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Item #: SCP-2230

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2230 is to be housed within a standard humanoid containment unit. SCP-2230 is to be provided with adequate nutrition three (3) times per day and is allowed access to written media on request, in addition to three (3) hours of Foundation-approved television programming. SCP-2230 is not be given access to any form of electric device or components, or other personnel (see Incident 2230-A). Any media with contents pertaining to medicine, electronics or maintenance must be approved by two assigned Class 3 personnel prior to provision.

Until further notice, all confirmed instances of SCP-2230-1 are to be transported to Site-17 for study and containment. Investigations aimed at identifying additional individuals SCP-2230 has previously come into contact with are ongoing.

Description: SCP-2230 is an adult male of European descent. SCP-2230 was, by its own admission, “self-employed” from 01/03/1985 to 17/07/2012.

SCP-2230 was brought into Foundation custody on 17/07/2012, after complaints from residents of the █████ ████ area, Chicago, resulted in the arrest of SCP-2230 by local law enforcement. Reports of unusual findings within the residence of SCP-2230 warranted a Foundation investigation which recovered multiple items, some of which were anomalous in nature.

The complaint leading to the initial arrest of SCP-2230 was issued by one █████ Parker, detailing the strange behaviour of her husband, █████ Parker, after being 'operated on' by SCP-2230. A Foundation investigation conducted from 18/07/2012 has connected SCP-2230 to a string of unusual medical reports across the states of Illinois and Wisconsin, dating back to the year 1985. This investigation has resulted in the identification of, to date, 187 individuals SCP-2230 has performed unlicensed medical operations on.

Each of these individuals, designated SCP-2230-1, have been medically examined by Foundation specialists. While the majority of SCP-2230-1 appear outwardly normal, X-ray examination reveals clear abnormalities within the cranium.

Medical analysis of SCP-2230-1:

SCP-2230-1-094 - Ms. ███ Williams: Subject was missing a significant portion of her cerebellum. Missing portion had been replaced with a network of insulated copper wiring, circuitry from an electronic alarm clock, and a gyroscope extracted from a ███████ brand smartphone. Subject reported experiencing persistent muscle spasms and problems with balance since an illicit operation to remove a cerebral tumour performed two years prior.

SCP-2230-1-121 - Mr. ███████ Deliard: Subject was missing multiple portions of his left temporal lobe. Missing portions replaced with components from a home radio and an electronic 'robot pet' toy. Subject was capable of limited hearing in his left ear. Subject also claimed to be able to hear certain FM radio transmissions.

SCP-2230-1-107 - Ms. █████ Liddle: Subject was missing the majority of her visual cortex. Missing portion replaced with circuitry from a computer display card, a cluster of HDMI data cabling, and five small electromagnets. Subject was able to identify and distinguish between faces, but claimed to be able to see only in a limited colour depth, comparable to looking through a 4-bit computer monitor.


The surgical removal of anomalous components from SCP-2230-1 has been attempted on █ occasions. This invariably results in the rapid mental decay or death of the subject, depending on the vital nature of the replaced portion of brain tissue.

The number of SCP-2230-1 living with these replacements represents the majority of individuals operated on by SCP-2230. However, 58 individuals have been found deceased as a result of the actions of SCP-2230. While 31 of these occurrences appear to have been failed operations, judging by the presence of various electric components in the craniums of the deceased, the remainder have had large, highly specific portions of their brain tissue removed with no apparent attempt at replacement. One of the earliest of these examples, Dr. ██████ ███████, an accomplished neurosurgeon and lecturer at ████████ University, was found to have had the entirety of his frontal lobe and hippocampus carefully excised, with the outer cranial damage repaired so as to leave almost no trace of surgery having been performed.

Incident 2230-A - 12/03/2013:

A routine inspection of SCP-2230's containment unit resulted in the confiscation of an illicit device, found to have been constructed of parts removed from the unit's fixed television set using plastic eating utensils. Device proved capable of producing a focused electromagnetic pulse that induces temporary spatial disorientation in targets. SCP-2230 standard programming privileges revoked. Containment procedures updated.

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