shame what happened to her, she was a weird one but a really nice old lady. She deserved better.

Agent █████: What can you tell me about her?

Mr. ████████: Not a lot, really. I've lived here close to fourteen, fifteen years and she'd lived here long before then. The neighbors tell me she'd been there as long as anyone can remember. Never had any trouble with her, really, since she kept to herself and only came out to get groceries. She never complained about anything, kept a clean house, had a beautiful garden. Would have been picturesque if it weren't for those spiders.

Agent █████: Spiders?

Mr. ████████: She, uhh, raised spiders. I don't know, really, I never paid much attention but apparently she collected them and raised them on her lot. She's got all those trees on her property, right? She had hundreds, maybe thousands of 'em. Cared for them, too, really liked them. Kinda creepy if you ask me, but she was a really nice lady otherwise.

Agent █████: Was there anything… strange about them?

Mr. ████████: Stranger than raising a thousand spiders in your yard? No, not really.

Agent █████: Did she ever say anything to you?

Mr. ████████: About the spiders? Yeah, actually. I only ever really talked to her once or twice, but I figured that everyone asked, right? She said that she liked them, and that they were just as much a part of Mother Nature as we were. She treated them real nice, and they kept the bugs out of her house. Kinda makes sense, if you think about it, with us so close to the marshes and such.

Agent █████: Anything else we should know?

Mr. ████████: No, not really. Like I said, she was real nice and it's a shame. I hope she's in a better place, anyways.

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