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Item #: SCP-2247

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2247 is to be held at a modified humanoid containment cell at Site-17, with soundproof walls. While outside its cell, SCP-2247 is to be muzzled. Personnel handling SCP-2247 are to don sound-cancelling headphones, and (preferably) have limited to no comprehension of the Spanish language.

Interviews with SCP-2247 are to be conducted via Spanish speaking D-class personnel as intermediaries. Audio recordings of interviews involving SCP-2247 may only be accessed by personnel with Level 1-4/2247 security clearance. Pursuant to the Astrakhan Protocol, O5 Council members are denied access to audio recordings of SCP-2247's vocalisations. Instead, they are allowed access to transcripts of those vocalisations.

Description: SCP-2247 is a male adult human with light skin. Height and mass are 1.83 m and 75 kg respectively. SCP-2247 is capable of speech in Spanish, but it is unable to comprehend written Spanish. MRI scans indicate no damage to its Broca's area. A barcode-shaped birthmark is imprinted on SCP-2247's left thigh, corresponding to a serial number for products manufactured by Abbott Laboratories.

SCP-2247's physiology is comparable with a non-anomalous human. When SCP-2247's extracted biological matter is displaced from it for at least three minutes continuously, they will undergo transmutation into the following substances with masses equal to the matter originally extracted.

Biological Matter Transmuted Substance
Hair and skin extracted from the head Polypropylene
Hair, nail and skin extracted from the body, neck or limbs Polyethylene
Body fluids and sub-dermal tissues (e.g. muscle) Solution consisting of a mixture of sodium thiopental and sodium carbonate

Notably, the volume of the transmuted solution is consistently lesser if the sample of body fluids is extracted from SCP-2247's head than from the rest of its body. Reverse-transmutation does not occur when transmuted substances are reintroduced to SCP-2247.

SCP-2247's verbal communication is restricted to interrogative sentences. To the Foundation's knowledge, it has not yet been observed to vocalise non-interrogative sentences. Individuals who have perceived and comprehended SCP-2247's vocalisations (hereon referred to as 'subjects') become susceptible to SCP-2247's interrogative statements, responding according to respective subjects' factual knowledge and/or sincere opinion on the given topic.

SCP-2247 was recovered outside the Biblioteca Nacional in Buenos Aires on ██/██/1985, where it was sighted enquiring civilians for directions to any nearby Foundation facilities. Responding to the supposed security breach, Mobile Task Force Alpha-7 ("Security Blanket") was dispatched to capture SCP-2247.

SCP-2247 surrendered to MTF A-7 without incident after it used its anomalous properties to discern their affiliation with the Foundation. It was subsequently classified as SCP-2247 when medical examinations detected its anomalous features. SCP-2247 was dismissed as an escaped mental ward patient on local media channels.

Addendum 2247-1: Records recovered from Argentine authorities indicate that a person with identical physical and anomalous features with those of SCP-2247 was incarcerated from 1978 to 1982. It was charged with intrusion into a chemical storage room at the Higher School of Mechanics of the Navy (ESMA)1 in Buenos Aires. The means in which it entered ESMA were unknown.

Inventory checks conducted after SCP-2247's arrest identified one 500 mg vial of sodium thiopental-sodium carbonate solution as missing; whereabouts remain unknown.

During its incarceration, SCP-2247 is known to have assisted in the extraction of confessions from prisoners held at ESMA. SCP-2247 vanished on ██/██/1982 while in its cell, escorted by two unidentified intruders.

Addendum 2247-2: Selection of interviews involving SCP-2247

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