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Item #: SCP-2245

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2245-1 is to be held in a standard biological containment cell at Site 66. SCP-2245-1's cage should be cleaned of hair and any waste matter twice weekly. SCP-2245-1 should be provided with fresh water daily. Enrichment items (e.g. colorful balls, rings) are to be placed in SCP-2245-1's cell to promote activity and alleviate boredom. SCP-2245-1 is to be inspected by Foundation veterinarians twice a month.

A minimum of one cot is to be ready to be placed in SCP-2245-1's cell nightly. Once per night, a minimum of one D-Class personnel must sleep in the containment chamber. If it is deemed that SCP-2245-1 requires a larger feeding, the number of D-Class used may be increased at the overseeing Researcher's discretion. D-Class may be informed of SCP-2245's beneficial effects in order to promote cooperation. No subjects may sleep within 7 meters of SCP-2245-1 after having been exposed to an anomaly connected to REM sleep, sleep patterns, sleep phases, or dreams due to the possibility of cross-contamination.

Description: SCP-2245-1 is a 2 meter long quadrupedal mammal with dark brown hair. SCP-2245-1 possesses several traits found in other animals, including a prehensile trunk, tusks, retractable claws on front and rear limbs, large, circular ears, and a long, thin tail with hair at the end. SCP-2245-1's esophagus and digestive system do not seem to be equipped for the consumption of most conventional foods, with water being the only dietary item consumed by SCP-2245-1.

Despite not displaying sapient qualities, SCP-2245-1 is highly intelligent, scoring an ~65/73 on the QPSI scale1. The entity has predominantly demonstrated positive and playful reactions towards researchers when unprovoked. Entity displays protective behavior towards sleeping humans, with the effect being more pronounced for children under the age of thirteen.

SCP-2245-1's anomalous effects manifest when a human subject enters REM sleep while within approximately 5 meters of SCP-2245-1. Rather than enter REM sleep, the subject will enter a previously undiscovered phase of sleep (SCP-2245-2). While in SCP-2245-2, a subject will experience a lack of any form of dreams. After awakening, subjects have reported feeling extremely well rested, even more so than after experiencing conventional REM sleep. Long-term continued exposure to SCP-2245-2 has shown to cause a slight decrease in the long-term memory ability, problem solving ability, and mental acuteness of subjects. Subjects afflicted with sleep deprivation and recurring nightmares have shown a 99.7% decrease in symptoms after exposure to SCP-2245-2.

While a human subject is experiencing SCP-2245-2, SCP-2245-1 activates a second anomaly. While the process is not fully understood, SCP-2245-1 begins a process similar to digestion. The process seems to be linked to the human brainwaves formed in SCP-2245-2 and causes the materialization of standard nutrients and waste products in the entity's digestive tract.

Addendum 1: Long Term Effects of SCP-2245 Exposure
Test A - ██/█/████

Subject: D-4356
Procedure: D-4356 will spend six nights of the week experiencing SCP-2245-2, with the seventh night serving to study the effects that prolonged use of SCP-2245-2 has on sleep patterns. Site rotation of D-4356 is to be suspended during testing.

  • Days 1-6: Standard SCP-2245 effects.
  • Day 7: D-4356 reported that all dreams experienced contained a prominent character or characters showing signs of unease or agitation.
  • Days 8-13: Standard SCP-2245 effects.
  • Day 14: D-4356 claims that all entities in his dreams showed signs of intense fear or anger. D-4356 claims to have been confronted by several of these entities, all of whom accused him of aiding a "beast" or "monster".
  • Days 15-20: SCP-2245 generates a larger than regular amount of nutrients during its "feedings".
  • Day 21: D-4356 shows signs of agitation and asks to be exposed to SCP-2245 that night. Request denied. D-4356 claims to have experienced only disturbing dreams. D-4356 also claims to have been repeatedly assaulted by in-dream entities.
  • Days 22-27: SCP-2245 generates a larger than regular amount of nutrients during its "feedings".
  • Day 28: D-4356 shows signs of severe distress, repeatedly requesting to be exposed to SCP-2245. Requests denied. D-4356 remains awake through the night.
  • Day 29: D-4356 tranquilized for nine hours. After waking up, D-4356 refused to cooperate with researchers or carry out experimental procedures.
  • Day 30: D-4356 tranquilized for nine hours. After waking up, D-4356 still refused to cooperate with researchers or carry out experimental procedures. Experiment aborted. D-4356 scheduled for termination.

Addendum 2: On █/█/████, all security cameras in SCP-2245-1's containment cell simultaneously experienced power failure. Upon entry into the containment chamber, security personnel discovered SCP-2245-1 unconscious and D-34515, who was being exposed to SCP-2245-2 at the time, dead. Later veterinary examination revealed minor bruising and lacerations in SCP-2245-1's mouth and throat. Medical examination revealed that D-34515 expired due to the rupture of several blood vessels in the brain. The following note was found on the floor of SCP-2245-1's containment cell, and is addressed to Senior Researcher ███████, head of SCP-2245 experimentation.

Ma'am ███████,

We wish to bring to your attention a hazard which is interfering with our continued business relations. Over the past several years, hazardous obstacles have prevented the delivery of our products to certain customers in areas under your jurisdiction. In the past, our shipment managers were able to circumvent this problem through the redirection of shipments.

Recently, however, the number of customers who can not be reached due to these hazardous materials has increased, along with the frequency of obstructions. Attempts to reach customers has resulted in damage to Oneiroi Collective employees and property. If your organization elects not to move or destroy the hazardous materials in question, we will be forced to suspend shipments and take legal action. Charges that may be levied against you include:

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of property
  • Causing emotional distress
  • Damaging property
  • Improper storage of harmful substances or entities
  • Interfering with business transactions
  • Obstruction of traffic

We have sent you this warning in advance in an attempt to improve business relations before more drastic measures are required.

Oswald Dust
Oneiroi Collective Entity Resources

SCP-2245 experimentation has been halted until further notice.

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