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Object appearing 12 minutes and 46 seconds into SCP-2251's video content.

Item #: SCP-2251

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2251 is to be held in a containment vault on floor 13 of Site-88. Under no circumstances are video files associated with SCP-2251 to be copied to any non-air-gapped computers.

Description: SCP-2251 is a digital video disc which contains an unproduced and unaired episode of the American situation comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When played, the video image will appear to have its vertical and horizontal axes inverted. This effect persists regardless of the orientation of the viewer. Digital alteration of the video file has been unable to compensate for this apparent inversion1.

Furthermore, any written descriptions of SCP-2251 are similarly inverted, though this inversion appears to be static (and is therefore reversible through orientation of the reader or device used to view written content relating to the object).

Production information at the end of the episode indicates a production date of 1999, 3 years after the final episode of the series aired. This information includes an acting credit for Janet Hubert-Whitten (who does not appear in SCP-2251's video content) despite the fact that Janet Hubert-Whitten was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid in 1993. Several Foundation staff are also credited as producers, including Dr. Madison, Dr. Rosenthal, and Dr. Markowitz.

Questioning of staff mentioned in these credits has produced no new information relating to the object. None of the three individuals appeared to possess knowledge of SCP-2251 prior to questioning. These staff members also display little capacity for the creation of such media.

The video contained in SCP-2251 displays no variability. A scene fades in with the actors Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro sitting at what appears to be an outdoor cafe. After 1.3 seconds both actors and all loose items fall out of frame into the "sky". The camera continues to film the table, which is secured to the ground, for 4.8 more seconds, during which a laugh track plays.

There is an additional transition to a black screen which continues for approximately 63 seconds and during which a single tone plays. This is followed by a transition to a camera following both Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro falling into what appears to be open sky. Neither individual appears to be in distress, though all sounds are drowned out by wind.

After approximately 4 minutes, both individuals appear to begin suffering from the effects of atmospheric hypoxia. Following another 2 minutes of intensifying symptoms, both individuals appear to lose consciousness. 12 minutes and 46 seconds into the video, a single object (pictured above) falls in the opposite direction through the frame.

After 22 minutes and 21 seconds have passed, the camera zooms into a close up of Will Smith, now suffering obvious symptoms associated with a low-pressure environment. He appears to regain consciousness, and the wind sound ceases. The actor states "Uncle Phil always told us not to get high," before the episode ends with an additional laugh track. Credits continue for another 57 seconds accompanied by the same tone as earlier.

Experiment 01
Subject: D-1934
Experiment: Baseline viewing. No attempts to alter perception undertaken.
Results: Regardless of physical orientation, subject was unable to correct inversion.

Experiment 03
Subject: Jennifer Chord
Experiment: Subject suffers from a rare spatial orientation disorder, inverting all images subject perceives. Otherwise same as baseline viewing.
Results: Subject was again unable to correct inversion. Subject appeared confused by effects, and was slightly agitated until amnestic administration. Continued monitoring of subject has revealed no additional information.

Experiment 06
Subject: D-1934
Experiment: D-1934 viewed SCP-2251's video content through a pair of lenses which inverted all visible light. Otherwise same as baseline viewing.
Results: Inversion remained uncorrected. Subject complains of neck pain following test.

Experiment 14
Subject: D-1934
Experiment: A copy of SCP-2251's video content was altered to be compatible with 3d glasses. Subject was provided with 3d glasses. Otherwise same as baseline viewing.
Results: D-1934 suffered a severe neck injury upon impact with ceiling. Appeared to be repulsed from the floor at a rate consistent with an inversion of gravitational attraction. Upon removal of glasses, subject was affected by gravity normally. Measures were taken to ensure no secondary injuries occurred.
Notes: Testing temporarily suspended following Test 14. D-1934 is to be treated for injury and returned to the D-class population. Re-evaluation of object ongoing.

Experiment 15
Subject: D-3403
Experiment: Renewed baseline viewing. No attempts to alter perception undertaken.
Results: Subject began to hum the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song approximately 75 seconds into playback. Subject reported that typical inversion related to SCP-2251 had ceased. The video playback was not altered from its original content, and a second playback with subject instructed to remain silent throughout resulted in typical effects.
Notes: It should be noted that secondary testing relating to Incident 2251-15 has confirmed the temporary reversal of inversion effects until the end of playback with as little as 5 seconds of either humming or singing this theme song.


1. Whether this effect and that observed in SCP-1989 are variations of the same phenomena is currently under investigation.

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