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Item #: SCP-2266

Object Class: Euclid


File photo of SCP-2266-2 prior to containment. SCP-2266's effects may or may not be apparent to viewers.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2266-1 is to be kept in Storage Unit 40 at Site-209. Storage Units 41 - 45 are reserved for newly discovered instances of SCP-2266-1 if and when additional space is required. MTF Upsilon-18 ("Black Noise") is tasked with tracking SCP-2266-2 and in pre-emptively securing all newly discovered instances of SCP-2266-1.

SCP-2266-2 is held on-site in standard humanoid containment suite and is tagged with GPS monitoring tags. When new instances of SCP-2266-1 are activated, SCP-2266-2 is to be located as soon as possible and brought under control. Affected individuals exposed to SCP-2266-1 and/or SCP-2266-2 are to be given Class-C Amnestics and released.

Use of force is not authorized when re-containing SCP-2266-2, unless subject has become demonstrably hostile to affected individuals and/or Foundation personnel. Non-vital personnel no longer able to perceive SCP-2266-2 are to be re-assigned.

Description: SCP-2266-1 refers to a series of ███████-brand DVD-Rs commonly appearing in video stores and online third-party retailers under the guise of a copy of the now-lost 1921 film "Humor Risk" starring the Marx Brothers. Contents of the disk contain snippets of the film interspersed with added content variously described as disturbing pornographic imagery and/or seemingly arbitrary footage of men engaging in silent dialogue with one another whilst an unidentified animal crosses the screen.

Viewing SCP-2266-1 in its entirety causes SCP-2266-2 to manifest in the immediate vicinity of the individual. SCP-2266-2 is ███████ ████████, a 27 year old woman of average height and build. The manifestation of SCP-2266-2 and/or exposure to SCP-2266-1 has caused individuals witnessing SCP-2266-2 to experience a systematic alteration in their mental faculties1, resulting in a neurological condition in which the individuals are unable to perceive SCP-2266-2 in any way.

A second manifestation of SCP-2266-2 by a previously exposed individual(s) causes SCP-2266-2 to be physically unable to interact with the individual(s) and all inanimate objects within a general 10-20 meter vicinity of its location. Previously unaffected individuals present at the time will be able to witness and physically interact with SCP-2266-2.

Discovery: Instances of SCP-2266-1 first began to appear in █████ regional retail outlets in ████████, Alaska in 1997. The popularity of the horror film "The Ring" in 2002 led to a widespread resurgence in which instances of SCP-2266-1 began to appear in certain Blockbuster Video retail outlets, as well as on eBay and Amazon third-party merchants under its current guise (identified 20██); allegedly "real versions" of "The Ring".

Description of SCP-2266-2 appearances varied, with individuals reporting SCP-2266-2 to manifest from their television screens or alternately as an intruder, indicating SCP-2266-2 does not always appear in the same spot. Reported instances of SCP-2266-2 culminated in a successful recovery on █/██/2003, when a police report was intercepted detailing an individual claiming the subject had broken into the individual's friend's home, while the friend in question could not positively identify an intruder. Police on the scene took SCP-2266-2 into custody, to the confusion and dismay of the homeowner who continued to insist no such intruder was to be found.

The connection between SCP-2266-2 with SCP-2266-1 was made between █/█/2003 and █/██/20██ when recovery efforts turned up copies of SCP-2266-1 at the locations SCP-2266-2 was recovered. Containment procedures for SCP-2266-2 were updated at this point, and amenities were made upon recognition of SCP-2266-2's lack of involvement in this process.

Interview log 1.19.20██ with SCP-2266-2

(Begin Log)

Dr. Eastwatch: Hello, ███████.

SCP-2266-2: Hey.

Dr. Eastwatch: Why don't you tell me what happened, from the beginning?

SCP-2266-2: Do I have to? It hurts to speak so much.

Dr. Eastwatch: We can stop and continue later when you're feeling better.

SCP-2266-2: Nope. It always hurts to talk. Stallin' won't help. From the beginning, then; I woke up in my bed and saw a woman standing over me. I couldn't move. She looked down at me and started to cry. I asked her name, and she smiled at me and said 'No one will remember your name'. So I got my phone and called the cops.

Dr. Eastwatch: And what happened?

SCP-2266-2: Nothing happened. I fell back asleep. Probably should've done something about the woman in my room, but I couldn't get up. I figured if I was going to die, I didn't wanna be awake for it. Fell back asleep easy enough. I woke up somewhere else, with two guys laughing and pointing at me. I didn't have any clothes on, so I assumed the worst… Then, they got up and ran out of the room. I was shaking then, thought I was gonna have a heart attack. So I found the bathroom and waited.

Dr. Eastwatch: Then it happened again?

SCP-2266-2: Again, and again, and again, and again. Sometimes people would just ignore me. I'd leave, try not to break down again, find my way home. Other times, I couldn't leave. The doors would be locked, the windows sealed shut, every single object, from furniture to slender little wine glasses, would be hard as rock, and impossible to move.

Dr. Eastwatch: What about when the agents found you? You said you couldn't leave the house or move anything, yet you had a cell phone on you.

SCP-2266-2: I had visited that house before. "Visited". Someone left the room just as I appeared. I went and hid in the bathroom. Some time later, I came out, and started touching everything, looking for anything I could move. I knocked the cell phone off the table. I didn't think, I just took it up and called 911.

Dr. Eastwatch: No one responded?

SCP-2266-2: Nobody heard me. I might've broken the speaker. Speaking of which, my throat… can we stop for now?

Dr. Eastwatch: If you'd like to, sure. I think that's enough for one day.

Addendum: SCP-2266-2 manifestation events have indicated an increasing number of individuals not previously exposed exhibiting symptoms consistent with a second exposure to SCP-2266. Additionally, unexposed individuals2 have exhibited these symptoms. Neuroimaging of exposed personnel (as well as unexposed personnel) indicated the effects of SCP-2266-2 exposure present in 70% of all personnel, regardless of exposure to SCP-2266.

The level of SCP-2266 exposure appeared linked to a number of biological factors, including brain chemistry, temporal/occipital lobe health, grey matter, age, and sex. As a result, it is believed that continued containment breaches over an extended period of time may result in a complete species-wide exposure to SCP-2266-2's derealization events. In this event, containment of SCP-2266 will be rendered irrelevant.

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