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Item #: SCP-2252

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2252 is located on the lawn of a rural two-story house. This house, currently under Foundation ownership, is to be occupied by three assigned Foundation agents who will be tasked with deterring or subduing any unauthorized persons found on the property. A shed has been constructed surrounding SCP-2252 to prevent accidental public exposure and is to remain padlocked except during active testing.

Instances of SCP-2252-1 are to be neutralized and their remains incinerated as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-2252 is a green nylon clothesline located at the address of [REDACTED], England. One end of the line is tied to a hollow, studded metal post 1.5m in height, from which the rest of the line extends horizontally for 2.3m. The other end terminates in midair with no visible means of support.

Any human that grabs, bends, or touches SCP-2252 immediately becomes an instance of SCP-2252-1. SCP-2252-1 appear as humanoids with varying and severe deformities, many of which should be debilitating or fatal. Nonetheless, SCP-2252-1 instances are always initially alive and show no signs of pain, impaired body function, or bodily distress unless wounded. Any clothing worn or items carried on their person will be similarly distorted.

SCP-2252-1 instances invariably and immediately exhibit signs of extreme fear, including screaming, trembling, refusal to move, shutting eyes, and attempts to attack or flee from any nearby humans. On a few occasions, SCP-2252-1 instances have attempted to speak, but their vocalizations did not match any known languages, and in some cases should not have been possible even accounting for their altered physiology.

SCP-2252 was discovered when Foundation agents embedded in the local police force discovered a case involving an apparent murder and body mutilation of the husband by the wife of the couple residing at the house. Class A amnestics were administered to the wife and her children, and Class B amnestics were administered to all non-Foundation officers involved in the case. The body of the husband was incinerated.

Addendum 1: Selected Experiment Logs

Experiment 2252-01

Test Subject: D-4586, Asian male, age 23
Parameters: Subject ordered to approach and pull SCP-2252.
Result: Subject's appearance altered as follows: mouth lengthened considerably, extending vertically along right side of face and terminating near right ear; left leg bent outward and extended to an estimated 3m, with knee directly above ankle; waist contracted to estimated 5cm in diameter; three ribs protruded noticeably, with skin stretching to accommodate them.

After remaining motionless and mumbling incoherently for eleven seconds, subject attempted to break out of SCP-2252's containment shed and died after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds from agents present. Dissection of body was carried out and a full report is available to any personnel with a clearance level of 2-2252 or above.

Experiment 2252-02

Test Subject: D-2064, Caucasian male, age 35
Parameters: Subject blindfolded, ordered not to remove until permitted, and instructed to pull SCP-2252. Agents present armed with stun guns.
Result: Altered appearance: Subject's left arm, including hand, shrank to approximately 5cm in length. Head became flattened, taking the appearance of a vertically-aligned disc. No less than twenty tubelike growths emerged from subject's thighs and upper legs, connecting to various parts of the subject's body. Blindfold gained sixteen new flaps, covering the front side of the head and the upper neck.

Subject initially showed no signs of distress save for mild disorientation. When ordered to remove blindfold, subject expressed confusion and unease. Removal of blindfold revealed that each new flap concealed an additional eye. Subject expressed shock and extreme fear, dropping into an apparent crouching position at a roughly 45-degree angle with vertical. Subject was incapacitated and transferred to a standard humanoid containment cell for further study and observation, but was later terminated during an escape attempt when it charged Agent Ramsden and attempted to take his firearm. Remains of subject incinerated, blindfold and clothing recovered for examination.

Experiment 2252-03

Test Subject: D-6079, Caucasian male, age 28
Parameters: Subject attached to tether and instructed to pull SCP-2252. Agents present armed with stun guns.
Result: Altered appearance: Due to events occurring during the experiment, a summary of subject's changes is not possible. However, certain reported alterations were corroborated by multiple agents present:

  • Masses of polyp-like growths covering majority of subject's body
  • Arms diverged into multiple larger arms
  • Three separate heads, attached to subject's back by cubical necks

Tether remained attached, length wrapped around subject shifted to accommodate new physiology. Subject began to frantically and repeatedly tug at the wire, causing body to undergo rapid physiological shifts, and agents expended four stun gun charges before successful hit and incapacitation. Subject has been transferred to a secure humanoid containment cell and is scheduled for future medical testing.

Addendum 2: Notes from Project Research Head Dr. Bruyer

It's clear that, whatever is happening to someone who pulls the line, everything about their body still makes sense to them. Nothing feels different. It's why they're fine until they remove the blindfold. Perhaps we're just seeing them from the wrong angle somehow - as though they've been pulled askew of reality. It makes me wonder, though: considering what they look like to us, what does the world look like to them?

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