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Czech cover of SCP-2233-1

Item #: SCP-2233

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Ten print copies of SCP-2233-1 are to be contained on Site-142. The Site has been designated a paper-media-free zone, and no form of printed media (including books, magazines, and other forms as specified in the SCP-2233-1 Appendix 3) are to be brought within a 1 km radius of any instance of SCP-2233-1 outside of approved testing.

Upon the discovery of new SCP-2233-1 instances, MTF-Lambda-2 "Academics" is to sanitize the area of all affected media. New instances are to be immediately incinerated. A Lambda-2 member is to be inserted into the pedagogical board of every college with average enrollment larger than 30,000 to ensure a fast response in case of an SCP-2233-2 event.

In case of a Jehoiada event, the lecturing venue is to be quarantined immediately and Procedure Styx-Lethe-Acheron applied.

Description: SCP-2233 is an academic discipline called "Sociosophy", manifesting through SCP-2233-1 instances and SCP-2233-2 events.

SCP-2233-1 is a book labeled "Polylogue – Over the horizon of postmodern relativism", published by "The Club of Friends of Sociosophy"1 in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2014. The authors are listed as StbB. Emil František; BasSc., WtaN. Herbert Mužný; DmbS. et DmbS. Martin Příklopa; and collective2. It is unclear if all of the authors are real persons, as only a few had been seen during the Jehoiada events. Unconfirmed authors include [REDACTED].

The book contains theories on pseudo-academic subjects, such as "Polylogue" as an improvement of conversing, "Problemology" as a discipline concerning various life issues, or "Neonovoplatonism" as a religiously philosophical practice.

The practice of the disciplines seems nonsensical, unless affected by the presence of associated Persons of Interest. See Report of Event-2233-02-1 for a noteworthy Jehoiada event, involving the creation of E-████ and E-████ by unknown reality-bending abilities.

The anomalous properties of SCP-2233-1 manifest when placed in close proximity (max. 600m) to other paper media. After about 3–5 hours, the media start to mention sociosophy in various forms. For example, newspaper headlines mention recent sociosophy breakthroughs.

The existing content of the media is also modified; for example, in the work of [REDACTED], a bibliography entry "FOUCAULT, Michel: The History of Sexuality: Vol. 2: The use of pleasure. Vintage books, New York, 1990." was changed to "MUŽNÝ, Herbert: Sexuality in Sociosophy, Vol 1: Practiced Episthemophilia. EX crementum bovinum, Little Hill, 2002."
Initially, no such book was found, but after a ██-hour exposition of The History of Sexuality, Vol. 2 to SCP-2233-1, the contents of Foucault's book have been completely altered into the new anomalous publication described above.

Affected media exhibit the same anomalous properties as 2233-1 instances.

New 2233-1 instances have been discovered inside publishing houses, and during SCP-2233-2 events. The publishers take SCP-2233-1 as a satirical book, ignoring its anomalous properties.

SCP-2233-2 is a designation for lectures on various disciplines of sociosophy by people who read SCP-2233-1 or attended a 2233-2 event in the past. These occur mainly in college environments, such as universities, mensas, or fraternities. SCP-2233-1 instances are often given out during these lectures.

PoI associated with SCP-2233 appear in average 60% of the lectures, constituting a Jehoiada event. When a copy of 2233-1 is signed by the PoI, the efficiency of the book's anomalous properties have been shown to increase by █% - ███%, including increased speed of infection and range of influence.

Uncontained SCP-2233-2 events constitute a major containment breach and if left unchecked, amount to a IK class end-of-the-world scenario "Information breakdown".
No pattern in the frequency and location of 2233-2 has been established.

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