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Archivist's Note: The following document is maintained for historical purposes only. For an up-to-date copy of this document appropriate for your security clearance, please contact your AAC/HMC Liaison.

This document has been ratified by the leading members of the American Secure Containment Initiative, His Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal, the Holy Emperor's Council on Unearthly Matters, and the Tsar's Seers on July 9, 1915, as one of the first documents of the SCP Foundation, a new organization formed from the aforementioned organizations in order to better perform the functions of Securing that which cannot yet be understood, Containing that which would threaten the public's perception of normality, and Protecting the public from threats preternatural or otherwise not yet understood.

Item Number: SCP-2237

Classification: Euclid (Moderate Containment Difficulty)

Procedures for Containment: The object in question is to be guarded at all times by armed personnel stationed along a fortified barrier surrounding the object. The true nature of the object and all artifacts retrieved from within is to remain classified to those without the highest level of security clearance within our respective organizations until such time as a singular security clearance system is implemented. The armed personnel must be citizens of the British Empire versed in that Empire's military customs; likewise, all armaments must be of British manufacture and the cover story given to civilians approaching the item is to be that of a high-security British military facility within the Hafiyan sub-territory. In the event of a hostile takeover, all ally organizations to His Majesty's Foundation SCP are to engage in whatever military actions necessary to re-acquire the object and surrounding facilities, re-staffing the fortifications with personnel from the organization's respective home country if necessary.

These Procedures for Containment are hereby ratified on July 9, 1915

Object Description: SCP-2237 is the buried remains of a city of unknown origins located in the Hafiyan Desert in Northern Africa. SCP-2237 came to the attention of the HMFSCP during the British Empire's conquest of the region in the 1890s. It is believed that its isolation has contributed to the lack of knowledge on the Hafiyan natives' part of SCP-2237.

The object was determined to require containment upon discovery of several forms of technology not yet available to the general populace. Technology recovered includes, but is not limited to, weapons projecting an undetermined form of energy (presumably collected from the ether), consoles capable of displaying moving images with no apparent projector or reel of film, alloys used in the construction of buildings that surpass even the most advanced of today's forges and building techniques in strength and height, automated recording systems that also do not utilize film, and incorporeal automata capable of speech. The majority of structures have either been demolished or otherwise destroyed by the passage of time.

Physical records and records accessible by consoles in a building near the center of the city (believed to be the city library) are written in multiple languages, ranging from Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, various forms of Latin, various forms of Japanese, various forms of Chinese, modern English, modern Russian, and modern French. These records contain references to the American Secure Containment Initiative, His Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal, the Tsar's Seers, and the Holy Emperor's Council on Unearthly Matters, necessitating their contact by the HMFSCP.

At the center of the city, there is a sculpture of abstract design (believed to have served as a monument) that bears the following inscription in four separate languages: modern English, modern French, modern Russian, and modern Japanese:

"You are warriors, the children of a conquering army. You carry the legacy of the human race on your shoulders. Do not stray from the path. You have to be strong, for the dead, and for those not yet living. We believe in you."

The meaning of this inscription is not yet known. Analysis of records from within the city is ongoing.

For further information regarding SCP-2237, see Document 2237 Alfa.

Fred was ejected from his latest refuge by its current occupants with some degree of force, and landed here, in this strange, dizzying place.

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