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Item #: SCP-2267

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Automated crawlers programmed by Foundation personnel are to be utilized in the event of new instances of SCP-2267. Existing instances are to be downloaded into an encrypted Foundation network for study and subsequently removed from public view. Personnel are to update crawler search protocols weekly.

Description: SCP-2267 is an entity or group that uploads anomalous content to video-sharing sites, including and, under a series of unrelated and apparently nonsensical online handles. The accounts themselves have proven untraceable. Uploaded videos contain footage of musical performances, interviews, and advertisements featuring unknown musical artists and related figures. Despite the depicted popularity of these artists, personnel have concluded these recordings are not being produced in the Foundation's standard timeline and/or reality.

Footage of performances depict fantastical and surrealistic venues, as well as the utilization of technology beyond current mundane capability. Analysis of these recordings has produced a list of reoccurring artists and their musical styles, as well as occasional biographical information presented in interviews (see Document 2267-A). Researchers have also verified the date in which SCP-2267's home reality diverged from the standard timeline (see Document 2267-B).

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