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Item #: SCP-2249

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone with a 10 km radius (Referred to as the "Green Zone" from 10 km to 7 km) must be maintained at all times around SCP-2249. Signs warning of extreme radiation contamination along the border of the excursion zone work to deter entry by civilians, however MTF Sigma-19 ("Park Rangers") is stationed at Outpost 16-2249 and polices the borders. Within 10 km and 7 km of the radius, any entrant may be removed without repercussion beyond a mandatory viewing of a safety video on the dangers of radiation.

At 6 km from SCP-2249, a 3.5 m reinforced concrete wall topped with barbed wire blocks further entry into the exclusion zone (from this point on referred to as the "Red Zone"), the only entrance within being Outpost 16-2249. Travel within the Red Zone is only allowed with the use of specially designed vehicles to block radiation, as well as standard personal radiation protection equipment and ear protection. A guide from MTF Sigma-19 must accompany any research parties entering the Red Zone and SCP-2249. Multiple routes leading to SCP-2249 must be kept clear to allow for maximum viewing distance.

Within SCP-2249, radiation protection equipment must be worn at all times, while ear protection is safe to remove within SCP-2249-1. Deviation from the pathway leading to and from SCP-2249-1 is to be avoided; in the event the pathway is blocked while trying to leave SCP-2249-1, personnel are advised to clear or scale the obstruction before any attempts to go around are made.

Description: SCP-2249 is an extra-dimensional space approximately 4 km2 in size, located inside the █████ ██████'s Hospital in the former town of █████, Russia. The area within SCP-2249 resembles an old-growth pine forest, with plant life exhibiting signs of extreme malnourishment and light deprivation1. A dim grey "sun" is always stationary within SCP-2249's sky at a 12 pm position, providing a dull light. Space within SCP-2249 is looped internally; any subjects approaching SCP-2249's border will find themselves on the opposite border, with no signs of transition.

Entrance to SCP-2249 is through an elevator on the first floor of the hospital, in which is a single Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) on a bed of grass (Poaceea festuca). Pressing the button labeled with a small tree icon will take the elevator to the third floor, where it will open empty. Anyone inside the elevator is taken into SCP-2249. The elevator functions normally when used to travel to other floors, including the third.

Travel within SCP-2249 is extremely dangerous due to instances of SCP-2249-2 both above and underground2 as well as a near complete saturation of gamma radiation throughout SCP-2249. Mapping the area within SCP-2249 has proven impossible, as most electronics cease to function due to high levels of radiation. The exception to this is a 1.2 km long pathway leading from the elevator entrance to SCP-2249-1.

From the pathway to SCP-2249-1, multiple constructions can be seen, most suffering from heavy structural damage and general wear. Some of the constructs have been identified as a nursing station, a cafeteria, and a storage center. Also identified are two large sporting fields, a playground, and an empty swimming pool.

SCP-2249-1 is the residence of Dr. Delroy ███████, the apparent creator of SCP-2249, whose body was found within3. Most of the space within SCP-2249-1 is filled with working machinery, notes belonging to Dr. ███████, and various scrap metal and wiring. Study of these notes has revealed that the machinery is intended to stabilize space-time within a certain area, granting protection from the instability the rest of SCP-2249 suffers from as well as blocking dangerous radiation. This device is functional, as evidenced by the stability of SCP-2249-1, the surrounding area4, and the path exiting SCP-2249. Research is focused on replicating this device or increasing its area of effect in order to stabilize the entirety of SCP-2249.

SCP-2249-2 is the designation given to multiple anomalies within SCP-2249, ranging in size from 11 cm to 1.67 m in diameter. SCP-2249-2 emit lethal doses of gamma radiation and exhibit a strong gravitational pull in their vicinity. Some instances exist simultaneously within SCP-2249 and the surrounding Red Zone, allowing energy to pass through unchanged. Matter that is pulled into an SCP-2249-2 from the Red Zone is deposited into SCP-2249 highly compressed, while matter pulled from within SCP-2249 never emerges. Instances of SCP-2249-2 that do not exist in the Red Zone as well appear visually as a black void, with neither light nor matter emerging again after entering.

SCP-2249-2 can be mobile, moving at a maximum observed rate of 0.63 kph in random directions. SCP-2249-2 also accompanied by what has been described as a loud "roaring" noise, peaking at 152 dB. To date, there are a total of 457 confirmed instances of SCP-2249: 163 mobile instances, 294 stationary, of which 236 exist in both SCP-2249 and the Red Zone. ██ SCP-2249-2 have manifested during the Foundation's containment of SCP-2249.

Addendum 2249-01:

A laptop belonging to the late Dr. ███████ was discovered near his remains. Upon charging and minor repairs, a file labeled "Journal" was discovered, in which were multiple video messages recorded by Dr. ███████ detailing his experiences before the creation of SCP-2249 leading up to his death. Due to minor radiation damage, many files have been corrupted or damaged beyond repair. Remaining video transcripts relevant to research of SCP-2249 are available below.

Incident report 04/28/20██.2249: Foundation operatives within the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (MCh S) were alerted to a possible anomaly in the town of █████ after a significant rise in reported cases of radiation poisoning and rising casualties, as well as civilian reports of "holes in the air". MTF Theta 13 was dispatched to investigate. Interviews of █████ residents did not immediately yield results; multiple persons were reported to say "he will fix it" or "just give him time". It wasn't until the interrogation of one ███ █████████ that the entrance of SCP-2249 was discovered on 05/01/20██, and on 05/02/20██ the path to SCP-2249-1 was discovered to be safe.

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